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Use customer data in an effective manner to retain them or upsell





For a company, customer base is primary in order to run the business. There are two main factors which most of the businesses today fails to give much importance and those 2 factors are vital when considering to increase customer base, firstly customer retention and secondly is up sales.

How to use customer data to retain customers and upsell?

Understanding customer behavior is important when it comes to retention and up sales. Having data just won’t do, filtering the collected data according to conditions and predictions will help companies to understand their customer’s and to act accordingly.

If you are a car rental company and willing to take your company to the next level, first thing to do is find the internal deficiencies before focusing on enhancements. When it comes to internal improvements there are a lot of factors and one of it is retention, this section can be closely monitored in Navotar – the advance car rental software which has got several ways and one of it is collecting customer feedback. Navotar has got its own review portal which can be sent to customers upon the return of vehicles. By getting the customers to fill these information, car rental companies will understand where they are doing good and where they are failing. These types of data can be gathered and used in terms of improving the company and retaining customers.

Besides, isn’t it interesting to up sale something by knowing your customer’s interest? It is but achieving that would be hard without a systemized process. The car rental industry is growing with high end technologies such as artificial intelligence. Technology is used in several ways like to understand customer, promote and upsell products & service which customers have used previously. Such functionalities help companies to earn money and alternatively satisfies customers as well with the ease which ultimately leads to improved customer retention and increased up sales.

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