How do I upload a spreadsheet of traffic tickets/tolls to Navotar?

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This article will be going over how to upload a traffic ticket/toll spreadsheet to the Navotar system. Doing this will allow you to automatically add the costs of traffic tickets/tolls to the agreements of the individuals who rented the vehicle during the instance when the ticket/toll was given. This is especially beneficial if there are a lot of roads with tolls. Overall, this feature allows you to keep better track of traffic tickets/tolls.

To upload a screenshot of traffic tickets/tolls, you have to:

  1. Make sure your spreadsheet is .csv file format and matches this spreadsheet format.
  2. Once you have your spreadsheet, go to your Navotar homepage and click on Admin.
  3. Then go to Upload Traffic Ticket/Tolls under Rates Configuration.
  4. Click browse and select your .csv file. Then select Upload Traffic Ticket/Tolls.

Looking Up A Traffic Ticket

To look at the traffic tickets that you have uploaded, you need to go to Admin -> Traffic Ticket Log.

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