The Cheapest Car Rental Options in LA

LA is a city of attractions and activity, from Hollywood to Disneyland there’s a lot to do for the leisure tourist or business tourist. Getting around the expansive area of LA requires a vehicle, and renting a car will be your best bet while visiting the City of Angels.

Rentals can be found for a variety of price points, but if you are working around a strict budget cheaper deals can be easy to find. A quick search on Google can give you many options but here are some sites you should look into.


Car Rentals

Find a range of car rental companies from Economy to Hertz and varying prices for compact cars, full-size cars, and more. You can find economy and compact class vehicles for as little as $3 per day and mini-vans for $5 per day. Full-size cars can cost up to $5 per day, with premium and luxury cars exceeding $30 per day.

Visit the site.


This is another budget car rental site, choose from a wide array of vehicles and price points. They offer Economy and Hertz at discounted prices, also find many deals that may allow you to reserve a premium class car for a good price!

You can find a compact or midsize SUV from Economy for $9-$20 per day. Hertz prices can easily exceed $20 per day. Prices depend on the car rental company, for example; Hertz cars are priced higher than Economy.

Visit the site.


Here you can easily find economy, compact and, midsize class cars for $4 per day. A full-size car can cost $7 per day upwards, with luxury cars easily exceeding $30. Economy and Hertz are shown as top car rental companies on almost all the sites included here. Apart from Economy and Hertz, you can find Avis and Enterprise cars for rent, however, they are on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Visit the site.

Note that the prices shown here may not include charges for collisions/damage and other add-ons. Please check the steps on each site carefully before checkout as prices may vary.


These sites offer great deals on some rental vehicle classes, most of the prices depend on the car rental company. The more well-known rental company car prices were on the expensive side of things while car rentals like Economy provided a more affordable price point.

More popular sites like Kayak and Expedia gave higher prices even for budget car rental companies; however, it is worth checking these sites for good deals.

LA is a city that needs to be experienced with a rental car as it will allow you to get to attractions and enjoy them at your own time without having to rely on public transport and ride-sharing apps.

Car rental companies are implementing strict decontamination and cleaning procedures to ensure their clients receive a safe vehicle. Some car rentals are even offering no-contact services for pick-up and drop-off of a rental vehicle by relying on car rental software and apps. Hopefully, with many administering the COVID-19 vaccine the travel experience will revert back to normal.

How much will the Apple Electric Car Cost?

There are many rumors and quite a bit of controversy surrounding the Apple “iCar”, which is now deemed a rival to Tesla. It was reported that Apple has plans of introducing a ‘self-driving personal vehicle’ into the electric car market by 2024. From rumored manufacturing deals with Hyundai and even hiring a team of ex-Tesla engineers this could be Apple’s biggest venture yet.

Apple is a company that focuses on the aesthetics of their products with seamless design and style. Will a company that mostly focuses on design and aesthetics be able to create a smart car worthy of rivaling Tesla engineering? This is a question many are asking, but the biggest question people want the answer to is, how much will the Apple electric car cost?

Smart cars are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum; the current range from Tesla costs between $35,000 – $124,000. However, with the over-the-top pricing, customers get a state-of-the-art product that delivers what it promises. Apple has a major challenge ahead of them, but they too are known for innovation. Apple may win against Tesla in design and other perks like exclusive connectivity to their other smart devices.

It has been estimated that the Apple iCar may cost around $55,000 according to Macworld, which is mid-range of the Tesla car prices. If they price the car at that price point, they will have a competitive edge over Tesla. However, Apple is known to have separate add-ons and extra charges that may make it pricier than other electric car alternatives in the current market.

There are rumors that Apple will revolutionize electric car battery technology, similar to how the iPhone changed mobile phones forever. If this is true, Apple may very much give Tesla a run for its money. What do you think? Will Tesla be dethroned? Will Apple be successful? We will have to wait till 2024 for the answers.


Till then, the Team at Navotar Car Rental Software is excited to see what will come out of the rumoured Electric Car from Apple.

Car Rental Industry Trends 2020

In 2019, the focus was on how technological advancements were going to improve and help the car rental industry grow. Many major companies were looking to A.I. and how it can benefit the rental industry. The global car rental industry was propelled to a bright future but, 2020 had something very different in-store.

Any industry is quite unpredictable, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many industries were heavily affected. The travel industry was hit the hardest and with it, the car rental industry suffered as well. Due to the pandemic, many governments over-the-world imposed travel bans and curfews to limit the spread of disease. The car rental industry experienced a drop in reservations and big names in the industry like, Hertz suffered many losses.

But the car rental industry is resilient and has found ways to adapt to the new normal. Here are some business trends that took off this challenging year.


Demand for fleet management software

Due to social distancing, many people prefer no contact services, due to this there is a demand for online reservations. Due to this car rental companies/businesses resorted to cloud-based fleet management software.

The convenience and efficiency of using fleet-management software not only helps customers, but also the business owners! Real-time reports and monitoring of reservations can greatly help business owners to track the progress of their business and fix any issues fast leading to good customer satisfaction.

Fleet-management software, websites, and apps allowing online bookings are a growing trend and will soon takeover over the counter reservations. In today’s pandemic world this has proven to be highly effective in maintaining steady business the safe way.

Navotar provides great software solutions like Rent Syst which help car rental businesses track their vehicles with GPS and real-time reports. Navotar supports all types of vehicle rentals from scooter rentals to boat rentals and more.


No-contact rental car pick-up and drop-off

Many rental businesses took the safety of their customers’ and employees’ health into consideration and introduced no-contact vehicle pick-up and drop-off options. Car rental companies also followed strict cleaning procedures especially for the interior of their vehicles to do their part in curbing the spread of the virus.

To survive these testing times, adhering to health safety precautions is vital for a business to succeed. This trend may continue in the future, as many reservations are now only made online as well.


Reduced rates, increased affordability

Due to the low demand for rentals especially as airports were being shut down due to travel bans and government-imposed lock-downs many car rental businesses had to reduce their rates. Even though they provided additional sanitation services, rental fees were dropped making rentals very affordable in hopes that it would encourage people to make bookings.

Florida experienced an 18% drop in rates with Canada taking a bigger hit to their rates with a 48% drop, whilst Sweden’s car rental rate reduced down 57%.


Larger fleet sales

Car rental companies have always sold their older vehicles before their value depreciates, however, with the low demand for rentals many businesses have had to sell off a large number of their fleet to stay afloat. Big wigs of the industry, Hertz and Avis have become vulnerable during this time and were found to have sold a major part of their fleets.

Selling part of the fleet was shown to be a great way to bringing in fast revenue as the selling prices were lower than the car plant price tag prompting many people to opt for used rental cars over brand new ones.


The COVID-19 pandemic may have permanently affected the car rental industry, however, it has encouraged business owners to think differently and adapt fast. Global car rental industry trends will always change but it is how resilient businesses have proven to be that will help them succeed in the future as well.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals to Look Out For

Travel is not easy right now with the travel restrictions imposed by governments across the globe. However, if you have to travel because of work or even because you are visiting family for the holidays, don’t miss out on the Black Friday deals!

Many travel sites and rental companies are offering customers great deals for rental vehicles. Why miss out? Keep reading for some of the best Black Friday deals.

1. Rent Cars

Rent Cars is the largest online car rental platform in the Americas, so they are bound to have some great Black Friday deals in store for you. They also offer their services to the rest of the world.

  • Discount offers

Avis and Budget have a 10% off discount for US customers. This offer is valid for bookings made till 31/12/2020. Routes Car Rental offers a 15% discount for the United States, Mexico, Canada, Cyprus, and Romania. These discounts do not apply to insurance coverage, add-ons, taxes, and fees.

Routes Car Rental offers a 15% discount for the United States, Mexico, Canada, Cyprus, and Romania.

  • Free upgrade

Dollar, Alamo, and Thrifty have a similar upgrade offer for US customers. If you book a car from any of the following classes – Economy, Midsize, Compact, and Standard – you are eligible for a free upgrade.

Visit the Rent Cars site ( for more offers.

2. Dollar

Dollar wants to make sure that their customers get the best for great rates, so visit their site to get the latest deals! Dollar has some good offers; the 10% off on weekly rentals and one-way rentals to the South of the US starting at $1 (between November 29th to December 16th).

Groupon has offered some discount codes for the Dollar Black Friday deals:

20% off qualifying vehicles: 100182

One-way rentals South starting at $1: 101613

10% off of base rate for young renters: 101487

Click this link ( to get the offers.

3. Auto Europe

Already offering the best prices around Europe for rentals, Auto Europe ( also has a 40% off Black Friday deal for bookings made before December 2nd. If you are quick enough to make the reservation you will be able to enjoy up to 40% off on your holiday rental!


This site lists out all the best Black Friday deals! Find the Thrifty discount codes here:

Thrifty is offering up to 15% off on rentals.


Many online rental platforms are offering discounts; Skyscanner and Kayak are also worth a look. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many rental companies require customers to adhere to rules and regulations. Before making your reservation make it a point to read through the terms and conditions; and be clear on what health regulations they want you to follow.

With many areas in lockdown or having travel restrictions, travel is slow. However, rental businesses have not stopped serving their customers and have taken all the necessary precautions required to make sure everyone is safe when using their vehicles. If you are planning to go to a place with no travel restrictions, these offers will be helpful.


To be updated on the global travel situation, visit the WHO and CDC websites.


Navotar does not take responsibility for any rental discounts or discount codes provided here; it is the responsibility of the respective companies and sites.

We have great news for all car rental business owners! Navotar has some exciting Black Friday deals for you. If you are a start-up or if you are looking to upgrade your current business, these discounts will help you.

How to obtain discounts? Simply inform the salesperson and they will handle the rest.

Happy shopping!

Car Rental Challenges for 2021

This year is coming to a close and the pandemic is still here, so what does this mean for car rental businesses?

The car rental industry has been impacted negatively by this pandemic. Due to lockdowns and curfews throughout the world, travel is at a minimum. In the US it was estimated that airport arrivals have gone down by 94%, meaning almost no rentals were booked from airports – car rental businesses make two-thirds of their revenue via airport reservations. Some countries have closed their airports preventing any travel in and out of the country.

Heading into a new year with the pandemic still going strong means businesses will have to face a lot of uncertainties, but things will eventually go back to normal. Here’s a look at what challenges are to be expected for the year 2021.

  • Reservations will mostly remain online

Even if travel restrictions are lifted people will still opt for online reservations and prefer making a pick-up involving less human contact. Even if the vaccine is released early and the pandemic does pass, people will be used to contactless services that also extend to car rentals.

If you want your business to keep running, try to implement new strategies that will help boost your image and make your customers feel safe during this uncertain time. Opt for dropping the vehicle off instead of having the customer come to your lot for the pick-up. If that’s impossible continue with contactless pick-ups and transactions.

Use fleet management software and opt for mobile apps and websites to remain relevant and garner more business. This can greatly help start-ups to get a boost, instead of depending on traditional forms of marketing. Navotar offers all the digital solutions needed for a car rental business, from website development to fleet management software. Visit our website for more information.

  • Upgrading the fleet

This may be an issue as the car manufacturing industry has taken a hit, and adding brand new vehicles to your fleet may be a financial risk. However, many car sales businesses have rebounded and the industry is improving, but the numbers are not as good as it was in 2019.

But due to the low demand for brand new vehicles by the public, many people may opt for a rental at least until they can purchase a brand new vehicle. This is a great opportunity for car rental businesses to be more open-minded and market their business towards them.

However, big names like Hertz have been knocked down hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hertz opted to remove the extra fee for young drivers between the ages of 21-24 and also sold many cars in their fleet. Implementing business preserving solutions like this will ensure your business survives the harsh times to persevere in the future.

  • Continuation of strict disinfection protocols

If the pandemic does come to an end by next year, customers may still be skeptical about using rentals. Therefore, it is imperative that car rental companies continue strict disinfection protocols well into next year.

This is a tough time for everyone, and the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has many uncertainties. Making sure that the rentals are clean and safe ensures a healthy and empathetic relationship with your customers. Also, maintaining a clean, infection-free environment also ensures the safety of your staff.

Since public transport is risky due to the risk of spread within closed spaces, renting a car is always a better option. It is the duty of car rental business owners to make sure their customers are comfortable and safe.

  • Unpredictable circumstances

A pandemic is mostly unpredictable, and how long it lasts depends on people – from the rate of spread to inventing a vaccine. As a business owner unpredictability may seem bad, but being prepared for anything is key.

With the current situation, the travel industry as a whole is struggling, and it may take a while till things turn around. However, the rental business has a glimmer of hope to rebound faster with the demand for rentals increasing.

Hopefully this time, next year, things will be back to normal. Till then, start implementing smart marketing strategies and business preserving solutions so your car rental businesses may survive these hard times.