How to add company expense?

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Company Expense refers to the amount you spend for the company which goes as an expense. We already have a section to track the expense related to vehicles in  the Vehicle module under vehicle expense

 In order to add a company expense, follow these steps.

1.Go to Admin from the main menu.

2.Then go to Company Expense under Application Configuration.













3.Then click on Company Expense Item.


4.Check whether the required item already exists (If then you can edit or delete the existing item) or click on Add New Company Expense Item.



5.Then fill in the required fields








    1. Expense Item*
    2. Description*
    3. Amount*
    4. Is Schedule (This is to mention whether it is a scheduled expense item or not.)

6.Click on Save Changes.



7.Upon saving the expense item. Go back  and click on Add New Company Expense.


8.Then fill in the required fields.











    1. Expense Item (The existing expense items in Step 4 will dropdown)
    2. Description*
    3. Sub Total (It will sum the value which is entered while adding the item and it is editable)
    4. Tax*(Enter the tax amount that is to be added to the total)
    5. Total Amount (Will automatically calculate the subtotal with the Tax percentage)
    6. Date*
    7. Payment Status* (Paid/Unpaid)

9.Click on Save changes.



In order to generate a report on company expenses, follow these steps.

1.Go to Reports from the main menu.


2.Then go to the Company Expense Report under Management Reports.

















3.Use the search filters to enter the duration for which to generate the report and click on search.(Note – Can generate the report based on any of the filters / Can leave the filters blank and click search to get a complete report from the day you started using the system)








4.Upon clicking on search, can Print/Export to Excel/Export to PDF the report.








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