How to configure drop off fee?

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“Drop off fee” is an additional fee option in Navotar, where the user would be able to charge for one-way rentals. Explaining more, when the customer requires one-way rentals from point A to point B, this option can be used.

Eg: Airport services

1. Go to “Admin”

2. Click on “Drop Off Charge”

3. Click on “Add New Dropoff Charge”

4. Select the required details, enter the amount and click on “Save”.

  1. Vehicle Type (If it applies to all vehicle types select “All” or a specific type)
  2. Location From (The start location)
  3. Location to (The end location)
  4. Amount (Enter the amount for the vehicle drop off )

Upon following the above steps, the system will consider the drop charge whenever the user selects the desired pick up location and drop off location. This amount will be reflected in the agreement under the “Pre-Adjustment” section.

2 minutesread

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