Creating a website for your car rental business

Creating a website for your car rental business

Since the car rental industry is on a roll, investing on a good website would be a great business solution. All businesses are rapidly digitizing, and competition is increasing, having your website can help your company stand out from the rest and bring in more customers your way.

There are a set of criteria you will need to consider before creating your website as you must make sure it is engaging and easy to use for your future customers. The website can be used by customers to make reservations and also present media content – such as blogs.

This article will show you all the features you need to create a website for your car rental business.

  1. Reservations plugin

Having a reservations plugin on your website will help customers make direct bookings online. Make sure the design is user-friendly and efficient so that customers can make a quick booking with less hassle.

  1. Fleet management

This will feature the number of cars available in your fleet along with information on their make, model, car details, maintenance, inspection dates, insurance expiration date, damages, etc.

  1. Availability of vehicles

You will have to update the ‘Availability Status’ feature on every vehicle in your fleet. This will help you manage the fleet with ease as you will know which ones are under repair, available or currently-rented.

  1. Managing Orders

You will need a feature that will manage all the reservations made through the site as well as via calls and front desk – these can be added by the operators manually into the system.

  1. Managing Finances

From online transactions, re-funds, it is important to manage them from one place. There are many business models available for car rentals; you can collaborate with hotels, and other businesses while managing your finances within your system.

  1. E-billing and invoices

Via your website, you can manage all your bills and invoices as everything is digitized and backed up on the system. No more messy paperwork and missing invoices.

  1. Fines management

When running a car rental business, mishandling of vehicles is something you will have to face, and managing that can be quite difficult. You have to cater to the customer but also communicate to then=m that they have caused certain damages to your vehicle and therefore must pay a fine.

Having an automated system to handle all that will allow you to run your business with ease!

  1. SEO

SEO is a very important marketing tool that will help with your business and make it stand out from the rest. Therefore when creating your website, you must prioritize SEO.

  1. Mobile friendly

When designing your website make sure the interface looks good on any platform – smartphone, laptops, etc. The idea is to have a website that is engaging and easily accessible to anyone.

  1. Social media and apps

Last but not least, it is important to link your website to all your social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It would also be a smart move to create an app to go with your website as it makes your business more accessible and easier to use for customers.


If you are looking for a versatile website, with an integrated fleet management software, follow this NAVOTAR Website Development

Navotar specializes in developing user-friendly websites that are up to date on the newest technological trends. We also offer a Reservations Plugin that can be easily integrated with your website, allowing customers to make online bookings.

Navotar offers a lot more, to learn more on our products and services, click this NAVOTAR Products & Services

Now that you know what you need to build your website, go ahead and create the perfect website for your business! Good luck from all of us at Navotar!

Pros and Cons of using electric vehicles for your rental Fleet

Pros and Cons of using electric vehicles for your rental Fleet

With the advent of electric vehicles (EVs), a lot of people are turning towards this more environmentally friendly, efficient option over traditional fuel dependent cars. However, is it a smart business strategy for rental companies to implement?

Navotar has compiled a list of pros and cons of purchasing EVs for your rental fleet, keep reading to find out.


  1. Fuel efficiency?

    Electric cars do not use fuel! That will help you save up a lot on fuel costs compared with fuel-dependent vehicles – all you need to do is to build a charging station.Also, no fuel means fewer emissions which is great for the environment and will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

  2. Low maintenance

    Compared to cars with internal combustion engines, EVs require less maintenance as they do not have many moving parts. Also, electric cars don’t need frequent oil changes and, brakes are known to last longer due to regenerative braking resulting in less wear and tear.


  3. Sustainability

    EVs are eco-friendly therefore, companies that offer these vehicles in their line-up will have a competitive edge. Nowadays, customers are more aware of environmental issues and strive to reduce their carbon footprint, which means they will opt for eco-focused businesses.


  4. A model for everyone

    While, yes, most EVs are on the higher end of the price spectrum, there are budget range models. Having a variety of cars available in your rental fleet will allow you to have a wider reach as it will cater to the likes of many customers of varying financial backgrounds.  It will also help make your company look more accessible to people hence increasing revenue.


  5.  Financial incentives?

    From saving on fuel and maintenance charges you also have the added advantage of Tax Credits! You read that correctly, some governments pay people for purchasing an electric vehicle! That is how important it is to practice ethical, environmentally conscious business. This will also help curb the steep price tag of your electric car.


  1. Expensive!

    Brand new electric cars can be very expensive, which is one of the major drawbacks of EVs. However, they have quite a good re-sell market and you can easily purchase a second-hand vehicle, in good condition for a good price – then and again the re-sell market place comes with its own set of horrors.


  2. Battery charge duration

    Now here’s the biggest bummer with EVs. Unlike fuel dependent cars EVs aren’t very reliable when it comes to range. The charge will reduce the faster you go, so even if EVs can do speed more than a normal car, you have the risk of running low on juice. However, if you drive slow you can save up energy and have a greater range – maybe even double the predicted range!


  3. Recharge stations

    There can be a scarcity in recharge stations depending on where the customer wants to head to, this can pose a problem. However, countries like Norway and the USA have become very EV friendly and have taken steps to ensure that there are ample EV charging stations around the country.


  4. Extreme weather conditions

    EVs are more sensitive to extreme weather changes than their fuel-dependent counterparts which are extremely fuel-efficient despite extreme hot or cold weather. Extreme hot or cold weather can cause the capacity of the electric car battery to reduce which leads to the battery getting heated up resulting in more battery usage.


  5. Very long charging time

    It takes 12 hours to charge an electric car battery unless it is getting charged overnight there is no issue. However, if you or the customer needs to get the battery charged quickly there will be problems – unless you have a DC fast charging station or the customer is within the vicinity of one.

 Are electric cars a good investment for your business? There are definitely more reasons to like EVs and, maybe incorporate them into your rental business as the future is only getting greener. A chance to show your customers that you are an environmentally conscious business will definitely make you standout above your competition; however, there is a lot of work to be done if you want to include electric cars into your fleet.

 Navotar wishes you the best of luck with your rental business!

Top 10 car rental companies in sydney Australia

Top 10 car rental companies in Sydney Australia

The best way to get around a bustling urban landscape like Sydney is via a rental. You can explore the city at leisure instead of depending on public transport which can be quite restrictive on your trip. Sydney has a myriad of car rental companies, from international to local businesses all with competitive prices.

It is best to choose your rental via websites like KAYAK and Skyscanner – both supported by Navotar Car Rental Software. You just to need to kick back and relax while the website builds up a list of the best options to fit your preferences.

Here’s a list of top 10 local and international car rental companies based in Sydney.

  1. East Coast Car Rentals

Having been around since 1979, East Coast Car Rentals knows what they are doing. Since they are one of the largest independent car rental providers in the country you are sure to be offered high-quality service.

They have a wide variety of high-quality vehicles at the most competitive rates available for your disposal. They are located at all the major cities in Australia, so when in Sydney opt for East Coast Car Rentals.

  1. Budget

If you like to drive in style but are worried about having to spend a lot of money, Budget would be your best bet.

They purchase new cars every year, so you will be able to pick a rental which is the latest model at the lowest rates possible on the market. Save up and drive in style!

  1. Enterprise

Enterprise Holdings is one of the world’s largest car rental companies! They operate an estimated 1.5 million vehicles globally.

They formed a business partnership with Redspot – an Australian car rental company – which helped establish themselves within the Australian Car rental market.

  1. Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental is an Australian owned car rental company that has gone global. The company is owned by NRMA Motoring and Service, it doesn’t get more Australian than this.

They also implement the Australian Finance Industry Association Car Rental Code of Practice to ensure all their clients a high level of service throughout.

  1. Hertz

A global leader in the car rental industry, Hertz will not disappoint. If you are looking for a luxury ride with additional state of the art products and services, this is the right place to book your rental from.

You can choose from a range of Hatchbacks, Sedans, 4WDs, vans, and minibuses. If you are looking for something a bit more on the über- luxury side of things they also have speciality cars on offer. They also provide an innovative satellite navigator (NeverLost), Wi-Fi, and roadside assistance.

  1. Firefly

This car rental company is a budget range car rental owned by Hertz. Even though their rentals are at low rates you can be assured that their service will be good. They first started operating in Australia in 2014 and has since been having a good run within the Australian market.

  1. Europcar

Europcar is located at all major airports and capital cities much like most car rentals, but it’s also located at regional and more rural areas as well. This gives them a little edge over the competition.

They have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, and they always have something for everyone. You have a choice of booking a vehicle from their economical range through to their luxury range which includes Mercedes Benz and Volkswagens if you want a stylish ride.

  1. Alamo

Another company that has been around for years, Alamo first started in the US in 1974. It is part of Enterprise Holdings which also operate Enterprise car rental. They have an economical range if you are planning to save up during your trip, however, if you are looking for an extra bit of fun they also offer luxury cars.

  1. Avis

This company has been welcoming travelers at airports around for a long time, and who can miss its familiar red logo? Avis has been established as a premium car rental company due to the quality service they have provided time and time again, which has garnered a following of loyal customers.

  1. Dollar

A great option to go for if you are going on a budget trip but require a rental for travel, this US native company is all about offering the best service for a very competitive price.


Now you have an idea of which car rental companies to consider when selecting a rental for your trip whilst in Sydney, Australia. We, at Navotar, would like to wish you a happy journey and safe travels!

Benefits of listing your rental fleet in Travel Networks such as Kayak, Sky Scanner & CarTrawler

Benefits of listing your rental fleet in Travel Networks such as Kayak, Sky Scanner & CarTrawler

Car rental businesses are a part of the fast growing travel industry, it has been estimated that the global car rental market is expected to reach approximately $124.56 billion USD by the year 2022. However, car rental companies cannot only rely on global economic growth for successful revenue, there are many other strategies that come into play, and one such strategy is Travel Networking.

Listing your company with Travel Networks can benefit you by bringing in more business and, that is what we at Navotar focus on. We have partnered with CRX – a booking engine – which will allow you to advertise your inventory globally with the click of a button while being able to manage all Network Channels within one system.

CRX in turn is integrated with International Network Sites such as KAYAK, Sky Scanner and Cartrawler, therefore, rental agencies will be able to access reservations made from these Travel Network sites which are directed via CRX to their systems.

This service is offered by the Navotar Car Rental Software to customers willing to list their company with a Travel Network site. The benefits that come with utilizing this solution are:

  1. Less marketing cost with higher reservations!

Running your own car rental website is quite expensive and you have to keep track of everything i.e. SEO, handling social media accounts, keeping track of reservations, communicate with clients etc.

However, if you list your company with KAYAK, Sky Scanner, and Cartrawler, these websites will handle the marketing and direct reservations towards your company without much hassle as they are directly linked to the Navotar Car Rental software.

This allows renters to be directed to your agency’s website with ease and your company will be able to receive more reservations for a lower marketing cost.

  1. Using Travel Networks will make sure that your vehicles are 100% utilized!

Just having a website for your car rental company is not enough to maintain and keep your business running! You need to use other modes of marketing and promotion in order to get clients to book your vehicles and that is exactly what Travel Networks do.

Listing your business on these sites can ensure that your vehicles are 100% utilized as they handle everything from marketing to reservations. All reservations made through KAYAK, Sky Scanner, or Cartrawler are then sent through to the Navotar Car Rental Software which will help you manage these reservations methodically and efficiently.

If you are a start-up business, opting for Navotar’s car rental software will greatly help boost your business as it is linked with Travel Network sites online and, make your company more visible as they are proficient in marketing.

  1. Additional Benefits

KAYAK, Sky Scanner and, Cartrawler provide additional benefits for renters and offer a customized service. These sites are highly trusted sources and many people make bookings through them, therefore listing your company with these networks will be highly beneficial in expanding your business.


Navotar, the leading Car Rental Software provider around the globe is now integrated with leading travel websites such as Kayak, Sky Scanner and Cartrawler. All the vehicles which are managed in Navotar Software can be displayed in the travel networks hence you shall get the reservation right to the Car Rental Software itself from the travel websites! It’s less hassle. Contact to give it a try!

Things to consider before renting out a vehicle

Things to consider before renting out a vehicle


When a vehicle is rented out, there are responsibilities that both the renter and the customer have. The signed agreement outlines conditions that hold the appropriate parties accountable for the wide range of issues that can occur while a vehicle is on rent. As a car rental company, there are many factors to consider in order to ensure a smooth rental experience for both you and your customers. Here are 4 things to consider before renting out a vehicle:

  1. Vehicle Safety. In the event that your company is liable for renting out a faulty vehicle, having insurance on your vehicles will ensure that expenses such as vehicle repair and medical will not impact your business operations too heavily. You can also offer insurances like Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) & Personal Effects Coverage (PEC), and encourage your customers to insure themselves.

  2. Check vehicle insurance policy. In the event that your company is liable for renting out a faulty vehicle, having insurance on your vehicles will ensure that expenses such as vehicle repair and medical will not impact your business operations too heavily. You can also offer insurances like Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) & Personal Effects Coverage (PEC), and encourage your customers to insure themselves.

  3. Verify Customer Information. Customers are responsible for returning vehicles in the same condition they received them. In the event that a vehicle comes back damaged, or doesn’t return at all, you want to be able to identify and track the offender without issue. Never neglect the process of verifying customer ID, ensure your systems are stringent enough to detect fraudulent IDs like driver’s licenses and passports. You also want to track the behaviour of returning customers ? do they have a history of late payments?

  4. Customer privacy. Laws have emerged in many countries that hold companies liable for allowing personal customer information to leak. Before you rent out a vehicle, make sure the personal information of its previous renter is completely wiped out. Car infotainment systems tend to store information like smartphone contents and user home addresses even after you think you have deleted all of it, so make sure that you have the appropriate procedures in place.

Navotar, your leading vehicle rental software provider, is the all-in-one solution you need to ensure your operations run smoothly. We have a vehicle maintenance module that’ll send you alerts about upcoming maintenance and recalls, and a module to remind you to renew your insurance. Our mobile app allows you to take and upload pictures of your vehicles before check-out, so you can determine who is liable for any damages at check-in. We’ve also partnered with Acuant to bring a license scanner capable of identifying fraudulent IDs, and Navotar allows you to save customer profiles so you can track customer history. Look no further than Navotar for all your car rental software needs!

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