Navotar Launches New Daily Planner

Navotar Launches New Daily Planner



As introducing new features and continuous improvement is one of the key areas Navotar focuses in, this is the time of the year where Navotar has launched its updated and the powerful Daily Planner.

Daily planner is like a calendar with the vehicles and slots corresponding to the dates where the empty slots can be used for bookings while the utilised slots are marked in colors to denote the status of the fleet like vehicles on reservation, rent, quotation, agreement etc. The main purpose of this calendar based system is to allow the users to make bookings in a very convenient way understanding their entire fleet status with a single view which would ultimately lead to a proper work flow preventing double bookings and other confusions.

Any car rental software’s today can have this feature, our concept is not to have this for the sake but having this feature in an easy and a convenient way. The new daily planner is an improved version of the earlier version with cool user interface and user experience with features like drag and drop which would ultimately satisfy the user in whole.

If you haven’t tried using the daily planner, now it’s the right time. And if you are a car rental company looking for a car rental software, Navotar is the best choice to go with due to its cool feature and quality, which has made them stand unique from the rest.


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