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With Navotar now you shall publish your inventory on Kayak & Sky Scanner


We are incredibly honored of our accomplishments so far at Navotar. With continuous improvements and research and development in the car rental industry we are privileged and honored to have partnered with the CRX booking engine, founded in the year 2000, is an Industry-leading Distribution Network Connector & Online Reservation System (SaaS) suitable for rental agencies of all sizes. By connecting Navotar to the CRX Network, you are able to advertise your inventory to the world at the click of a button as well as manage all Network Channels in one system.

With the new collaboration between CRX and Navotar, Navotar agencies will be able to activate the CRX Booking Engine at minimal effort and see the reservations coming in directly to their system from multiple International Network Sites (including KAYAK).

Amidst countless car rental software alternatives out in the market, we are delighted to announce the partnership with CRX and we take this as the opportunity to announce that Navotar is working on other major and cool integrations that would help car rental companies to improve their income source.

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