How do I track maintenance and other expenses for my vehicles?

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In order to track maintenance for your vehicles,

  1. Select a vehicle.
  2. Then click on Maintenance in the top left.
  3. Then click on Manual Service in the top right.
  4. Then fill in the required fields related to maintenance.
  5. Then click on Save. The amount will get added to expense automatically.
  6. If you want to check maintenance history, go back to step (3) and click on History instead.
  7. And you’ll be able to see previous entries that you’ve put in.

In order to add a vehicle expensive, go to step (2) above and,

  1. Click on Vehicle Expenses.
  2. Existing vehicle expenses will already be visible when you click on Vehicle Expenses. 
  3. To add a new Vehicle Expense, click on +Vehicle Expense in the top right to add a new vehicle expense.
  4. Then fill in the required fields and click Save Changes.
2 minutesread

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