How do I configure an inspection sheet?

2 minutesread

In order to add damage checklist.

  1. Go to Admin from the main menu.
  2. Click on Damage Checklist.
  3. A few checklists will be there by default.
  4. Add new checklist by clicking Add New Checklist button.
  5. Fill in the description, the type of checklist you’d like and whether you’d like it to show up during check in/out.
  6. You can create multiple options then you add the option by clicking the add option button.
  7. You can add option names.
  8. Check in – check out- check boxes will be ticked by default. So if you tick both then the checklist will be added to the check out and check in damage page.
  9. Those changes will be reflected in the agreement damage page.
2 minutesread

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