Five factors to consider before renting a car

Five factors to consider before renting a car

Booking a rental is probably the most convenient way of travelling instead of opting for public transport which is a lot of hassle and can be time consuming. Renting a car is fun and freeing – you can stop whenever and wherever you want!

However, renting a vehicle can be a bit daunting and comes with its own set of drawbacks – so here are 5 tips to help you navigate through the process of renting a car!


Car rental agreement and insurance

Rental agreements are extremely important as they will inform you on the company’s policies and the level of coverage for your vehicle. Make sure you read the car rental service agreement very carefully before deciding to rent from them. Most reputed companies have included their agreements on their websites for the ease of potential clients.

Most car rental companies offer a small insurance benefit however, it may not cover much ground, so make sure you have your own car insurance as it may extend towards rented cars as well. Also note that your credit card may also offer insurance for rental vehicles in the event of an accident and, theft – the car rental company may even include a towing service for your credit card.

Always check with your car insurance provider and credit card company before renting a car as you may be eligible to offers and benefits.

When and where to rent from

An advance booking is always a better option than renting a car on the spot. An advance booking will allow you to pick the exact car you are looking for, whereas if you are doing it then and there you will have to opt for whatever is available at that given moment, also airport car rentals are quite pricey.

When renting a car consider local companies as they would be cheaper and also know the ins and outs of the location you are heading to and are just as reliable as big companies. You can choose a rental company on sites like Sky Scanner where you can easily find car rentals which fit your preferences and budget.

Picking up your car

There are many things to consider when picking up the rental. Do a thorough inspection of the vehicle before signing the agreement, make sure that it is fully functional and take photos and videos of any scratches or damages present before you drive the car – this way you can be in the clear and avoid any unnecessary problems and compensation charges.

Almost all car rental agreements require the client to follow the “full-to-full” policy, be sure to re-fill the tank before returning the car to the rental company. The re-fill charges by car rental companies are pricier than the cost of fuel at filling stations, so returning an already full tank will be the better financial option – also, show the rental company your receipt in order to avoid any disputes.

Check with the rental company if they require an advance deposit, this way you can properly plan out your trip budget without running into problems at the last minute.

License requirements and additional drivers

License requirements can vary from country to country; however, your national driver’s license and passport are mandatory. Note that in the event of an accident you will be held accountable to any damages and your license will be deemed invalid.

Your age may also matter when renting a car as the policies for drivers below the age of 25 will differ between countries. Usually rental companies require the driver to be above the age of 25 to rent a vehicle –European countries allow people above the age of 21 to rent a car, however in America they require the driver to be atleast 23 years old.

If you are 25 and below, rental agencies will charge an additional fees to accommodate this policy, this will be applicable even if the driver you are switching with is below 25 years of age no matter how little they drive.

These tips will help you save on money and time. The most important thing to remember is that you should pay attention to company policies and communicate with the rental agency if you have any doubts regarding the agreement. Navotar Car Rental Software wishes you a safe and happy ride!