Why are Car Rentals Important for Corporate Meetings?

It is not all year when corporate companies require the use of vehicles to transport people to and from places. There are meeting seasons in the corporate sector that are specific to each company. These are times of the year, or months when heads of departments of a company meet to discuss important matters. Having a fleet of vehicles in the company premises that will be used only at a predictable time is a burden to a company. It is an avoidable expense. A car rental firm will come in handy at these times of the year.

Good Condition

A car rental will make sure that their vehicles are well maintained for use on an important day. The vehicles in a good and reputable car rental firm would be serviced on time and ready for use. This will reduce the costs of running the company. This way, companies do not have to maintain a fleet of cars unnecessarily. When they feel the requirement of a good vehicle they can depend on the fleets of a rental firm. The company will be able to save much time, effort, and funds.

Affordable Luxury

There are a lot of esteemed car rental firms that are extremely affordable and handy. Imagine you require a luxury vehicle to transport a person who is important to the company. This person arrives only once a year and greatly impacts the well-being of the company and brand. A limo will come in handy at times like these. A luxury vehicle will give this person a sense that they are well received and respected. Moreover, a luxury vehicle with a trained chauffeur will give them privacy. Privacy is important to a person who is on the way to a corporate meeting. They can rely on this freedom to make last-minute preparations for the meeting. So, with a car rental, a corporate company will be well off in their self-esteem and brand value.

Best Choice

Therefore, a corporate company can function with its utmost strength when joined by a car rental firm. A huge amount of funds is saved and in turn, can employ in investments. They could also be sure that the rented vehicles are not neglected. They will even have the advantage of using a luxury vehicle without the burden of maintaining it. In short, using a car rental in those meeting seasons will keep the company’s esteem steady while also reducing costs. It is a win-win.

For all these reasons, investing in car rentals will be very advantageous to any corporate company in the long run.

Check out Navotar’s Brand-new Mobile App!

We have succeeded yet again in delivering to our customer’s requirements and needs by launching our latest mobile application! We are excited to announce that this mobile app makes it even easier for you to manage your fleet. This edition of technology from Navotar was introduced after much demand from our loyal customers. We have included in it the many high-standard and much-awaited features for the management of your business.


Access anywhere, any time!

The Navotar Mobile Application makes it possible for you to manage your fleet from anywhere in the world. Business owners and business managers will be able to access databases very easily through it. Sending and receiving updates will be the job of only an instant. You could manage your vehicle reservations and contracts on the go. The check-in and check-out processes also take no more time than several minutes. This will save you a lot of much-needed time!


Create profiles instantly

Manual entering of data is a strenuous task. A quick scan of your client’s driver’s license is the only necessity for creating a client profile with our app. This extremely simplified technical process will be an easy way to avoid possible errors in manual procedures. You could ensure customer satisfaction by this expedited process and, thus, cater to their needs better. You could also instantly capture and record your customer’s digital signature and add it to relevant spaces in no time.


Documentation of damages 

Your vehicle might incur damages while in use. There is also a solution to make the recording of those damages easier. We have made it possible for you to easily record before-and-after pictures of potential damages to rented vehicles. It is also possible with just a click to record videos with a 360-degree view. As an extension of this safety measure, all these pictures and records will immediately be stored on the cloud.


The brand-new Navotar Mobile Application comes to you with many features that will make the management of your fleet an easy task. It is as user-friendly as possible and will save you so much time with its easily manageable features. The global community of car rental businesses will greatly profit from this mobile application from the moment it is downloaded. It is available both on Android and iOS stores. It can be used on almost any device of your choice.


What do you think of our new mobile app? Do let us know with a tweet @Navotar


Is Travel Protection the same as Travel Insurance?

The direct answer to this one is ‘no’. Travel Protection and Travel Insurance are two very different concepts. They are not interchangeable. It is important to know the differences in order to decide which one you need.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a product of insurance companies. It is a policy that includes insurance for events like trip cancellation, flight delays, lost baggage, or medical expenses. Policies are generally for the purpose of decreasing the risk of financial damage. The typical Travel Insurance policy will cost you 5% to 7% of the total cost of your trip.

What is usually covered?

Most Travel Insurance policies cover injuries, sudden illnesses, and accidents. They also provide 24-hour emergency assistance. Besides, they cover damaged or stolen possessions. These will also cover cancellation fees of a booking due to sudden illness or death of a close relative. They also address emergency evacuation situations like political emergencies and natural disasters. Rental vehicle coverage is also included in most cases. Some Travel Insurance policies even cover your electronic devices.

What is usually not covered?

It is necessary that you read the fine print when purchasing a Travel Insurance. They might not cover certain things that might be important to you. For example, most Travel Insurances do not cover accidents from extreme sports. For logical reasons, they might also not cover situations that follow excessive drinking or drugging. They might also exclude accidents that occur owing to reckless behavior. It is important to note the “but” conditions such as carelessness while handling your belongings and lost items due to negligence. They might also exclude events following pre-existing medical conditions.


Travel Protection

Travel Protection is generally a product of travel agencies. It offers a more limited protection compared to Travel Insurance. This will come in handy in case you miss the trip. Travel Protection policies are usually much cheaper than Travel Insurance policies.

What is usually covered?

Travel Protection will typically only cover the parts of the trip you purchased through the travel agency in question. If you cancel your vacation, you will usually only be able to obtain a voucher for future travel and not cash refunds. If your trip is interrupted or delayed or if you need medical care, the remunerations will be much lower compared to Travel Insurance. This policy can be used to waive the cancellation penalty for your missed trip.

What is usually not covered?

Travel Protection will usually not cover parts of the trip that you add on to what the agency plans for you. For example, they will not cover you on an excursion that the agency did not mention in your itinerary. If you planned to fly and suddenly cancel, Travel Protection will not refund the ticket price.

As you see, Travel Protection is not the same as Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance covers a comparatively wider range of events than Travel Protection. Above are the pros and cons of each.

Is it better to travel with an RV, or fly, or rent a car this summer?

Summer travel seemed like a distant-future-deal a few months ago. But it is now becoming increasingly safe to travel to our favorite destinations without much fear owing to the mass vaccination process across the globe. So, with all the new safety procedures, what is the vacation spot you have in mind? Is it far from your home town? Or relatively a short distance? Are you traveling alone? Or with friends and family? Based on all of the above, we have found a few different modes of transportation for you to get there.

Fan of family RVs for summer travel?

If you are planning to go on a cross-country road trip with the whole family, an RV sounds like your best choice. It affords you privacy and the ability to park whenever you feel the need to rest. And if you are a driving enthusiast, RVs will take you as far as you want. This tried and tested mode of transport would also be a great way for you to help adhere to social distancing guidelines. It is simply the new normal to ensure the safety of your loved ones above all else.

Renting a car can never go wrong!

A rented car meanwhile, is the best option if you have a smaller family or group of friends with a small amount of luggage. This is best suited for trips for your ‘not-too-far destinations. The small space is convenient for a group of friends or a small family who are comfortable with each other. Here, however, it is very important to hire a car based on the number of seats. Always go for a car with a couple of extra seats. For a group of five, for example, a seven-seater car would be the ideal traveling partner.

Ultimate air travel mode

If you are traveling alone or with a group in which none are comfortable behind the wheels, flying is the best option for you. Flying will give you the time to sit in comfort until you reach your destination. What’s more, if you are a lone traveler, your perfect reflection time is always guaranteed here. If you feel that you need some rest before you arrive at a lively family gathering or a summer party with some friends, and if the distance is more than you are willing to drive for, flying is certainly the best way to go.


So, there you have our opinion on whether to use an RV, a rented car, or to fly this Summer to your favorite destination. The choice is all yours! Our job here at Navotar is to provide the best travel solutions for you so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite occasions.

Peer-to-peer and Fleet-based car-sharing; what’s best?

 As Steve Case once mentioned: car-sharing is poised for explosive growth, as it enables consumers to save on the expense and hassle of car ownership while reducing traffic and ownership. With the world’s pandemic situation, car-sharing has been a desired topic in discussion. According to the latest statistics it has been declared that the North American car-sharing market held a valuation of $626 million in 2017 and is likely to witness further growth, rising at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.1% through the forecast period. By the end of this story, you will identify the best car-sharing options that are available in the market today and will further elaborate on the cons and pros of the different kinds of car-sharing services. Above being said, it is important to understand that the most available and “most talked-about topics in car-sharing have been Peer-to-Peer and Fleet-Based car-sharing options….


What is Peer-to-peer and Fleet-Based car-sharing?


Car-sharing on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis, in which a vehicle owner lends out their vehicle to others on a short-term basis, is becoming more popular. Think of it as Airbnb for automobiles. This tendency, according to Accenture, is here to stay and will have a major impact on the sector. If C-suite executives are to be a part of the new business environment, they must embrace solutions.

P2P car-sharing is primed for spectacular development, gaining appeal in both developed and developing countries, thanks in large part to the rise of social networks and smartphone technology.

Globally, the number of peer-to-peer car-sharing vehicles has increased from around 200,000 in 2015 to over 440,000 this year, with that number predicted to more than quadruple by 2025, to around 990,000 vehicles.

According to Accenture’s latest research “Unlock the value of mobility services: Turning business models into profitability,” the P2P industry in China, the United States, and Germany alone is predicted to expand to US$21 billion by 2030.



By making your fleet available to your employees, you can make it more profitable. This cuts down on the expenditures of traveling and operating your automobiles. Thanks to easy booking via an online portal and access to the vehicle via a badge, smartphone, or connected key cabinet, this solution allows your staff to be more flexible with their time.

  • Reduce your vehicle ownership costs by using a more efficient option than mileage limits.
  • With real-time tracking of your cars’ usage, you can stay connected to your fleet. Your staff is self-sufficient thanks to online booking and access to vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week (via badge or smartphone).
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and optimize the use of your service vehicles to contribute to your company’s CSR plan.

It’s a fact: car-sharing services have exploded in popularity in recent years, combining the sharing economy with personal vehicle renting. After all, if you can temporarily rent out your home when you’re not there, why can’t you do the same with your automobile when you’re not using it, argue proponents?

Early indications imply that P2P vehicle-sharing services are attracting both car owners and car renters. According to detailed research published last year by the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, over 2.9 million people in North America use P2P car sharing, with a total fleet of over 131,000 shared automobiles.

However, to make use of the benefits that car-sharing platforms provide, both “hosts” – those who hire out their cars – and “guests” – those who rent out their cars – must ensure that they are aware of the risks involved and how coverage is provided.

Players with various car-sharing models and forms of operation compete in the carsharing market. Startups and large firms sponsored by automakers provide services in both domestic and international markets.

Despite a large number of participants in station-based programs, free-floating businesses appear to be more viable and sustainable in light of current transportation trends. On the other hand, the peer-to-peer approach best represents the concept of carsharing and does not require a specific fleet.

It’s also important to mention that vehicle sharing couldn’t have gotten this far without integrating the latest technologies. Features offered by car-sharing apps make the whole car rental process easier and faster.


@Navotar is always one call away to guide you with an exclusive car-sharing experience with them.  Contact us and we will be at your service!

How has the auto industry survived the pandemic

We know that the global auto industry faced vulnerable effects of the COVID-19 pandemic since its inception. The industry experienced a standstill for a period of time with control measures placed by Governments to control the virus spread.

However, the large-scale global vaccination rollouts saw an upscale turn in the industry’s performance over the past few months. Success stories of companies are too being heard during the pandemic era. One such was Toyota being able to overtake Volkswagen as the bestselling automaker in 2020 for the first time in 5 years. Toyota attributed its success to implementing COVID-19 preventive measures and cooperative working patterns between suppliers and dealers.

But the recovery of the auto industry as a whole cannot be achieved easily. Let’s look at some of the global companies’ strategies to survive the pandemic.

Time of electric automobiles

The automobile sector was readying itself to reduce effects of the environmental pollutions even before the pandemic. So, it is no surprise that 2021 saw automakers presenting over 100 models of electric cars as a timely solution. As a result, the global electric vehicle market size during post-COVID-19 is expected to reach 4.8%.

Tesla already delivered more than 88,000 units in the first quarter of 2020 alone. And they have been in continuous operation and making deliveries in the U.S. All other automobile companies are also following Tesla’s suit at the moment.

New strategies by automobile brand agents

Governments, especially in Asia and Africa, imposed an import ban on vehicles, severely affecting automobile company revenues. However, as a mode of survival, these companies then started pre-owned vehicle showrooms that purchased vehicles of any brand, providing their certification to the purchased vehicles upon inspection. This added value to vehicles and helped them to be sold to customers as per their requirements. This new norm went onto becoming a means for automobile businesses to survive until the import ban on vehicles is lifted. The focus of all the brand agents is increasing the company revenue via strengthening vehicles’ maintenance services.

Car shopping online

It might sound a bit out of place but car dealership is now more preferred online than offline. COVID-19 forced dealers to be very creative over the past one and half years. And this led to dealers offering even 24-hour vehicle loans to interested buyers. The new norm is expected to increase and possibly replace any in-person dealings that can get a bit tiresome at times.

The automobile world is changing as you are reading this article. And it is going to be an interesting one during the post-pandemic era.

Do write to Navotar and let us know the new changes that you are seeing happening within the automobile industry.

Navotar wins “Best Software” award at Software Suggest Recognition Awards 2021

We’re excited to announce that Navotar, an industry-leading car rental solutions provider, has won an award in the Best Software category at Software Suggest Recognition Awards 2021.

Software Suggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform that lists, reviews, compares & offers a free consultation of business software solutions so that you’re guaranteed to find the best match for your business.

This feat is a testament to Navotar’s prolonged fruition displayed in its reputation of excellent performance and service.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our team that constantly helps improve the services we provide for our clients. We would also like to thank Software Suggest for their endless recognition of our efforts to better our product and give the clients the product and service they deserve.

How to start a Car rental business?

You must be wondering to yourself “How to start a car rental business” and embarking on that journey is an exciting experience. Watching an idea turn into a full-blown business where you call all the shots doing what you love is a great achievement. Many people often wonder about starting their own auto rental business but there are so many options and industries you can get into. If you are here reading this, you may have an interest in establishing a car rental company, let us tell you why this is a good idea.

There is a demand for auto rentals! Yes, even in COVID-19 times there is a demand for car rentals as people are opting to rent a vehicle instead of using public transport. And the numbers only keep going up, it is predicted that there will be an annual growth rate of 18.5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate between 2020-2024) resulting in revenue of USD 105,285 million globally by 2024. This shows that there is room for growth and that this is a service needed by people. The only way is up!

So, how do you start one of your own vehicle rental businesses? Keep reading to find out!

Getting started

There are many things to consider other than registering your business with the state – target audience, legalities, employment, etc. We have put together a simple guide with all the crucial steps you will need to take when starting your own car rental business.

Step 1: Type of car rental

starting a car rental business

Before starting you need to know and decide on what type of vehicle rental business you want to run. You have a few options to choose from: buying an existing car rental business, own a franchise, build your own company and brand, or work with a car dealership.
Whatever option you choose, each of these has its pros and cons. The important part is that you choose what fits your principles and goals best. Let’s look into these options:


If you go for a franchise you will have to purchase the rights to the brand and business model of an existing rental business. There are many big-name franchises out there such as AVIS, Budget, Enterprise, etc.

There are pros and cons you need to consider before making your decision.

Pros: it is fairly simple to start your business as everything is already set up. There may be a higher cost for entry, however, you will be supported by an already well-established brand and guidance to launch and operate at your location. An added comfort is the franchise financing options.

Cons: you will not have autonomy over your business and the initial franchise fee may cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Know that the franchisor will control most of the business decisions as all locations follow the same business model designed by them.

Car Dealership / Replacement Rentals

This is ideal if you have a low budget to start with, as you won’t need a large fleet, to begin with. All you need to do is strike up a deal with a car dealership to offer rentals to customers who bring in their vehicles for repair. However, this usually means you will only have a very limited pool of customers to work with.

Independent Business

Having your own business is great – you get to call the shots, decide what your brand image will be, and answer to no one. However, with all that freedom there is a lot of responsibility. Building your business image from the ground up can be difficult, especially since you will be competing with more popular and established companies. Besides that, you will have to have the good financial backing to support all your operations.

Existing business

It seems like the best option as you are buying a business that already has a loyal client base, an established brand image, and the freedom to make your own decisions. But, there’s a lot to consider before purchasing a company.

You need to do some background research into the car rental industry, look at why it was successful, who is their client base, does it align with your goals, what you can do to improve it, etc.

Step 2: Target Audience

starting a car rental business

Your target audience will determine a lot about your brand image and how you want to market your services. The usual target audiences for car rental businesses are tourists, business travelers, people seeking long-term rentals, loaner cars for car dealerships.
The best way to get a good idea of who your ideal target audience could be is by looking at your location and the market demand for your business in your area.

Step 3: Building a Business Plan

starting a car rental business

Before anything, coming up with a good plan is key. Nothing can go forward without a foolproof plan. Planning allows you to explore business ideas, the pros and cons, and the unknowns that you will come across. It will also help your future investors and partners

You will need to think about the startup and ongoing costs of running a car rental, these include:

  • Money allocated for a fleet of vehicles
  • Fees you will charge per rental
  • Security
  • Financial projections for the next couple of years
  • An office space: rent and office equipment such as computers, high-speed internet, printers, etc.
  • Salaries for employees
  • Incorporation fees
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Marketing plan

Step 4: Registration, License, and permit

starting a car rental business

Now that you have a plan in place, the next step is to establish a legal business entity. You have to register your business with your state/city, the registration process may differ from country to country. The registration process usually involves the filing of appropriate forms and the payment of a nominal fee.

Going for a business structure such as LLC prevents you from being liable if your auto rental business runs into legal issues. There are many other business structures you can opt for such as Corporations and DBAs. Always opt for a registered agent to protect your privacy and stay compliant with rules and regulations. The benefit of opting for an LLC or corporation will keep your personal assets safe and separate from that of your business, which is great in case of any legal action taken against your company.

Be sure to obtain all necessary permits and licenses; failure to do so could result in fines or a complete shutdown of your business. Your state/city would have specific local licensing requirements and permits for car rental businesses. Get yourself acquainted with a business attorney to help you with the ropes of applying for permits.

Step 5: Fleet insurance

starting a car rental business

Along with the above obtaining fleet insurance is beneficial in that it protects your business in case of a financial loss. The fleet insurance protects your fleet in the event of any physical damage. There is no set amount of cars needed to qualify for fleet insurance, depending solely on the insurance provider.

Step 6: Finances

Finanaces to starting a car rental business

Owning a vehicle rental business means your expenses will be complicated and sky-high, so you must get your finances in order.

Business bank account and credit card

Note that mixing your business accounts with a personal bank account will lead to messy and extremely risky things. If your business is sued personal assets would be at high risk.

Always have a separate business bank account as well as a credit card registered in your business’s name though you may have used personal money to fund the business. Doing this will help you get better interest rates, a higher line of credit, and more benefits. Remember to only maintain business transactions with these accounts and not others.

Other avenues of funding

Other than your initial start-up funding you can look into other funding options such as loans. There are many loans available for business; term loans, lines of credit, equipment financing, etc. A business auto loan can help with finance fleet cars, while an equipment financing loan will allow you to finance the purchase of office equipment such as computers, that also act as collateral.

Step 7: Rental Contract

rental contract

This is essential for all car rental businesses; it is an agreement made between the auto rental company and the client. All clients are required to sign this agreement before obtaining the rental. This contract will help avoid legal disputes that may arise, and both parties are safe. Have a clear set of terms and conditions, and what the client can expect from your service.
To make sure that your contract is sound, run it by a legal professional who has experience in handling legalities pertaining to vehicle rental businesses.

Step 8: Building your team

Team building

Now that you have everything set up, you just need a team of professionals to help you run the business. From receptionists to customer service personnel, to accountants running the numbers, and mechanics – you will require a myriad of personnel to run the operations. Apart from hiring the right employees for your business you also need to reflect on your duties as a responsible employer. Things to consider would be workers’ compensation and unemployment contracts.

Step 9: Car Rental Software and Website

Car Rental software

How frequently your customers keep returning depends on how your service is and how efficient your website and mobile app are. An easy-to-use, quick reservation process paired with attentive customer service can increase customer satisfaction.

If you are looking to incorporate car rental software into your business, Navotar’s vehicle rental software can cover you on all fronts. Navotar’s innovative and customer-friendly fleet management software will help improve your business. The cloud-based software allows you to access customer management, vehicle damage management, accounts, and more, all in one place. The software will be connected to your website and mobile application and is accessible via any smart device.

Investing in a good web developer to design a website representing your brand and services is imperative to retaining your client base and ushering in new business. Your website should include all the information required by a potential customer, as well as social media accounts that are directed to the website.

Car rental software

Car Rental Software

You’re in control. Stay up to date with the status of your vehicles and customer reservations 24/7 with our car rental management software

Online Reservations Plugin

Integrate the plugin on your existing website. Customers can now easily book online while you can easily keep track of bookings and reservations.

Website Development

Do you want to launch a website for your rental company? Navotar specializes in developing new sites according to the latest technology trends.

Step 10: Travel Network Sites

Travel Network sites
Once you have established a functioning auto rental website and rental software, the next step is to look to international travel network sites where you can upload your entire fleet inventory and garner an international client base.

With Navotar this is now available to all vehicle rental businesses using our Cloud Based Car Rental Software. Navotar has partnered with CRX which in turn is integrated to travel network sites like KAYAK, Car Trawler, Car Rental Express, etc., allowing rental businesses to access reservations made through these sites.

Step 11: Digital Marketing

starting a car rental business

In today’s day and age everything is digital, therefore using the digital platform to push your business forward is a great approach.

Social media is the best tool to use when promoting your business. Many social media apps like Instagram and Facebook come with business options that allow you to manage a business account and make promotions with ease. Running social media ad campaigns and coming up with collaborations and special offers for customers can also help in garnering a wider customer base.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also crucial in helping your business rise above your competitors. SEO allows your website to show up on top in search results. This can be achieved by analyzing trends and using keywords in weekly blog articles that will push your brand forward.

Navotar is the number 1 Car Rental Software provider, our software is a one-stop shop for auto rental businesses. We specialize in developing user-friendly websites that are innovative and efficient. You can also gain access to the Reservation Plugin that will be integrated into your website; it allows customers to make online bookings with ease.

For more information on other fleet management tools, you can use for your business, visit our website.

In conclusion

Starting a car rental business can be daunting and overwhelming. There are so many steps and details that cannot be overlooked, however, with some patience and attention to detail your auto rental business will be up and running in no time.

Good Luck!

What to Expect with the Rental Car Shortage in the US

The summer is finally here! Vacation-goers are confidently yet cautiously stepping out into the open after the large-scale vaccination procedures across the US that started earlier this year. However, the post-COVID lifestyle has already changed drastically for everyone and this means, the way we went on vacations had also taken a much different turn. At the same time, the rental car shortage in the US market is making headlines and wreaking havoc not just in the rental industry but also in the auto industry.

The global undersupply of semiconductors had been aiding the rental car shortage since last year. But the problem never came to the limelight until travelers started on vacation spots within various states. This sudden demand for rental cars immediately caught up with the rental companies, resulting in numerous stranded and frustrated travelers raising complaints on per-day rental prices as high as $700 and hours-long waiting periods at the check-in counter.

Desperate times call for, what we describe as, ‘smart’ measures! Getting used to a new normal as with everything else in our lives seems to be the only option left nowadays. Luckily, there are quite a few industry tips that will help travelers to ease their rental car shortage problem.

There are still rental cars with decent prices

You just need to know where to look! Costco tops the list with catchy low rates and happy returning customers. Priceline meanwhile, is also another fair candidate that offers some of the most reasonable prices on the market. Meanwhile, Autoslash will help their clients to search across all car rental companies and apply any coupon or discount codes to find the lowest rate for a rental car.

Car rental off-peak season privileges

The spring and summer are certainly the best seasons to go outdoors and explore all your adventures. Even during these breathtaking seasons, several vacation spots are considered to be going through the ‘off-peak’. So, pick your favorite. This will help you to save up a lot on rental.


If your conventional car rental companies are failing to deliver to your expectations, there is the tempting option of renting a car from a host. Turo and Zipcar are definitely reasonable avenues in this regard and many travellers find it a pretty decent alternative to all their car troubles.

Book a hotel shuttle

This is indeed a convenient way to go about rental car shortages. You can discuss with the friendly hotel concierge to help you in booking an airport or tourist shuttle. And spend a good amount of time not worrying about the grim pandemic consequences.

Reserve the rental car earlier

The most tried and tested method these days is reserving your rental car way ahead. Almost at the same time as when booking other means of transport. This will definitely ensure a reasonable price tag and a reduced waiting period.


Do tweet us and let us know your favorite alternative to booking an affordable rental these days.

Where have all the rental cars gone?

The pre-pandemic era indeed seems a lifetime away when planning a family gateway or business trip in 2021. Life was simpler when there were airport rental cars at the ready for affordable rates. As with most things, however, it seems that we have taken our rental car privileges for granted for many years.

Forbes reveals that car rental prices have gone as high as $700 a day. With further startling prices being reported from all across the US. Many travelers who were accustomed to pre-pandemic rates are left distressed on various occasions over the last couple of months.

Since the pandemic paved the way for most US rental companies to make drastic decisions to survive. Hertz who owns the Dollar and Thrifty car rental and Advantage Rent A Car filed for bankruptcy last May. Europcar entered into a restructuring of its business. While the Avis Budget Group which owns Avis and Budget rental car brands had to sell 250,000 of its vehicles after a 40 percent revenue decrease. Avis Budget Group was not alone in deciding to sell off a significant portion of their fleets. Especially following the plunge in customer numbers and revenue, last year.

Post-vaccination travel with car rentals

The low number of vehicles in the industry hardly became a dilemma as the demand had dropped considerably in 2020. But the surge of travel in the post-vaccination period collided with the shortage of rental cars across the US, leaving many companies to offer over-priced rates to unhappy and disappointed travelers.

Despite large-scale vaccination procedures, travelers of the Spring break are cautiously resorting to the Rent-A-Car option. Rather than traveling by air or using taxis or uber. Those who used to travel abroad for vacations are also opting for in-house destinations due to various travel restrictions. All these had added up to the increasing demand for rental cars which the major companies are failing to live up to, at the moment.

Although rental companies are trying to find a faster solution to address the new normal. A separate problem in the auto industry has caused a major setback. Car production companies are stalled by a global undersupply of semiconductors. Following order cuts made at the onset of the pandemic and strong demand from other industries. Even with the forecast that this is only a temporary setback. The shortage had been an effective one, wreaking havoc both in the auto as well as car rental industries.

How to find an affordable rental car?

Almost all major car rental companies including Hertz are advising travelers to book their cars as early as possible. At the same time as their other means of travel are arranged. Opting for safer and considerably unpopular travel destinations within the US is also encouraged. Just to ensure travelers that will secure a hassle-free, clean car to enjoy their well-deserved vacation.

Why don’t you write to @Navotar and let our car rental software team know about how your car rental experiences have been during the Spring break this year?

Am I Responsible for Mechanical Failure of a Rental Car?

Is it time again for that much-anticipated trade fair, business meeting, or family trip out of state? Renting a car might just be the right choice for various reasons. But out of convenience, you will choose a rental car. But as with all vehicles, you will have to prepare for the worst. Because no one really wants their car to stop in the middle of nowhere after an unforeseen mechanical failure.

A rental car will be your responsibility until it is safely returned to the rental company. So, knowing what liabilities you hold will help immensely, when there are tough decisions to make. Especially, in instances where your rental car breaks down or gets into an unfortunate road accident.

Who pays for the mechanical failure damages?

Usually, three sources of insurance will cover costs of damage to a rental car;

  • The rental car company from which you hire the vehicle
  • Your personal car insurance
  • Your credit card company (you must have used their credit card to rent the vehicle)

The smart thing to do before hiring a rental car would always be to check with all of these sources. Find out how each of them will come forward to pay for car rental damages, in case there are any. It also goes without saying that you must read every condition and clause in the rental agreement thoroughly. This might help you avoid paying from your own pocket, for a hefty repair bill which you might not even be responsible for.

The rental car company must cover the costs of repairs are necessary due to a mechanical failure. They would assess and determine whether the car had been undergoing gradual deterioration or if the renter was responsible for his/her own negligence.

There, however, could be unclear situations where it is difficult to determine whether the breakdown occurred due to usual wear and tear, if previous renters were responsible or if the current driver was careless.

A few simple steps can save you from future mechanical failures,

  • Do a thorough check: Before leaving the parking lot make sure to check the exterior or interior of the vehicle. This includes any paint scratches or small dents. Check all the lights, tires, heat, navigation, wipers, sound system, etc. It’s always a safe bet to do a trial run in the parking lot to ensure if the car runs smoothly.
  • Take clear pictures: This is a very smart thing to do. Take clear pictures of the exterior and interior of the car, when you are picking it up as well as returning it, preferably with time and date stamped.
  • Problems down the road: If your car breaks down or faces any other issues, contact the rental company or its roadside assistance service, at once. Inquire what you should do next and how to handle repairs as well as charges. It is always advisable to follow relevant protocols, immediately. Failing to do so, most likely will put you at a disadvantage and will be a sure way to cost you more than what you hoped for.

It is always transparent and easier when you are dealing with your own car. You will know how much to spend on repairs, how the insurance will cover damages, or how to handle a mechanical failure. But all these variables are a bit different when it comes to a rental car. The best way to protect yourself against an unwanted repair bill or legal matters would be to know the rules, inspect the car, and document everything.

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What Are the Opportunities for SaaS Companies In 2021?

The year 2020 witnessed how the COVID-19 global pandemic influenced ripple effects across various sectors in the society and economies for years to come. The tech ecosystem was not excluded from the clutches of the Pandemic. But among all the negatives, some certain industries and sectors were fortunate to thrive amidst the chaos.

SaaS (Software as a Service) proved to be one such area where the techies from around the world were united to keep the innovative spirit alive.

This was already an industry that had a revenue projection of $223 Billion by the year 2022. But these projections escalated in 2020, as the industry saw a growth equivalent to three to five typical years.

It was mainly resulted by businesses having to go through unexpected repercussions of the Coronavirus outbreak. Overnight, businesses were forced to adapt their survival mode, cut down non-essential costs and implement immediate coping strategies that saw the introduction of new working patterns, tools and services.

Learning to manoeuvre Zoom online meetings, sharing large files across various online platforms and keeping track of e-mail outbursts, suddenly became the daily routine. And SaaS proved itself to be a saviour industry for all others during these tough times.

Some of the unique trends within SaaS are highlighted as key components for the industry’s projected further success in 2021.


The demand for Micro-SaaS skyrocketed over the last nine months. This is a product that is highly focused on a niche market, with a limited but devoted customer base. It is designed to cater to the needs of a clearly defined problem of a user. Micro-SaaS products can either be stand-alone like Boomerang for Gmail, or an add-on to another product like Grammarly. This has now become one of the most interesting areas that SaaS techies are hyper-focused on.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and one of its singular branches ‘Machine Learning’ have also become significant growth elements in SaaS. Software developers are integrating these into most of their mobile applications lately. It is forecasted that in 2021, more companies and businesses will utilize machine learning and AI to protect their data and users, in which they will be able to analyze potential threats while protecting themselves from malware, abuse and criminals.

Vertical SaaS

Another highly in-demand space where COVID-19 is ensuring creative opportunities as businesses are on the lookout for enhanced customer experience to drive revenue. Vertical SaaS offers customized solutions targeted towards addressing the pain points of specific sectors. This in turn further business value and improved customer satisfaction in terms of services.

Increased Spending on Cloud Services

The Worldwide Public Cloud Services Spending Guide has forecasted that global spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will more than double over the period of 2019-2023, with an increased value of up to $500 Billion by 2023. SaaS is the dominant category and it will be a catalyst for investment opportunities for all industries.

With ensured efficiency, enhanced productivity and user experience, SaaS is an industry that had only started to prove its worth. As you are reading this article, SaaS is evolving, adapting and learning. 2021 will surely accelerate the industry’s growth opportunities.

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