Car rental website design ideas

We discussed how to create a website for your car rental business, but the design aspect is just as important as the functionality of the website. Here you will find what design elements should be incorporated to make your website eye-catching and easily accessible to customers.

Your website should be able to easily present the activity on the website, things like button placement, links, menus are extremely important in making sure your business runs smoothly. In today’s world digital is the way forward for any business, so let’s see what design ideas you can include for your car rental business.

Structural layout

It is important to understand visual hierarchy when planning out your website. How many websites out there have multiple buttons and drop-down menus cluttered all over, you don’t want your website to look like that.

It is all about position, sizes, visuals, and contrast. You want the visitor’s eye to go to the right place and that is done by placing important features on the top of the page for example and placing eye-catching visual content along with text and other elements surrounded by whitespace instead of being clustered together.

If done correctly it will guide a visitor’s eye through a series of messages and finally to the call of action.

Length of the page allows better engagement

Think about how tall you want your first page to be, have as much information on there as possible (without clutter) as that means your potential customer doesn’t have to keep clicking elsewhere to get to what they want. This will help increase engagement and keep the visitor’s attention where you want it to be.

Minimal is the way to go

As shown by research findings, minimal designs with more white spacing were perceived as beautiful by website visitors. Keep things simple and use elements like color, button placement, and headings simple and classic.

You want your potential customers to easily find your services, and engage with the website as quickly as possible instead of wasting time looking for the right menu and reading through a lot of jargon before being able to place a reservation.

Stick to the standard layout

More often than not, people assume that doing something entirely different would bring in more visitors and increase engagement on their website, however that is not the case. Simple and standard always work best.

Follow the standardized layout structures, for example, the logo should be placed in the top left corner, main navigation within the header, call to action at the top, social media icons in the footer, etc. This is because visitors to your website instinctively know where to look, as almost all websites on the web follow this layout.

Evidence and proof

An important tool for car rental businesses is to include customer feedback, and other companies you may have collaborated with, such as credit card companies for example. This shows potential customers that your business is reliable.

Add as much social proof as possible, but don’t create a separate testimonials page. It is better to add these on your service pages, carefully place them where it will easily catch the customer’s eye.


2020 web design trends

Designing a car rental website may be tricky, however, the following trends may help boost your business.

  1. Micro-interactions

These allow the user to have a surprising human interaction with your site and services. Things like a little beep when a page refreshes, a notification ping, hover and scrolling animations, etc. Incorporating some of these to your website will help make it look and feel smarter to the user, as well as allow them to be involved in your site.

  1. Solid frames

Minimalism is a rising trend in design, and having a solid white frame around certain elements will help them stand out to users.

  1. 3D elements

Adding 3D elements to your site will make it look more immersive and interactive to the user. And this would work well with car rental websites.

  1. Dark mode

This is probably an era-defining design aspect, and is on the rise, with Instagram and Twitter also allowing users to use dark mode as a visual option.

  1. Minimalistic navigation

Drop-down menus and website buttons are soon becoming very minimal and this is the way to go if you want to be on-trend.

The overall trends are shifting towards futuristic design styles, with 3D becoming a major trend in design as well incorporating AR Technology into apps and websites, your options for creating a unique yet functional, user-friendly website are endless.

Just keep things simple but innovative, whilst also remembering to make it convenient for your future customers. Will you be incorporating any of these ideas for your website?

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How to get free coupons this holiday season



The holiday season is closing in and everyone is planning to visit family or even go on vacation. If you don’t own a car the next best option is a rental and the best part about renting over the holidays are the offers!
If you are wondering how to get access to discounts and coupon offers, keep reading because Navotar has got you covered!

1. Hunt for offers

Keep track of holiday season discounts and coupons. Activate notifications from car rental apps or check their websites for offers. Most rental apps may also use discount codes, so be sure to use those as well. If you are a frequent user you will be eligible to receive exclusive discounts on rides – the more you book the more you save!

2. Loyalty rewards programs

Joining a car rental company’s loyalty program comes with a lot of perks! You will be able to enjoy extra privileges, and if you are a frequent customer it is fully worth taking a few minutes to sign up.
Most car rental companies will record your preferences and then customize offers and privileges for you! You will be notified of the availability of cars an hour or two prior, they also offer reward points that are redeemable for a free ride or discount on a certain car model, and you will also be able to easily upgrade from one car model to a better one.
Fun fact: many loyalty programs allow you to carry over your status from one to the other. So if you have reached the highest status in one, you can easily transfer that status to a different program.

3. Price aggregators

The best way to check for deals is on sites like Kayak and Skyscanner that will show you prices of different rental companies – be it for luxury cars or good handy SUVs. These sites allow you to compare offers and see which ones are best suited for your preferences.
These sites may also offer discounts for the holiday season, so be sure to keep a lookout for those.

4. Credit-card deals

Look out for offers from your credit card. Certain credit-cards will have deals with rental companies and offer discounts for customers during the holiday season.

5. Pre-pay offers

Pre-paying is anyway a cost-effective way to book a rental, however, during holiday seasons companies may have pre-paid offers – so keep an eye out for those!

6. Early bookings

If you are planning to visit family over the holidays, it will be best to do an early booking as rental companies offer discounts. This is a great way to save up on some money and also be prepared!

Hopefully, these tips help you save up more for holiday treats! Will you be booking a rental this coming season?
Navotar wishes you a happy holiday and a safe ride!

Creating a website for your car rental business

Since the car rental industry is on a roll, investing on a good website would be a great business solution. All businesses are rapidly digitizing, and competition is increasing, having your website can help your company stand out from the rest and bring in more customers your way.

There are a set of criteria you will need to consider before creating your website as you must make sure it is engaging and easy to use for your future customers. The website can be used by customers to make reservations and also present media content – such as blogs.

This article will show you all the features you need to create a website for your car rental business.

  1. Reservations plugin

Having a reservations plugin on your website will help customers make direct bookings online. Make sure the design is user-friendly and efficient so that customers can make a quick booking with less hassle.

  1. Fleet management

This will feature the number of cars available in your fleet along with information on their make, model, car details, maintenance, inspection dates, insurance expiration date, damages, etc.

  1. Availability of vehicles

You will have to update the ‘Availability Status’ feature on every vehicle in your fleet. This will help you manage the fleet with ease as you will know which ones are under repair, available or currently-rented.

  1. Managing Orders

You will need a feature that will manage all the reservations made through the site as well as via calls and front desk – these can be added by the operators manually into the system.

  1. Managing Finances

From online transactions, re-funds, it is important to manage them from one place. There are many business models available for car rentals; you can collaborate with hotels, and other businesses while managing your finances within your system.

  1. E-billing and invoices

Via your website, you can manage all your bills and invoices as everything is digitized and backed up on the system. No more messy paperwork and missing invoices.

  1. Fines management

When running a car rental business, mishandling of vehicles is something you will have to face, and managing that can be quite difficult. You have to cater to the customer but also communicate to then=m that they have caused certain damages to your vehicle and therefore must pay a fine.

Having an automated system to handle all that will allow you to run your business with ease!

  1. SEO

SEO is a very important marketing tool that will help with your business and make it stand out from the rest. Therefore when creating your website, you must prioritize SEO.

  1. Mobile friendly

When designing your website make sure the interface looks good on any platform – smartphone, laptops, etc. The idea is to have a website that is engaging and easily accessible to anyone.

  1. Social media and apps

Last but not least, it is important to link your website to all your social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It would also be a smart move to create an app to go with your website as it makes your business more accessible and easier to use for customers.


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Now that you know what you need to build your website, go ahead and create the perfect website for your business! Good luck from all of us at Navotar!

Top digital marketing tips for any car rental business


With the car rental industry reaching new heights, more and more rental business owners should look for new marketing strategies to boost their business. What with social media being a major platform for any business, as well as other offline marketing solutions – the options are countless.
Keep reading for marketing tips that will help improve your business and bring in the masses.

1. Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to market your business as you can reach a larger audience. Having a social media presence will also show that your company is staying relevant to the shift and turns of the digital world.
Using social media apps and sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will allow you to be closer to your clients and ensure a more personalized service. Using social media to host campaigns and post ads can greatly help in promoting your business to potential customers.

2. Blogging

Utilizing the free resources available on the internet is a sure-fire way to get a lot of people to reach your business. Using blogging platforms like Medium or WordPress can allow people to know what your company has to offer as you can easily write about any new additions to your services, introduce a new car brand to your fleet and many more!
Blogs have an upper hand over social media like Twitter and Instagram because you can include more information instead of just sticking to a caption with few lines. Blogs are more informative and can be written in a casual engaging manner which allows anyone to read and understand what you have to say.

3. Sponsored content and collaborations

You can collaborate with other businesses or even content creators to promote your service. This is a great way to advertise your company to people, as you will be targeting the content creators’ viewership.
By sponsoring their content, they will promote your business and explain to their audience why they should choose your company. You can do many things, like offer to give a creator a free rental for the day to run their errands, and in turn, they can create a video about the quality of your service.

4. Competitions

This is a great way of creating a positive buzz that will make people engage with your business and gain a chance to experience your services in a fun way! You can set up simple tasks like follow and repost, or something more creative like coming up with a tagline for a new service. The winner can get a voucher for a free rental they can use for a couple of days.
You can even host these competitions with a collaborator such as content creators or other businesses!

5. SEO

Search engine optimization is an extremely important tool to use to make sure your company’s visibility is high when potential customers search Google for certain car rental services. You must hire a good digital marketing team to make sure your business pops up first on search engines.

Navotar provides great digital marketing solutions; we can assure you that your business can get a higher ranking in search engines which can boost your bookings by 70%. Visit our website for more information:

So, will you utilize these digital marketing tips for your business?

Benefits of listing your rental fleet in Travel Networks such as Kayak, Sky Scanner & CarTrawler

Benefits of listing your rental fleet in Travel Networks such as Kayak, Sky Scanner & CarTrawler

Car rental businesses are a part of the fast growing travel industry, it has been estimated that the global car rental market is expected to reach approximately USD 124.56 billion by the year 2022. However, car rental companies cannot only rely on global economic growth for successful revenue, many other strategies come into play, and one such strategy is Travel Networking.

Listing your company with Travel Networks can benefit you by bringing in more business and, that is what we at Navotar focus on. We have partnered with CRX – a booking engine – which will allow you to advertise your inventory globally with the click of a button while being able to manage all Network Channels within one system.

CRX in turn is integrated with International Network Sites such as KAYAK, Sky Scanner and Cartrawler, therefore, rental agencies will be able to access reservations made from these Travel Network sites which are directed via CRX to their systems.

This service is offered by the Navotar Car Rental Software to customers willing to list their company with a Travel Network site. The benefits that come with utilizing this solution are:

  1. Less marketing cost with higher reservations!

Running your own car rental website is quite expensive and you have to keep track of everything i.e. SEO, handling social media accounts, keeping track of reservations, communicate with clients etc.

However, if you list your company with KAYAK, Sky Scanner, and Cartrawler, these websites will handle the marketing and direct reservations towards your company without much hassle as they are directly linked to the Navotar Car Rental software.

This allows renters to be directed to your agency’s website with ease and your company will be able to receive more reservations for a lower marketing cost.

  1. Using Travel Networks will make sure that your vehicles are 100% utilized!

Just having a website for your car rental company is not enough to maintain and keep your business running! You need to use other modes of marketing and promotion in order to get clients to book your vehicles and that is exactly what Travel Networks do.

Listing your business on these sites can ensure that your vehicles are 100% utilized as they handle everything from marketing to reservations. All reservations made through KAYAK, Sky Scanner, or Cartrawler are then sent through to the Navotar Car Rental Software which will help you manage these reservations methodically and efficiently.

If you are a start-up business, opting for Navotar’s car rental software will greatly help boost your business as it is linked with Travel Network sites online and, make your company more visible as they are proficient in marketing.

  1. Additional Benefits

KAYAK, Sky Scanner and, Cartrawler provide additional benefits for renters and offer a customized service. These sites are highly trusted sources and many people make bookings through them, therefore listing your company with these networks will be highly beneficial in expanding your business.


Navotar, the leading Car Rental Software provider around the globe is now integrated with leading travel websites such as Kayak, Sky Scanner and Cartrawler. All the vehicles which are managed in Navotar Software can be displayed in the travel networks hence you shall get the reservation right to the Car Rental Software itself from the travel websites! It’s less hassle. Contact to give it a try!