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Navotar has been in the fleet management software industry for 9 years and counting. We recognized a shift in management systems in the vehicle rental industry around the globe and came up with a comprehensive plan to accommodate this shift. Our plan
is being used in countries around the world and is growing everyday. Our extensive customer support is a top priority and we will strive to be the best vehicle rental software to you and our future customers.

9 Years Anniversary

Since 2010, we have seen the growth of the rental vehicle industry and the opportunities to help business owners around the world with an efficient management software. We understand the concerns of modern rental company owners, and we will continue
improving our solutions to provide maximum functionality and performance for you.
Our team is comprised of an innovative CEO, experienced directors and a young, energetic development team that is dedicated to providing high-quality services
and the best business solutions.


Our goal is to become the chosen quality software solution that helps vehicle rental businesses run efficient operations, while meeting increasing demands of the industry.


Through innovation, dedication, and an integrated corporate culture, Navotar will deliver the best quality vehicle rental management software for business owners around the world.


Navotar is not only your vehicle rental manager, but it is also your business guide in helping you keep track of vehicle repairs, services and the expenses, and most importantly your profits on a day to day basis. Navotar saves you time by providing
snapshots of your reports so get up-to-date information of the operations at a glance.

Why you should consider Navotar for your business?


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