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Why do I need a vehicle maintenance software?

Becoming a car owner automatically comes with the responsibility of maintaining your vehicle. Not only is this critical to your safety on the road, but those who share the road with you. As an automotive-rental company, you can be held liable for the impact of accidents that occur due to the inadequate maintenance of vehicles you rent out. This includes failure to follow vehicle recall alerts.

Why do I need a vehicle maintenance software

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We know how difficult it can be to manage your vast range of responsibilities as a car rental company. From tending to customers to managing operational costs, it can be hard to remember or make time for regular vehicle maintenance. Nevertheless, your customers expect nothing less of a safe rental experience. Not only does this mean repairing recalled vehicles, but inspecting every vehicle for potential hazards before check-out, and keeping up to date with each vehicle?s manufacturer recommended maintenance requirements.

A vehicle maintenance module is a critical component of an effective fleet management system. Navotar understands this, which is why we offer an easy-to-use vehicle maintenance module that can be configured to provide regular alerts about important upcoming preventative maintenance requirements, while allowing you to track unexpected maintenance needs. Need to log completed and upcoming oil changes? Simply choose when you want to receive the reminders. For example, if one of your vehicles is due for an oil change at 7 000 mileage, you can configure the system to remind you at 6500 mileage. All maintenance expenses can be tracked to calculate the overall profit made from each vehicle.

While ensuring total driver safety may be difficult due to the number of influencing factors involved, implementing a vehicle maintenance module can help you do your due-diligence of renting out safe vehicles. As your fleet size expands, it becomes even more critical to the organization of your vehicle maintenance responsibilities. Don?t wait ? call 1 ? 888 ? NAVOTAR or email today!

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