How do I add users?

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In order to add users.

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Click on Users under Application Configuration.
  3. Then click on Add New User in the top right.
  4. Then fill in the required fields and other field you may need.

    Please note:
    – Location refers to which location the user will be having access to.
    – User must be Active to use the system.
    – The Is Reservation Email refers to whether the new user gets cc’d in emails sent to customers.
    – User roles.

    • Admin – Will have full access of the entire system.
    • CSR – Customer service representative can on only view the status of the fleet and the vehicles.
    • Employee – Can do most of the operational tasks and not administration and management related once like, viewing the sales summary, admin and the report modules are hidden.
    • Franchisee –
    • Vehicle cleaner – Can see on the vehicles, edit and associate expenses.
    • Booking agent – Can see the rate summary, add a customer and make a reservation.
  5. Then click on Save Changes.

And with this, a new user will be added.

If you are finding it difficult to add a user or if the add user button is hidden, please contact your account manager to help you out.

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