How to add Inquires?

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Inquiry is where we can add the details of a query asked by a customer who doesn’t want to make a reservation or an agreement at that stage. On having the query recorded we can keep a track of the customer and followup.

1. Go to Manage Inquires Under Home module.

2. Click on Add new Inquiry.

3. Fill all the necessary details.

  • While adding inquiry user can find existing customer by clicking on “Find Customer.
  • User can assign a person for “Assign To” field from that account users, who is the one needs to take the responsibility of that inquiry.
  • User shall assign a date for “Follow up Date” to notify when the assign to person needs to follow up that inquiry.

4. Click on Save changes.

5. User can edit existing inquiry details by clicking the edit button.

6. User can add new notes by clicking on the add new note button.

7. Fill all details and click on save changes.


8. User can covert an inquiry to new customer by following the steps below.

  • Select an inquiry
  • Click on Continue to customer. Doing so a customer profile will be created with details in the inquiry.
2 minutesread

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