How to check the overdue payment for scheduled payments?

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Payment scheduler is an add on feature which is used for long term rentals to schedule the payments that are to be collected from customers on an interval basis. All the scheduled payments will be reminded if the customer failed to make the payments.

In order to have this function in your account, Contact to enable and get to know about this feature.

To check the overdue payments, follow the below steps.

All the Overdue payments will be displayed in the “Rental Management Summary” under “Payment Due Delay”.

1. Click on the number under the section “Payment Due Delay”.

All the agreements with payment due will be listed.

2. Select the particular agreement.

3. Click on “Payment” option where you can check all the acquired payments.

4. Click on “Payment Scheduler”

5. The user will be able to have an idea on all the scheduled payments.



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