How to check reservations with unassigned vehicles?

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The “Not Assign” row in the Daily Planner is to keep track of all the reservations made with only vehicle types but not vehicles.

While making reservations, there will be an option to select only the vehicle type.

If a customer reserves a vehicle online, the vehicle type will be selected for the reservation in the system. When the customer shows up to rent the vehicle, the user will be able to navigate to the daily planner and assign a particular vehicle for the respective reservation.

Hover over the Not Assign reservation and click on button, the user will be able to move the reservation to agreement and select a particular vehicle for this rental.

In the Navotar system if you create a reservation with only vehicle type. These types of reservations will also reflect in the “Not Assign” row in the Daily Planner.

In order to create a new reservation in the daily planner, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the daily planner.

2. Click on “Edit”

3. Click on the check out date, drag and extend to the desired check in date.

4. Upon extending the date a new window will appear where the user can check or edit the rental period and vehicle.

5. After selecting the date, time and the vehicle, click on “Create”.

6. Once the “Create” button is clicked, it will ask for the details for the particular reservations. Then the user will be able to make a reservation

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