How do I add a miscellaneous/extra charge?

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  1. Select the Admin module from the main menu.
  2. Select the miscellaneous charges section under application configuration.
  3. Click on “Location Miscellaneous Charges”.
  4. Click on “Add New Mischarge Location”.
  5. A form would pop out, here fill in the details.
    1. Select the Location Name from the dropdown.
    2. Select the Vehicle Type.
    3. Select the Name of the miscellaneous charge.
      1. In case if the miscellaneous charge is not available in the drop down. You shall add it by clicking on.
        – A form will pop out and here you will have to fill in the details.

        1. Fill in the name of the miscellaneous charge.
        2. You may give a description in the Description field.
        3. Select a calculation type.
          • Per day – If the specific miscellaneous charge needs to be calculated based on the number of rental days. You may select the per day option from the drop down.
          • Fixed – If the specific miscellaneous charge is fixed per rental, you may select the calculation type as fixed.
          • Percentage – If the specific miscellaneous charge needs to be charged based on percentage from base rate, you may select the calculation type as percentage.
          • Range – If you want the miscellaneous charge for a specific range then you may select the calculation type as range. For eg:- If the rental duration is 10 days and you want to charge for the 1st 5 days, you select the range option.
        4. If the miscellaneous charge is a non taxable one, you may select No Tax check box hence the tax won’t be calculated for the specific miscellaneous charge.
        5. If you want to add the miscellaneous charge value as a revenue to vehicle, you may tick the revenue box or ignore it.
        6. If you want quantity to be denoted while creating an agreement, you may select the quantity checkbox here.
        7. If you have deductible miscellaneous charges such as LDW & CDW, you can select the deductible checkbox and the balance configuration for deductible is explained in the deductible section.
    4. Enter the value of the charge.
    5. Denote the option if it should be mandatory or optional.
    6. Once these are done, click on “Save Changes”.
    7. Now the miscellaneous charges will be added successfully.
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