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5 Important features to look for in a Car rental software

5 Important features to look for in a Car rental software

When it comes to selecting your partner, choose more than Google as your filter…
Car rental is playing a dominant part in many industries such as tourism. Bustling work schedules can obstruct efficient client management. The cutthroat rivalry is becoming tough to survive these days, with either global giants or newer game changers entering the market. Keeping up to the change in patterns and expectations of the customers is crucial to sustain.
We have covered 5 common challenges you may encounter, which we think are crucial, and pre-requisites of systemized management to ensure your brand stands concrete by means of service.

1.Fleet Management

Managing your inventory as your business grows can become a cumbersome nightmare that consumes time, impacting your profitability and productivity. As lucrative as the business could get, it becomes sly and tricky to manage in the meantime.

Our robust cloud-based platform allows to easily access information at your own convenience, through the web module or mobile based app. Our relentless server management and inbuilt GPS tracking services are designed exclusively to help overcome risk factors such as theft, misappropriation or even mishandling while under the care of another. In addition, our automated reminder system removes the manual scheduling of vehicle maintenance.

2. Booking Management

Customers are becoming tech- savvy and the trend of over the counter bookings are diminishing at a pace, sometimes because of restricted working hours and accessibility. Studies indicate that being present during online searches, which happens pre-dominantly during non-working hours, is a deciding factor by means of trust building and generating bookings.

Wave goodbye to your counter workload with the Navotar online reservation module plugin, overcoming the limitations of the business operation hours.

The Daily planner feature eliminates duplicated and overlapped bookings, as this is a constant trouble in manual handling.

We have also enabled live integration with world class booking engines like Sky Scanner and Kayak to allow smooth synchronization of bookings.

3. Finance Management

Circumventing instances which hold behind decision making of key stakeholders can be critical to your business.

Breaking up the silos of technological restraints and automating the system to cater to share real data and information is a key feature embedded in the Navotar car rental software. No matter what the work week looks like, you can leverage out of the key reports such as Daily Summary, Monthly financials, profit and loss and ageing report which determines the overdues on payment collection. We also customize all kinds of payment gateway integrations based on customer requirement.

4. Damage Control

Anticipating every degree of possible damage is significant in this type of business as there may be multiple unforeseen circumstances when under the supervision of another. These damages not only are costly, but also have adverse impacts on bottom line profits. Customers could vary in driving and usage capabilities, wear and tear tracking could become a tedious task, sometimes result in conflicts and ravaging customer relationships.

Maintain accurate damage documenting on the changes of vehicles during the rental process. You shall take picture or record a video of the cars while doing the checkout and check-in. By this we can ensure consistency, conformity, reliability and fair practices.

5. User Interface and User friendliness

Features of even the best designed software can be lost if the navigation is complicated for the user. The site should be crisp and clear with engaging content, easy storytelling, relevant descriptions and call to actions to alleviate any misunderstandings.
At Navotar, we have carefully crafted the usability making it effortless with concise taglines, succinct use of content and strategic visualization. Our content is device responsive to look great on all platforms. We have been recognized with accolades for great user experience by and Software suggest.
Though this industry is profitable, it has an equal share of challenges that need to be tackled by implementation of strategies and time management to run it in a better way to deal with competition. By choosing Navotar Car rental system you are keeping up the pace of digital shift and the growing stride today’s world. Contact us for a free demo before you decide, we assure you will not be disappointed. Our sales team is available just an email away

Why GPS Tracking Is Important For Car Rental Companies ?

Why GPS Tracking Is Important For Car Rental Companies ?

As a car rental company, you spend your day renting out vehicles to various clientele. Do you ever wonder where your clients take your vehicles? Do you have rules and regulations clients need to follow in terms of where they can drive your vehicle? With vehicle theft becoming so common, are you ever worried that someone may steal your vehicles? Then we recommend that you look for a GPS tracking solution.

A GPS tracking solution is software that allows you to see where your vehicles are in real time and help you ensure that your vehicles are being treated properly by clients. Navotar’s Car Rental Software offers GPS vehicle tracking, simply purchase one of our GPS trackers. Take the GPS tracker, and connect it to any car via the OBD connector found in any vehicle. And that’s all! By doing this, you will be able to see your vehicle’s position, where it has been, and where it is going by accessing the GPS section in the Navotar Car Rental Software.

It is important that every car rental company looks into GPS trackers. They allow you to set Geo-fencing which limits where your vehicles can travel. They also keep history available so if anything happens, you will know exactly where the car was at exactly what time, helping you to keep your vehicles and business safe. This feature is all about safety. With technology becoming more advanced and thieves and robbers becoming more advanced, GPS trackers can help you keep your business and your vehicles in check.

Navotar’s GPS tracking solution is special because it is integrated into Navotar’s Car Rental Software. Usually you’d have to go with another service separate from your car rental software for a GPS tracking solution. With Navotar, everything can be done in one place.

Contact Navotar today to experience the magic of our GPS tracking solution.

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