Reduce your damage claims

Reduce your damage claims


Most of the car rental companies today spend more money unnoticeably and that’s due to less focus on the damage inspection section. In brief, car rental companies get their vehicles repaired for minor damages without noticing that those have been done by the car renter’s thus these damages need to be fixed by the car renters themselves.

It is agreeable that this section is something complicated and cannot be monitored well without a proper system which is specifically designed focusing such functions like damage inspections, here is where Navotar – the advance car rental software comes in which helps most of the car rental companies from small to large scale to achieve most of their wants such as damage inspection.

If we take the damage inspection module in Navotar, there are systemized approaches to capture the damage and relate it to the agreements, customers and vehicles which can be used throughout the rental period.

Capturing vehicle images, damages & recording videos during pick up and comparing them during return will help the car rental companies identify the difference and the damages caused by the customers and charge them respectively. Apart from capturing damage images and recording vehicle damages, Navotar has introduced a new 360° video recording feature where car rentals can record the entire vehicle and save the video for future purpose.

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By Navotar  /  28th April 2020