Vehicle Tracking Systems Market Report

Vehicle tracking systems are becoming widely used in multiple industries, from the humble GPS on your smartphone to rental cars and shipping, it is an important market to keep an eye on. It is estimated that the global vehicle tracking systems market will increase to $14, 957.5 million by 2025. It is shown to be growing at a CAGR of 19.9% from 2018 to 2025.

Keep reading for an overview of the Allied Market Research report for the years 2017 to 2025.


A major driving factor of the vehicle tracking systems market is the addition of intelligent transport systems that require tracking devices. The health of the tracking systems market depends on the selling of the entire solution – which is hardware, software, and other services offered by the system. Many corporate offices are opting to offer their employees staff transport, this is usually outsourced and these kinds of companies require tracking devices and programs that can be used easily.

Security concerns have also lead to more businesses and people investing in tracking technology. Tracking devices and technology is becoming more accessible, real-time mobile tracking and satellite tracking is easily accessible via applications and programs downloaded via the internet that people can access through their smart devices. Tracking via a cellular device was shown to be the highest contributor to the market in 2017 as it is easily accessible and more economical. Transportation and logistics were shown to hold the largest market share in 2017.

Regional Analysis

The vehicle tracking systems market was analyzed across-

  • North America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • UAE
  • Africa
  • South America

A rapid increase in GDP and high automotive sales makes Asia-Pacific an anticipated contender as the largest revenue contributor for the vehicle tracking systems market. It is expected that the Asia-Pacific region will have a CAGR of 20.4% within the years 2018 and 2025. The rising trend in shared transport and self-driven cars within the European market may show considerable growth for vehicle tracking systems. Another contributor to this region is the trend for green fleets, achieved by proper tracking and, regular and thorough vehicle maintenance reports. The North American vehicle tracking market is experiencing a restructuring of the whole market ecosystem due to the availability of abundant technologies and numerous solution providers. The rest of the world is also experiencing a positive impact due to active participation within the market ecosystem.

Countries located within the UAE are contributing to the market growth due to increased vehicle sales since there is a rise in population, high disposable income, and infrastructure developments. Due to the presence of many local providers, South Africa is now a major contributor to the growth of the vehicle tracking systems market. South America is doing its part for market growth by investing in heavy equipment for the construction and mining industries. This encourages the use of vehicle tracking systems in commercial vehicles and fleets.

Competition Analysi

Near the year-end of 2018 an estimated 51, 335 subscribers signed up for connected devices at AT&T Inc. CarTrack Holdings Limited operates in 24 countries across all continents, they also updated their Mi-Fleet software by simplifying the fleet operation without any additional cost. Verizon Communication Inc. and Gravel Conveyors Inc. partnered up to implement the Verizon Connect REVEAL fleet management software to reduce costs and improve fleet performance, making these companies’ products more accessible to potential customers and improving the overall revenue of the market.

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The vehicle tracking system is a complete solution that includes hardware and software used to track and control vehicle movement via GPS, smartphones, etc. if you are interested in learning more about how this can help your business contact us at

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The Growing Demand for White-label



White-label is convenient and cost-effective, therefore, it is a commodity in demand in today’s tech-forward world. So what exactly are white-label software solutions and how can they help a business grow? Keep reading to find out.


What are White-label software solutions?

It is a software service that is developed by a third party to be sold by a reseller. Simply put, a white-label provider develops unbranded software which is then sold to a reseller company that brands the software as their own and re-sells it to their end customers.

Why white-label software solutions?

The idea of white-labeling is that it helps companies expand their business conveniently without having to do so from scratch. It can also be more cost-effective than hiring in-house employees to create and develop software for the company.

White-label is a form of outsourcing but can be even more cost-effective and convenient than hiring a freelancer as there is less cost and time spent on management as white-label companies handle everything from one place. All a reseller has to do is to wait for the end product and re-sell it to their customers.


Types of White-label services

White-label SaaS :

Also known as Software on Service, is re-brandable software offered on a subscription basis and is hosted online. Resellers brand the software to look like their own and sell it to their clientele. This offers more cash flow as it disrupts the traditional software delivery system bringing in more revenue.

B2B white-label:

White-label services sold to a reseller that resells the service to an end-user that is also a business.

B2C white-label:

White-label services sold to a reseller who resells to an end-user who is a consumer or person.


Benefits of utilizing white-label for your business

  • Expand your business: When you partner with a white-label provider you can offer your clients a product/service quickly. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Steady cash flow with SaaS: This allows you to sell rebranded white-label services/products for a monthly fee instead of a yearly fee. This allows you to maintain a steady cash flow as there is an even distribution of revenue.
  • Specialized and experienced: White-label providers are experienced in developing software as they specialize in it. If you have partnered up with the right white-label provider you will benefit greatly from their services no matter the price.
  • Save on money and time: using a white label service is better than trying to develop software from scratch. As developing software in-house needs a lot of resources and energy, partnering up with a white-label provider is convenient and cost-effective overall.

Car rentals and car rental software/service providers can benefit greatly from white-labeling. There are many white-label providers out there, but you need someone who you can trust to deliver an excellent final product.

If you are interested in utilizing SaaS or B2B solutions for your business Navotar will be the perfect partner for you. We specialize in fleet management software as well as in white-label services (SaaS and B2B solutions) some of our partners are CRX and PayPal.

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5 things you need to know before renting a car



When traveling to a different state or even abroad there are many things you need to consider, one of those things is transport. The best way to get about would be to hire a rental, they are convenient and reliable, and will get the job done. Many rental companies provide vehicles for all purposes, be it for leisure or business.

With a wide range of companies to choose from, there are also many things a customer should consider before booking a rental.

Here are 5 things to consider when renting a vehicle.

  1. Your driver’s license

Make sure that your driver’s license is up-to-date, car rental companies may require you to submit your license before them handing over the rental. If you are renting a vehicle abroad it is important to note that on arrival, the rental company will require your international driver’s permit (IDP). This can be obtained online and will be a supplementary to your driver’s license (There are some countries where your normal driver’s license will be valid).

  1. Insurance

Most rental companies offer full coverage auto insurance, however, this can be pricey as they charge upwards of $15 per day. This is why it is important to read through their rental policy before reserving, this is usually available on the company site.

Your car insurance may not cover damages for rentals, however, if you made the booking with your credit card, rental insurance may be inclusive. Most credit card providers include coverage for damages to rental cars, therefore it will be best to confirm this with your credit card provider before you rent a vehicle.

  1. Additional drivers

It is also important to note that there will be a charge for any additional drivers. Even if the additional drivers are above the age of 25 rental companies may have an extra charge for a second driver, therefore it is important to consider if your journey requires multiple designated drivers.

  1. Returning rental with a full tank

Note that if you return the rental without a full tank, the rental company will put in an additional charge. It is always better to return the vehicle with a full tank as this can save you a lot of money.

  1. Discounts and seasonal offers

Always be on the lookout for seasonal offers and discounts, rental companies provide these especially around Christmas and New Year to promote their business. You might be able to get a luxury vehicle for the price of an economy vehicle and other additional benefits.

It is also important to compare prices between companies when choosing which car rental works for you. Note that prices can vary drastically depending on seasons and promotions; therefore it is important to place your bookings in advance.

Bonus tip: Make sure the route you take has paved roads as most companies have a policy that does not allow you to take the vehicle on rough paths. If you do and you will have to pay for any damages caused (unless you have insurance that covers rentals).

Renting a vehicle is the best way to travel if you don’t have your own as you can drive leisurely without any restrictions unlike if you use public transport. Hopefully, these tips will help you make your reservation process easier.

Good luck and drive safe from Navotar!

How to improve your taxi service


Running a taxi company is very hectic, many things need to be kept track of to ensure customer satisfaction. Taxi companies also require a large workforce from operators to drivers, and one small error happening in between can cause the company to fall.

Customers expect reliability, convenience and fair rates for the service provided, so taxi businesses must stay on top of their game at all times.

If you are looking to improve your taxi service you will find the following business strategies helpful.

  1. Hire good drivers

Most often than not taxi companies fail because they hire just about anyone that walks through their doors. The lack of screening can lead to poor service and customers will be left feeling unsafe.

Make sure that you have a fair and thorough screening strategy in place when hiring drivers. Drivers who are reliable and friendly can help boost your business as customers will feel comfortable and safe using your service.

Since drivers operate remotely it is important to make sure that they are working up to the company standards. To make sure of this ensure that all drivers hired by your company undergo a training program, this is the best way to maintain your company’s quality.

Have your drivers take a survey each day or weekly this can help make sure that your drivers are happy and that there were no hiccups in their service today. Customer reviews are important as well, pay close attention to that.

  1. Think like your customer

Looking at your business through the point of view of a customer will help you understand what your company needs to provide quality services. Customers like reliability, safety, convenient booking services, friendly customer service, etc. looking at your business as a customer will help greatly.

Think about easy ways potential customers can reach you, the best way is via QR codes. Make sure you have pasted QR stickers at popular cafes and other places frequented by people –airports, banks, even hospitals.

Try to extend services for differently-abled customers, train drivers to help customers with disabilities and even elderly customers. This can help give you an edge over competitors as most companies overlook this detail of customer service. Also, this is great for your brand image as a friendly and caring company that does not discriminate.

  1. Discounts, promos, and loyalty points

Another way to garner more customers and keep your current clientele happy is through discounts, promo codes and loyalty points.

This is a great way to appreciate your customers and give back for them using your services. You can offer discounts during the holiday seasons during which time a lot of people will be relying on taxis to get them around, especially from airports.

Award loyal customers with loyalty points, this will help retain your customer base and help with a steady revenue.

  1. Operators

Your operators and drivers must cooperate well. Miscommunication is a common factor that can affect your business, and this can easily happen between operators and drivers.

Make sure that your dispatch system is highly organized and operational as this will decide if your business works well or not. Train operators to be friendly and patient when communicating with customers and drivers.

Provide them with the proper tools to do their job, almost 50% of your taxi company will be made up of operators, therefore, prioritize that aspect of your business.

  1. Go green!

Include EVs (electric vehicles) into your fleet, many people are now very environmentally conscious and prefer vehicles with low carbon emissions. Also, electric cars are economical in the long run and will show that your company utilizes sustainable business practices and that it cares about environmental causes.

Using electric cars will help reduce your company’s carbon emission, and that is good for your conscience.

  1. Online presence

This is very important in today’s marketing standards. Having online engagement will help boost your business, it is worth spending that extra money on a great social media marketing strategy!

Create social media campaigns, collaborate with other businesses or social media influencers who have similar values as your business. Their clientele and fan base respectively may have many potential customers and they can help promote your business.

  1. Tech business solutions

With major advances in tech, taxi and rental companies are experiencing a boom in business. Using state-of-the-art cloud-based software for your business is the sure-fire way of achieving success!

You can utilize cloud-based taxi dispatch software that can be greatly helpful to operators as well as drivers and customers. Create an app so that customers can easily make reservations instead of over the phone. Having a website with reservation facilities as well as all company information is extremely important and it reduces paperwork, you can have automated invoice generators and reservation histories.

This way everything is available at the fingertips of your customers. Remember, versatility and convenience help greatly in improving a business.

If you are interested in cloud-based software, head over to the Navotar. Navotar is an expert in cloud-based software as well as digital marketing solutions for fleet management businesses.

If you own a taxi company, these tips will surely help you rise above your competitors.
Wishing you good luck, from Navotar.


How to avoid these common problems when renting a car?


Almost all travelers depend on a rental vehicle, but when renting a car there are many things one should consider, like model, availability, fees, etc. However, if you are not careful you can easily come across problems, especially when it comes to rental car company policies i.e. if you have to for re-fuelling charges?

The rental car reservation process is not that straightforward and simple, so here are a few tips on how to avoid common problems when renting a car.

  1. Airport rentals

It is best to avoid renting a car at the airport as they can have very high charges, skip the extra expenditure and opt for a local car rental company. Make a reservation before landing, that way you can be picked up from the airport or even pick up the car yourself from a pickup point.

Reserving a rental with a local company can help save a lot of money and you don’t have to worry about reliability and quality as most local businesses are quite good. You can always do prior research before settling with a company.

  1. Refueling

Every rental company has a policy to refuel the car before the customer drops it off at the drop off point. You also have the option of paying a refueling charge and drop off the vehicle instead of pumping a full tank before doing so.

However, this can be quite expensive as companies almost always overcharge for this service. It is best if you take it upon yourself to do the refueling before drop off as it is the more cost-effective option.

  1. Insurance

When renting a car you must have insurance that covers rentals. Most credit cards offer insurance that extends to rental cars, however, car rental businesses may urge you to apply for insurance via them.

This may double the final cost of the rental, therefore it is always best to opt for your own insurance instead. Also, make it a point to check with your credit card provider if they offer insurance for rentals.

  1. Inspect your rental

Make sure you take a thorough look through every part of the rental. Be on the lookout for any pre-existing scratches, dents, seat covers that are chipping off, etc. It is important to inspect the rental car closely as this will help prevent any unnecessary disagreements between you and the rental company.

  1. Dropping off

When dropping off the car make sure an agent is present, always wait while they inspect the car for any damages. This way you can avoid any unnecessary arguments between you and the company as they may claim that damages were caused from your hand when that may not be the case.

If there are damages caused to the car by you, take responsibility and sort it out in a civil manner. If you have insurance you don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. Advanced booking

If you are looking for a smaller car, always book in advance as they tend to be pre-booked a lot during the holiday season especially. Smaller cars are more economical than bigger or luxury grade cars.

Depending on availability and seasonal offers, you might be able to book a bigger car for the same price as a small car. However, in the case of luxury cars make a point to ask your agent if the rate they are offering is their final, because if there is only one car available they may give it to you for a discounted price.

  1. Accessories

Many rental companies may ask you if you require a navigation system with your rental car, this can incur an extra fee, therefore be vigilant when confirming your reservation. If you have a smartphone, a navigation system would be unnecessary, as your smart device is equipped with a navigation app.

  1. Drop off on time

Depending on your reservation there will be an estimated time for the drop-off, some rental companies may give you a grace period of one hour, but some others may not. It is best to stick to the given time as if you exceed the estimated drop off time they may charge you.

Plan your itinerary such that there is extra time for drop off, leave early as possible so that you can make it on time.

Navotar hopes that these tips will help you tackle any problems that may come up with your rental.
Be safe, drive safe!