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The user permission management feature in Navotar is used to create and manage customer user roles with different access permissions, which can be used to restrict their access to the various module within Navotar.

To create a custom user role, please follow these steps.

1. Go to the Permission Management link in the Admin Panel.

2. Click on the Add New User Role button.


3. Fill in the following information.

  1. Role Name – This will be the name of the new role.
  2. Description – A short description of this new role.
  3. Choose Pre-defined User Role to inherit Permissions – If you want to select a existing user role as a template.
  4. Permission – Select the permissions a user under this role will be able to access.

4. Once you have added all your Permissions you can click the Save Changes button.


Now you assign this role to a user, similar to when you add a user in Navotar.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please send our Support Team an email to support@navotar.com.

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