Fleet management software cost

Switching from pen-and-paper logging and management to fleet management software will greatly improve your business, but a big change like this can be quite daunting to any business owner. As much as there is a wide range of software to choose from their services may differ. This is why you must first look into your business and see what your needs are before making any decisions. Therefore a little background research and knowledge will have you well on your way to investing in the best fleet management software for your business.

What are the services your business needs?

There are many fleet management software available and they offer a variety of services –from GPS tracking to online reservation management. Before thinking about how much a software package may cost, you need to learn what services are needed by your business and what services are available on the market.

Most fleet management software offer GPS tracking along with vehicle status, fuel consumption, driver behavior, etc. whilst some others focus on automatic SMS alerts, online reservation plugin, and maintenance log. There is some software which covers all of that, which would probably be a better option but pricier. Knowing what your business needs can help you narrow down on what software suit your needs best, this will make it easier to decide on the price you are willing to spend. Also, compare different price points of different software packages to get a better idea of what fits your preferences best.

Fleet management software packages and pricing

It is important to note that most software companies may charge you per unit and per month basis. So, depending on the number of vehicles on your fleet the price will differ, the more cars in your fleet the handling cost will increase. However, there is a range of packages and payment structures you can opt for.

Some software providers may require you to sign a contract. Some contracts could be for a multiyear package, therefore, you must think carefully about what kind of package would suit you best. Note that some companies have a minimum requirement for the number of vehicles in a fleet, make sure requirements are covered from your end as well. Added to the cost of the software would be the hardware cost. However, this is usually an onetime fee, these hardware are usually GPS trackers, electronic signature pads, license scanners, etc.

Fleet management software options


Samsara is a well-known fleet management company which has an all-inclusive management software. Opting for Samsara means that every aspect of your business will be managed via technology. They offer all the basic services i.e. driver behavior, GPS, and more with their driver-friendly mobile app that handles routing and dispatch of vehicles, theft detection, etc. Their software package also keeps track of IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement), and overall vehicle health.

Samsara is on the higher end of the price range however, it is a great option if you want to go completely paperless. Their prize depends mainly on the size of your fleet, and they are open to discussing a package that will best fit your business. For a fleet of 30 units, their monthly fee may come up to $27-$128 per unit.


If you only want to focus on fleet maintenance and data tracking then Fleetio will be perfect for your business. Their software does not include GPS based services, their main focus is on asset and VIN lookup, driver and vendor management, service log and reminders, and fuel management – all this for $5 per month per unit. Note that Fleetio requires that your fleet consists of a minimum of 15 units.

GPS Trackit

This cloud-based software only focuses on GPS tracking. They provide real-time GPS, asset monitoring, ELD compliance, telematics, and, cloud-based dispatch. You can gain access to this software for $23.95 per month per unit and requires no contract. Their software also includes a driver behavior detection system.

Verizon Connect

Their fleet management software covers all ground, this is a good option for fleets and businesses of any size. Expect to pay between $50 – $250 per month depending on which services you require, add-ons, and the size of your fleet.

It is expensive, however; it can be a great investment as it covers a lot of services such as geofences, alerts, service reminders, payroll, etc.


When considering which software suits you best factors other than cost come into play i.e. user-friendliness, versatility, software company policies, and attitude, etc. Navotar is an innovative and customer-friendly fleet management software company and its Car Rental Software includes every service your car rental business needs.

Their comprehensive cloud-based software manages reservations, check-in and check-out, vehicle maintenance, GPS, driver behavior, and many more features. They also have an online reservation app that customers of rental businesses could easily use to make and manage their reservations on their own.

You can contact them via their website to get a quote, but, before making a decision why not experience it first? Get a free demo from Navotar. We are just one email away, so connect with us at sales@navotar.com

In conclusion, the overall cost of fleet management software depends solely on what your preferences are and the size of your fleet. Most software companies only offer specific services, not all of them may offer fleet management software which manages everything. So, are you ready to invest in fleet management software for your fleet?


Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System for Fleet Managers

What is fleet monitoring?

It is a method used to monitor vehicle status, location, and, driver behavior typically using GPS tracking devices. The dispatched vehicles are tracked in real-time, providing vital information to fleet managers that can help them manage their fleet conveniently and securely.

How does it work?

The GPS tracking device will be equipped on every vehicle, it uses a built-in cellular or satellite connection to transmit data to the fleet manager usually through a secured internet server/ cloud from where the fleet manager can access it from a website. Recorded data is usually transmitted every two minutes, but this can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Fleet managers can retrieve information on;

  • Vehicle health – such as engine status, fuel consumption, sensor alerts, etc.
  • Real-time vehicle location usually displayed on high-resolution maps which can pinpoint where all your vehicles are at any time
  • Driver behavior i.e. hard braking, vehicle speed, rate of acceleration, traffic data, etc.

There are many fleet monitoring devices and software available on the market, what you choose solely depends on what your requirements are – it can vary between different vehicle types, climate, and environment, states etc. Therefore it is important to look at as many options as possible before deciding on the best one for your business.

How can fleet monitoring help your business?

Monitoring your fleet will give you all the information you need to see where your business can be improved upon and to maintain excellent service. You can easily make sure that your business is profitable as you can witness both the present and the past of how your services have been, this is a sure-fire way to improve customer service as you can make sure everyone is happy. Real-time tracking allows you to detect any problems with customer safety and driver behavior.

You can easily manage fuel costs and re-route journeys to benefit both you and your customer. It is shown that there is a major difference in fuel consumption in companies that utilize a smart fleet monitoring system over those who don’t. This allows you to run a profitable and healthy business.


Planning on using a fleet monitoring system for your rental business? Then Navotar has got you covered. The Navotar GPS integration system allows you to manage your fleet from the palm of your hand. With real-time tracking of vehicle location, driver behavior, remote power off, mileage tracking, and other features you will always be one step ahead. You can easily access the monitoring system as Navotar’s GPS system is integrated into the Navotar Car Rental Software.

Visibility is important for any business, so why limit yourself when you can use a fleet monitoring system to help you keep track of your fleet? Get your free demo from Navotar today and experience innovative and convenient rental fleet management.


Android-based vehicle diagnostic and tracking systems


With GPS being widely available on smartphones, the tech industry has made advancements in real-time android-based vehicle diagnostics. Tracking the status of a vehicle is just as important as tracking its location and this can be vital for fleet owners. Using these kind of tracking systems can help greatly in maintaining your fleet and running a healthy profitable business.
The versatility of using these new devices is that the data will be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi. This is done by attaching the sensor device to the OBD II port (on-board diagnostic port) of the vehicle, this captures the vehicle’s data and sends it to your android/iOS phone. The device is capable of capturing data on vehicle status i.e. check-engine light, fuel consumption, collision detection, it may also be able to alert emergency services.
GPS is very useful but it can only detect vehicle location and speed, these other sensors can detect other data and transmit it to your handheld android device via the GPS or send it to a cloud that can be accessed via a gateway from anywhere. Using these android-based diagnostic and tracking systems will help reduce the number of accidents and breakdown of vehicles due to poor maintenance. With regular updates sent straight to your smartphone, you won’t miss anything.
There are many connected car devices on the market, all offering different features. It is important to choose something that best fits your fleet or personal vehicle. This depends on what your preferences are, how you manage the fleet, or what your driving pattern and usual destinations are. These devices all come with specifically designed apps and additional equipment/ features, within a varied price range.
Wireless tracking and diagnostic systems are a crucial need in the auto industry today and are changing the way we view road safety and vehicle maintenance.

7 Tips for saving money on car rentals


Using a rental car when traveling is always a better option than resorting to public transport. You can travel leisurely, stop whenever you want, and get to your destination more conveniently. That been said it is important to know that rentals can be quite pricey. Navotar is here to tell you that there are ways to get around that.

Here are 7 car rental hacks you need to know of!

  1. Compare car rental prices

Comparing rental companies will help you get an idea of different price points and offers available. Doing this early on will help you decide on which rental car company suits your needs best.

The best way to do this is to go on to sites like Kayak and Skyscanner, they can list out all rental services available for your destination. These sites will offer you a list of rental companies for any price point, and also offer seasonal discounts.

  1. GPS

Many car rental companies will try to sell you their GPS facility and in the spur of the moment, you might just say yes. This means that you will be paying an extra fee for the service, buying your own GPS can help save money. Better yet, use the GPS app on your smartphone.

  1. What is included in the rental fee?

Before finalizing the reservation, look at the components of the rental fees. Things like tax and hidden charges can add up fast leading to a higher total amount than you expected. Familiarize yourself with the rental agreement and company policies before making the payment.

Most companies have a charge for filling up the tank once you return it as they would assume you would drop off the rental with an empty tank. You can save a lot by opting to fill up the tank before returning the car.

  1. Do you need rental insurance?

Another additional service a rental agency may offer is their car rental insurance. It is easy to agree to add the charge to your final bill because safety first right? But, why spend extra money on something you may already have?

Chances are your own car insurance may cover for damages to a rental, your credit card may also offer this additional feature. Be sure to check with your insurance and credit card providers on this before making a reservation.

  1. The pick-up and drop-off

Rental companies may have many facilities in one area for the convenience of customers as they can pick-up and drop-off the rental easily, but for an extra charge.

If you return the rental at a drop off location different to the pick-up location the rental company may charge you extra and this charge can be quite high. Avoid this by returning the rental to the original location if possible, you can save up on some cash.

  1. Avoid airport rentals

As convenient as it is to pick up a rental at the airport you have to pay a considerable amount for money for this luxury. Most rental agencies available at the airport are of very reputed international companies, so they are sure to be on the expensive side.

If you want to save money the best way is to make an early reservation from a local car rental company, they may be cheaper but that does not mean their service is poor.

  1. Discounts and offers

Keep track of seasonal discounts and offers provided by your bank or credit card provider. Car rental agencies may also offer discounts, especially around Christmas and New Year. Also, check for loyalty rewards, if you have been using the services of one car rental company frequently they may have a loyalty rewards system which may offer discounts.

  1. Look for damages

Everyone is in a rush to drive off in their rental, however, if the car has any pre-existing damages you may be charged for it. So, it is important to take the time to look at the car carefully and record any damages you see by snapping a photo. Since photos taken on smartphones come with a date stamp you can use it as valid proof.

These tips will surely help you reserve a rental car the smart way! Are you ready to make that reservation?
Drive safe from Navotar.

Can the auto industry recover from the covid-19 pandemic



The Coronavirus outbreak has affected the world socially, politically, and economically. This has lead to many industries taking a fall within the first few months of this year, from retail to finance industries, everything has been put on hold. But what is the impact on the auto industry?

It was shown that auto sales in China fell by 80% in March, where the COVID-19 pandemic originated from. The U.S. was also affected by factory shut-downs as well as temporary or indefinite halting of rental and taxi services as they mainly depend on airport reservations/ pickups which have reduced due to certain countries shutting down their airports.

However, there is a certain way in which the auto industry is still active i.e. customers opting for rentals over public transport. Therefore there is a demand for rentals in certain parts of the world which means that one part of the auto industry can still survive. However, car manufacturers will be largely affected as there will now be a large flow of rental cars entering the used car market which means most people will opt for them over brand new cars.

Car manufacturers may still have hope if they use good marketing tactics to encourage customers to purchase their vehicles. Automakers in the U.S., such as Ford and Chrysler have introduced such incentives by reducing the purchase rate for new cars and offering 0% finance rates to customers during this time.

Many rental companies are even taking initiative to assure customers’ health safety like the German company Starcar which promises clients that the rental is disinfected after each ride. Other companies like Europcar are opting to promote their home delivery services (the rental is delivered to the customer’s home and collected after the renting period). Therefore, many solutions exist in which rental companies can contribute and still bring in revenue during a time like this.

As of April, it has been shown that auto retail sales in the U.S. are starting to recover since their decline in March. This may only keep improving but at a slow rate as in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, it will take a while for people to go back to their normal lives. Health and safety would still be a priority therefore auto manufacturers and car rental businesses will have to keep operating with caution.