Navotar Car Rental Software was awarded with Rising Star 2017

Navotar Car Rental Software was awarded with Rising Star 2017

Navotar the leading car rental software was recently recognized as an easy-to-use cloud-based car rental management platform by a recognized leading B2B software review website. Aside from getting high marks from CompareCamp, Navotar was awarded the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards.

CompareCamp assessed each aspect of Navotar and concluded that it is a step above the competition and a boon for Fleet Management. Navotar offers a single screen for checking out and in. You get access to all the essential info to minimize processing time and handle customers efficiently. This is made possible with our advanced smart learning technology that considers consumers based on multiple factors. With this, CompareCamp gave Navotar its Great User Experience Award, which is only awarded to solutions that have a well-designed interface and are tried and tested to be effective.

Similarly, the Rising Star Award shows that Navotar is perceived as the best car rental software by its clients. CompareCamp also reinforces this thought in their review, Navotar is a smart car rental solution? that allows its clients to accomplish a lot of tasks with minimal effort. Navotar keeps you updated on the status of customer reservations and vehicle availability for the day. Plus, it provides details on the monthly sales done at each rental location.

The CompareCamp review directory for business software assesses products using a proprietary SmartScore algorithm that aggregates key metrics and provides a holistic analysis of the software. These include its main functionalities, mobile access, security features, and ease of use, which, we are happy to note, Navotar has easily passed.

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[Published By: Calvin Fernando]