How to configure Geo Fence?

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Geo-fencing allows to set up boundaries so when a device enters or exits the boundaries defined by the admin, an alert is issued as a notification to the setup phone number (The number used to set up the Navotar account. Contact to setup or change the notification receiving phone number.)

In order to configure the geo fence, follow these steps.

1. Go to Admin from the main menu.

2. Then go to Geo Fence under GPS Configuration.

3. Then click on Add Fence.

4. Upon clicking a new window will appear.

  • Select the Fence Shape from the options.
  • Toggle between the map and select the location on where to add the geo fence using the zoom in and out.
  • Click on this icon  and then click and drag on the map to draw the fence based on the selected shape.
  • Fill in all the required fields.
    • Fence Name* (Give a unique fence name)
    • Overspeed Value(mile/hour) (Define the Speed Limit)
    • Status* (Tick the check box to active, if it is Inactive, the alert will not come when the car enters or exits the fence)
    • Applicable for all agreements (Tick the check box to apply for all the agreements,doing so manual selection is not required while creating the agreement)
    • Radius* (Radius will automatically load based on the drawn geo fence shape)
  • Click on Submit.

5. Click on Cancel to refresh the changes.(For example if the fence is drawn mistakenly, by clicking on this icon the fence will get clear and you shall draw again)

6. Upon creating the fence it can be edited or deleted.


3 minutesread

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