How to check the driving history of a vehicle in Navotar GPS Tracker?

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Driving history can be checked for a specific agreement or vehicle in the GPS module. Contact to get your GPS devices shipped.

In order to check the driving history for a vehicle in the Navotar GPS module, follow these steps.

1. Go to GPS from the main menu.

2. Then click on History for the vehicle to which the history is to be checked.

3. A New window will appear and the complete tracking history of the vehicle will load.


4. Use the search filter to check the track history of the vehicle for a defined duration.


  • Use to play and see the driving activity of the vehicle where the Drop pin will move based on the driving history of the vehicle.
  • Click on Track Live Location to check the live location of the vehicle.
  • Click on Speeding Report to check the speeding report of the vehicle.
  • Click on Geo Fencing to check the history of the entry or exit of the vehicle from its applied Geo Fence(If applicable).
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