How do I add a promotion?

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In order to add a promotion, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Then click on Promotion under Rates Configuration.
  3. First click on Add New Promotion Code.
  4. Fill in the promotion code and click Save Changes.
  5. Then go back to step (2) and click on Add New Promotion. Here you can set up the parameters for any promotion code you’ve set up.
  6. Fill in the required fields and click Save. If the promotion is set to Auto Apply then it will automatically be applied to customers checking out.

    1. Promotion Code – You can give any code names.
    2. Discount Type – Here you can select the type, whether it is value or percentage.
    3. Vehicle Type – Here you can select the vehicle type and assign it to the code.
    4. Discount Value – The value you enter here will be connected with the Discount Type select. Eg:- If the Discount Type is percentage and if you enter the value as 10. The discount percentage will be 10%.
    5. Location – If you have more than one location, you can specify which location the promotion needs to be applied to.
    6. Start & End date for the promo should be specified.
    7. Minimum days – Minimum duration of the rental for the promo to be specified.
    8. One Time Use – If the promotion code is a one time use, you may select the one time use checkbox.
    9. Status – Here you can select the status and based on the selection the promo code will be activated.
    10. Auto Apply – If the auto apply checkbox is checked, the promo code will be auto applied while the agreement is being created and when the specified criterias have been met.
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