Navotar Mobile Application

Navotar now helps you manage your business more conveniently and effectively with our new mobile application.

Create and close contracts within 5 clicks and have it signed off by your customers on the spot. The Android and iOS applications can access your customer database directly and provide you with instant updates of your reservations and contracts.

  • Search for Existing Agreements/Create New Agreements
  • Search Vehicles using License Plate #
  • Faster Check-out and Check-in of Customers
  • Take Detailed Damage Reports using Pictures
  • Create New Customers/Find Existing Customers with Agreements
  • Easy Accessibility from Any Internet Enabled Device
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Our mobile app easily creates customer agreements and performs vehicle damage assessments with just a few clicks, benefiting both you and your clients. You can now access the Navotar system with your smartphone and tablets whenever from wherever you are!

The Navotar Car Rental Management System App is now available to download in the Play Store and App Store. You can start using the app once you receive your login credentials.

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