How to add additional Field in Vehicle module?

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This functionality will be used to add an important information that needs to be tracked but there are no fields in the system to track.

In that case customer can customise an additional field to track that specific information.

1. Go to Admin module.

2. Select Label Configuration under Application Configuration.

3. Click On “Add New Dynamic Attribute

4. Select the Module name from the drop down as Agreement.

5. Can select one of the tab name from the drop down.

You can select one of those tabs to add the new additional field.

While adding a new vehicle into the system, the newly added field can be set to load in the Vehicle image / Technical / LicenseAndInsurance / Ownership / VehicleOption / OtherInformation.

6. Select the field type whether it’s a text box or a drop down or calendar.

  • If it is text box it will look like the following screenshot  , for you to enter the data.
  • If it is a drop down, then you can add options that is needed to be shown in the drop down.
  • You can add any number of options to be shown in the drop down.


  • You can delete the unwanted options from the drop down by clicking on the delete icon.


  • If it is a drop down it will look like the following screenshot ,and above added options will be loaded in the drop down, where you can click on the arrow and select the option.


  • If it is a calendar it will looks like the following screenshot , where you can select the date.

7. Enter a Key Value.

P.S – You can enter the display name in the key value but it should be typed without any space, also it should be unique.

8. Enter the Display Name (the Field name that needs to be shown while adding the agreement information)

9. Select the “Is Mandatory” check box to make the field mandatory while creating an agreement.

10. Select the “Is Active” checkbox to make the field to be shown under that module.

11. Click on Save changes. Doing so the added additional field will load in the Vehicle module.

3 minutesread

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