How do I add payments to a reservation?

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  1. Select the reservation.
  2. Select the payment module.
  3. Click on “Payment” button.
  4. Fill in the form that would pop out.

    1. In the above form, you will have to fill in the details such as,
      1. Amount to be recorded.
      2. Payment date.
      3. Payment method refers to the type of payment.
      4. If any invoices have been created, you may select them from the invoice dropdown.
      5. If any reference numbers need to be added that can be added in the reference no text box.
      6. Payment type can be selected from the payment type dropdown and this refers to the type of fee.
      7. If there are descriptions, those can also be added to the description field.
      8. Payment by radio button needs to be selected.
  5. Once the details have been filled, click on Process Payment is selected the below window will pop up and then enter the Payment Method as Credit Card and select a Payment Type click on Proceed.











      • If the payment is successful you will get the message with a section where you can email as shown below.







      • Once the Send button is clicked the email confirmation message will pop up.





      • If the card number is wrong or the card number is not integrated with the payment gateway the message will pop up as shown below.









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