QuickBooks Online (QBO) Integration

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This is a step by step breakdown for QuickBooks Online (QBO) Integration with the Navotar Cloud Fleet Management System.

Please note: To enable the QuickBooks Online (QBO) module on your Navotar account, please contact your Salesperson or send us an email to Support@Navotar.com.

IMPORTANT: The tax profiles you have configured on QuickBooks and Navotar MUST be identical. Currently, you can only have one tax item listed/configured in QuickBooks.

Example: If on Navotar you have your HST configured at 13%, on QuickBooks you must also have HST configured at 13%.

Pre-Requisite Steps:

  1. Setup Service Prefix/Suffix in QuickBooks Online (QBO) Account.

Add a Service with the word “Rental” in the position of a Prefix or Suffix in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) Account.

When you are creating a Full Invoice, the ‘Base Rental Charge’ will be tagged with this. If you do NOT do this step, it creates a separate service with the name “BaseRentalCharge-Daily”, “BaseRentalCharge-Weekly”, etc…

Quickbooks Dashboard

Products and Services Dashboard

Add a Service

Adding a Service

You can add other services also in the same manner. If you haven’t added any services on QuickBooks Online (QBO) or you have created an Invoice Item with a different name, then that item will automatically get created under the Services tab in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  1. Miscellaneous Charge Setup.

If the Miscellaneous Charge names you have set up in the Navotar system differ from those in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) Account, then you can map these charges using the G/L Code.

All Misc. Charges

MIsc. Charge G/L Configuration


Main Integration of QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Navotar

Step 1: Log in to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) Account.

QuickBooks Login

Step 2: Obtain your Company ID from QuickBooks Online (QBO) by clicking CTRL + ALT + ?. Afterwards, a pop-up will appear with the Company ID as shown below.

QuickBooks Online Company ID

Step 3: In the Admin Panel, under the Application Configuration, select “Quickbook“.

Navotar Admin QuickBooks

Step 4: Click the “Add New Configuration” button.

Add New Configuration

Step 5: Fill in the details on the pop-up.

Enter the Company ID obtained from Step 2 in the Company Id field.

Select the Location.

QuickBooks Company ID Setup

Step 6: You will receive an email from Navotar regarding the QuickBooks Online (QBO) Integration.

QuickBooks Confirmation Email

Step 7: Press the “click here” Authentication link in the Email as shown below.

Authentication QuickBooks

Step 8: Click the “Connect” button on the QuickBooks Online (QBO) connection page.

QuickBooks-Navotar Link

Step 9: Success!

You’ve successfully linked your QuickBooks Online (QBO) with Navotar!

QuickBooks-Navotar Success!

Step 10: Create Agreements and Invoices, afterwards these invoices will get reflected in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) Account.

3 minutesread

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