The International Car Rental Show 2018!

The International Car Rental Show 2018!

The International car rental show is where the car rental industry connects, It’s Taking Place on April 15-17 at Bally’s Las Vegas. It takes you into what is trendy in the world of car rental. At International Car Rental Show, you will even have the chance to strengthen current business connections from around the world and build new ones and find exclusive access to the most recent technology, merchandise, and services designed to require your business to consequent level. It’s a massive event for the car rental industry because that’s the only event where vehicle rental owners, rental solution providers, industry experts and potential business clients gather from all over the globe…

International car rental show


Navotar Inc., since 2009, are makers of a cloud-based car rental software which is specifically designed for independent and franchise vehicle rental business owners. Navotar serves customers worldwide and continues to offer its clients high quality services and solutions meeting their requirements. In addition to our great giveaways, and live interactive demos, if you choose Navotar AT THE SHOW we’ll make sure you benefit from our SHOW-ONLY-PRICING which you’ll have to see to believe Im afraid. That’s right. Don’t be a stranger! Come on by, Sign and Save and do the Wave at booth #219.

The Growing Demand for White-label
By Navotar  /  28th April 2020