Let’s talk more about Contactless Car Rentals

Innovation in business was a matter of convenience, in most cases. However, as of late, especially after the pandemic and subsequent ‘new normal’, our eyes are wide open for innovation of safe business infrastructure and operations. We are now digitizing our business operation components as much as possible. It has now become a prerequisite to be agile to these new trends. Navotar has always believed in innovating for safety and sustainability. That has been a key insight in all our disruptions to the traditional transactions. We are currently offering all our clients some of the most high-end contactless car rental features in the world.

In fact, it was one of the very reasons why Navotar was born; to provide smart solutions to the transportation sector, minimizing waste and increasing productivity. To this end, we ensure that our business provides realistic and timely solutions and that we do – consistently.


E – Signature

This enables our clients to capture the signature of renters on an agreement without having to print the agreement out and manually sign it. Here, we made it more conducive to both the loaner fleet management service and the client to get about with their ride with minimum paperwork.

In the same way, we aim to minimize the use of paper thus helping our clients to be an active part of reducing the carbon footprint.


Damage Inspection

This is often a worrisome experience in the rental car business. Negotiations on the severity of the damage, place and history of the damage are often subjected to dispute and debate. It requires additional time, effort and resources to maintain these details and retrieve them promptly when required. The damage inspection feature we propose lets the client note down the vehicle damages during checkout and check-in via our web platform.

We know what you are thinking – ‘ Can life get any better?’ It certainly can. The management portal consists of a blueprint of a car where you can select, mark a spot and define the type of damage in the system. And here it gets better. The mobile app provides you with the option to take images and videos of the vehicle and upload them to the system.


Consumer Portal

When the world is moving with the Internet of Things (IoT), a customer would definitely want their rental to be operating very well on the internet. We understand, a phone call would solve a lot of things in a more humane way, ‘time’ at present is a costly affair. Therefore, we suggest the rental company integrate the portal on their website. In this Consumer Portal, a customer is given the opportunity to create a profile and manage all their transportation requirements on the same.

Moreover, the Consumer Portal allows the customer to access a host of other possibilities – to make reservations, check availability of their reservation, the history of their travel and many more via their profile.


Consumer Mobile App

We provide an even more convenient option for our partners; the ever so versatile and safe Consumer Mobile App. This multifaceted application is most certainly a pragmatic solution for both the rental business and the customer. Through this application, the customer gains the opportunity to manage their rental requirements. The customers can make reservations, record and upload damage inspection information, track the ride and many more other unique features.

The application is available both on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


For more information on Navotar’s contactless car rental services, you can reach out to your account manager, or contact our sales team by filling the form.

How to adapt your loaner car business to maximise profits

Think of the loaner car business as the sea. Those who learn to swim with the currents will succeed, and those caught in the currents will fail. The currents in the loaner car business are mainly price and demand fluctuations. Being able to adapt your loaner car business how to use these fluctuations to your advantage by capitalizing on the opportunities, it creates while other businesses flounder is how you can dominate the market.

Data is your friend

Generate a utilization report, analyse how much of your fleet you are using, cross-reference it with demand per week/month, etc. This helps you see what models are working well. This also helps you make informed choices when purchasing new vehicles for your fleet. Navotar’s vehicle utilization report outlines offer the users a lot of data such as the state of each vehicle and the revenue generated from it, along with a filter option where the information can be pulled according to the user’s conditions. Navotar is the only software that offers a daily planner where each vehicle’s daily bookings and contracts can be monitored.

Identify potential gold mines using your data.

Now that you have all the data on each vehicle and know how much each vehicle brings in, it’s time to hone this data. Does it seem like you can’t have enough of a certain model all year round? Order a few more of them. Are some vehicles only rented out during specific months but make much more profit than some other vehicles do in a year? Maybe you should invest in a few more of those – do a cost/benefit analysis to decide. Now that you have all the utilization data, it’s time to maximise the insight it provides. The best fish observe the ocean and ride the currents.

Keep an eye on competitors.

Now that you’ve plugged every profit losing hole in your operation, it’s time to branch out and fill the holes your rivals create. If they are not offering certain vital services, you should definitely offer them and even expand these services. Offering what your competitors don’t, you can win and retain clients. Now that you have new loyal clients be sure to sweeten the deal with competitive prices that really make them happy. Combine great customer service with unbeatable deals and features, and you will be unstoppable.

Profiting from every situation is easy if you have the right data and you use it correctly. Knowing exactly what you are doing helps you figure out how to do it better. You can also compare how you are doing as opposed to your competitors and ensure that you offer better services than they do. Observe the ocean and its currents and adjust your stroke according to the currents. That is how you can become the biggest fish in the sea.

Why wait? Book a free consultation with rental operations management experts at Navotar now and learn how you can adapt your loaner car business to maximise profits!

How to unleash the hidden sales value of loaner car rentals

It’s easy to imagine going to your car dealership to get your car repaired and then falling in love with the loaner car you get. But how can we create that love story for our customers? Actually, it’s not as hard as you might think. Picture your client’s car, but new and improved. That’s the loaner car you should give them. Or you could recommend a few options as long as you keep that vital idea in mind. Apart from that, here are a few tips to unleash the hidden sales value of loaner car rentals.


Keep it within the family

When a client comes to you for repairs, be sure to offer them a loaner car because they will find it more convenient to be able to drive in and out easily without arranging alternate transport, plus you can market your latest cars to them. Every time a client rents a car from outside, you are losing out on an important opportunity. Ensure that this does not happen.


Make subtle suggestions

Casually mention the best features of the loaner car and ensure that your client knows the price of the new model without having to ask, but don’t tell them directly. Be sure to hang some nice, clean signs of any offers you might have at the loaner car department and on the website. In short, be sure to highlight the best features of the new model, the price points and any other attractive features, but don’t directly bring it up.


A seamless loaner car experience

Think of this as your client’s first date with the new model they will be trying out. No one likes a first date where they are kept waiting and the food is awful. Similarly, the chances of your client falling in love with the new model they have loaned will reduce if they are kept waiting, aren’t given the correct information efficiently or if they’re left confused by the rental process. This is why it is vital to offer the fastest and smoothest loaner car experience possible.


Want to learn how to unleash the hidden sales value of loaner car rentals so you can impress the clients? Why not book a free consultation with rental operations management experts at Navotar by submitting the form? 

Secrets to expand dealership loaner car rentals into a standalone business

The best way to maximise profit in your car dealership is by ensuring that every aspect of your business generates revenue on its own. The easiest place to start is your loaner car department. A dealership loaner car business is nothing without a great fleet, and so fleet management is the cornerstone to your success. This means that in order to be successful, you must have a great fleet management system.

Think of your system as a live map of your dealership – you can use it to find out everything you need to know at a glance. This is especially useful for you to keep a close watch on your expenses and revenues in order to identify profit potential and devise feasible business plans.

Here are a few key elements you should consider when creating a fleet management system

Maintenance Module

Keeping track of the maintenance needs of your vehicles isn’t just going to keep your customers happy, it will also help you avoid potential lawsuits. Apart from completing the routine servicing and repairing wear and tear, loaner car businesses also need to stay up to date regarding any maintenance updates released by the manufacturer in order to prevent unwanted trouble. Having a maintenance module that has been programmed to do all of this for you is the most efficient and accurate way to ensure that all of this happens.

Real-time Inventory Management

If you think customers find double-booked aeroplane seats frustrating, you would not like to see how they feel when the car they painstakingly chose was double-booked, or when your agent fails to find the details they request. Avoid all of these issues with real-time inventory management. You can also keep track of which cars might need repairs and touch-ups and ensure that they are done in a timely manner to avoid losing revenue.

Expense Tracking

The best business decisions are made by those who consider statistics and so you need to track your expenses, and in particular, you need to record the profit made by each vehicle in order to update your business plan. This will help you maximise profits and avoid revenue loss. You should also use this data to compare other factors such as vehicle utilization vs daily dollar average (DDA) etc.

Real-time GPS Tracking

With real-time GPS you can know exactly where your cars are at all times. This means that you don’t have any gaps in your map – you can keep track of all the moving parts of your dealership much easier by literally tracking down the most important part of your dealership – your fleet. This also means that you can assist customers faster, thus increasing the chances that they will return.

Store Walk Damage Management

In order to avoid disputes with customers, be sure to record the condition of your loaner vehicles before they are given out and record the condition of the vehicles upon their return so that you have proof of the damage that took place when the vehicle was loaned.

Fleet management is simply about finding efficient ways to track everything about your dealership. A well-managed fleet is one where you can find any piece of information about the fleet in 30 seconds or less. This is why it is important to fine-tune your management system and make sure that everything works as smoothly as possible.

Need help managing your dealership loaner car fleet? reach out to us on Twitter @navotar or email us at sales@navotar.com and we’ll be happy to help!

Let’s Find the Best Name for Your Car Rental Business

Are you looking to brand a car rental business? It can be hard to come up with a name for your car rental business. You will have to stress out about whether it will or will not catch on. You cannot be sure beforehand how the public will react to it. If you do not choose the perfect name at the beginning, it can be a hassle to change it afterward. The business world can be stressful. This article aims at reducing the stress you will feel when trying to name your car rental business. We will strive to answer some related questions and, in doing so, we will conclude on some sample names.


What will your business seek to accomplish?

This is a question that you will probably have asked yourself at the very outset of your business. When seeking to name your business, we suggest that you ask it of yourself once again. Every business ideally has something to set itself apart; something that will go in every advertisement that it unveils. What aspect of your business will you be trying to highlight in all your advertisements? Every business ideally aims at solving a social problem. What social problem will your business be trying to address?

When thinking in these lines, you will come across things that you did not realize will help name your car rental business. We suggest that you first think of isolated words; words that best describe your business in your view. Let us think of different words that bring out different aspects of potential car rental businesses. We shall give the aspect of the business and then words that elaborate it below. This list will include verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives.

Vehicle: Auto | Motor | [Any type of vehicle] | Wheels

Speed: Hot | Fast | Swift | Rapid | Nimble | Turbo | Sporty | Quick

Security: Certificate | Sure | System | Safe | Sound | Secure

Affordability: Budget | Easy | Discount |

Cleanliness (Do not think this does not matter in a car rental business): Spick | Fresh | Neat | Pristine

Amazing: Awesome | Great | Super

Useful: Handy | Functional | Nifty | Skillful

Transport: Cargo | Passengers | Commuter | Rider

Travel: Commute | Ride | Roll | Go | Journey | Tracks | Trek


How should you put words together?

When making phrases out of the above words, you must remember to explore all avenues. This means that you must look for all possible synonyms and alternate meanings of the word. This is in case a word has an unnecessary, irrelevant, or joke-worthy meaning. Do not take our word or anyone else’s word for it. This means a thorough online and printed thesaurus and dictionary search. Make phrases of your choice that make sense. You cannot just put two or more of the above words together and call it a day.

For example, if you choose to put together “Rapid” and “Nimble” it will not make sense. It will also be repetitive, which is a big no-no. On the other hand, a phrase like “Budget Turbo” will make sense. It will imply that your car rental business is going to be exceptional in affordability and speedy vehicles. There you have two timely social problems solved and your customer will see it immediately in the brand name.

Extras: Super Commutes, Pristine Rider, Sure Trek, GoSafe Wagons


Will people remember the brand?

If your car rental business solves a timely problem, people will indeed remember it. When considering branding, you could also make people remember by making them visualize something. Call your car rental business “Sporty Wheels” or “Sporty Rides” and people will be able to ideally visualize sports vehicles. This will be ideal if the objective of your business is to rent out sporty vehicles.

Another trick is to use the name of the place where the car rental business is centered in. For example, “Pettah Riders” or “Rochester Rides”. This will tell your potential customer where you are based and will serve to satisfy quick google searches that might say something like “Car rental businesses around Pettah or Rochester”.

Extras: Passenger Roll Rentals, Chelsea Journeys, Phoenix Goers


Do language hacks work?

They do. There are some language-play hacks that you could also use to make people remember. One is alliteration. “Wheely Wagons” has two words starting with the letter “W”. If someone forgets a word and only remembers the first letter, this trick will make it easier to remember the brand. Why do we remember “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” although it is quite a mouthful? Exactly.

Extras: Casablanca Cars, Kansas Commuter, Rental Pickers


Another remembering hack is rhymes. If you put together two words that rhyme, people will again only have to remember the first word. What do we think of when someone randomly says “hickory!” Exactly. We immediately think “Dickory!” This is because the nursery rhyme is so ingrained in our minds because of its rhyme pattern. Therefore, if you choose a name that rhymes with your car rental business, people will tend to remember it. “Legit Budget Car Rental” could be a brand name for a car rental business that focuses on the affordability of rented vehicles.

Extras: Easy Wheely Rents, Handy Jeeps, Super Wheeled Rentals


Another language hack to make people remember is having halves of words put together. For example, the words “Vehicle” and “Safe” could be merged to say “VehiSafe”. This will serve to give a customer the idea that your main focus is safety in your car rental business. People with children, for example, will be very attracted to this. If you put together the words “Vehicle” and “Swift” you might get “VehiSwift”. This will give the idea that your business will focus on a great speedy service. If you merge “Temporary” and “Ride” you get “TempRides”. This will give the idea that the rented vehicle is temporarily owned by the customer. So, these three brand names do two things. One: they show that your business solves a social problem. Two: it gives the potential customer a way in which to remember the brand name.

Extras: WheelAbly, BudgAuto, VehiFresh


Is your brand name easy to pronounce and spell?

If your business brand name is hard to pronounce, people will only remember it as “one of those car rentals”. You, for certain, do not want that to happen. For example, if your business is named “Szczebrzeszyn Rental Cars”, no average potential customer will remember the name. For your information, Szczebrzeszyn is an actual city in Southeast Poland. Most people will not even care to try to pronounce the name or even to google it. Goodness-forbid anyone losing their mind trying to spell it. This will result in the “that random car rental place” issue. So, as you can tell, this is not a good idea.

On the other hand, a car rental business name like “EasyRides” or “E-Z-Ride” will be easy to pronounce and easy to spell. This means that people will easier remember the brand name. Think even of a loyal customer texting a friend suggesting your car rental as a reliable one. Who is going to take the pains to type “Szczebrzeszyn Rental Cars” as opposed to “EasyRides”?


Should business names be descriptive?

Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that your car rental business name should give a slight idea about what the business is about. No, in the sense that you should not be too descriptive. This will take away the shortness and simplicity of the brand name. You should balance between giving your business a name that describes what you do but is not too long. “Zoom Trek Car Rental Business” would be a name that is too wordy, which not many people will remember. You should ideally remember that you are only naming or branding your business and not writing an “about page” on your website.


Watch out! Are you nonsensically merging words?

It is said that you should focus only on naming your business, you should not just merge words for fun. You should not end up having a bunch of words that describe your business in the brand name. For example, “NiftyGreat” might perfectly describe your car rental business goals, but it is a nonsensical name. It might make sense to you that you want your brand name to mean that you love speed and greatness. However, you must always have your potential customer in your mind when looking to name your business. The average person would love a name that makes sense in addition to giving a discreet description of the business.

On the other hand, “NiftyGo” would serve both the objectives of having a descriptive as well as meaningful name. So, it is mandatory that you imagine and choose wisely. The word “Nifty” will show your love for speed and “Go” will hint at the type of business you do.

Extras: Super Van Rentals, Spick Wheels, Discount Trek


Is your car rental business name UNIQUE?

Note the importance that we give to the word “UNIQUE” here. There must obviously be thousands of car rental businesses around the world. Therefore, you need to make sure that your idea of a business name has not been used before. It is at least necessary to make sure that your idea has not been used in your country or province. If not, it might even turn out to be illegal. A useful tool is to check in advance whether the domain name is already in use or not.

There is a trick to make sure that your idea for the business has not been used before. We do not mean google. A smart thing you could do is to incorporate into the name something close to your heart. It would be great if it is related to car rental. For example, if you absolutely love driving extremely fast, “Zoomable” would be an appropriate brand name. Something is interesting going on here. Zoomable also means “can be zoomed”, as in an image that is pixelated enough to be zoomable. So, that could imply that your business is flawless. Still, “zoom” could also mean “travel fast”. Therefore, “Zoomable” could be close to your heart. You will surely have fun explaining the name of your car rental business to someone.

However, if you really want to incorporate something you love which is not related to car rental businesses, it is your choice. You should be creative enough to make it memorable. For example, if you like the planet Jupiter you could potentially call your business “JupiTrek”. Of course, this is a very extreme example, but we just wanted you to get the idea. It would mean little to people who see it, but you could enjoy explaining it. See how we added the word “Trek” to it? This is how you make something relate, which did not relate in the first place.


Extras: LegoMoto, Tourney Rentals, Journey A


Did you get feedback before confirmation?

It is said in writer’s communities that one does not see one’s own faults. That is why editors exist. As much as this is true in writing and editing, feedback is very important in naming your brand. Someone else might see faults in your car rental business name that you did not see yourself. If someone says they do not like the name, you simply must listen to their reasons. Do not discard their ideas without listening to their reasons.

It will not do if you immediately make your newly thought-out business name your baby without perfecting it. Make it your baby after you clarify everything that will not make it exceptional. Therefore, being open to feedback and criticism is mandatory.



So, there you have it! Those are our name suggestions for your car rental business.

So, STOP! To recap the tips that we gave, let us go over them in a few seconds. Ask yourself the following questions before confirming your car rental business name:

  1. What will your business seek to accomplish?
  2. How should you put words together?
  3. Will people remember the brand?
  4. Do language hacks work?
  5. Is your brand name easy to pronounce and spell?
  6. Should business names be descriptive?
  7. Are you nonsensically merging words?
  8. Is your car rental business name UNIQUE?
  9. Did you get feedback before confirmation?
  10. Stop and rethink before you settle!


Tweet us @Navotar with some suggestions of your own and happy name-hunting!

Is it profitable to lease a car and drive on Uber?

The answer to that is, yes it is profitable to lease a car and drive on Uber. This is owing to a few factors; the main one being inflation.

The lease

The leasing installment is a constant amount. The amount paid as the monthly installment does not change with inflation. However, the amount that the owner of the car earns from riding it on Uber can vary, mostly for better. The vehicle owner can pay the leasing installment with the income from Uber. When the owner secures more money from the rides than a monthly installment, there is a clear profit margin. It is a matter of accepting more rides.

The inflation factors

Another positive for the owner of the vehicle is that they secure the ownership of the car with less effort. The addition of all monthly installments amounts to more than the price of the vehicle. However, worldwide inflation makes sure that the net worth of the vehicle increases with time. As the leasing installment remains the same throughout, it is a win for the owner of the vehicle. Buying a car on lease is also a method of buying a vehicle that you could not afford in bulk. Even if you only possess the funds to buy a bike, a lease lets you buy a car.

Wear and tear

This is another small but important way in which the owner of the vehicle profits from both lease and Uber. When riding vehicles on Uber, you could stop were the last ride ended and start the next ride from there. This is healthy for both the vehicle and for your finances. It minimizes the amount of wear and tear of the vehicle and lessens the maintenance expenditure.


Moreover, you do not have to look for hires when you ride your vehicle on Uber. The Uber company and app make that effort for you. You provide the ride, and you save the money that you spend on advertising if you had your private company. You also save tons of time. You secure yourself an asset without much effort at the end of the leasing period.

Uber is a secure company

It is also a very telling factor that Uber is a popular company. Uber has been a stable establishment worldwide for many years and the need for it increases steadily. It is not any time soon that every single person in the world learns to drive and buys a car. Companies like Uber will remain popular for many years to come.

Another interesting aspect is that with a company like Uber, you could locate the vehicle anywhere and anytime. The details of the vehicle are recorded securely. So, even if you employ a driver, you could be sure that the whereabouts of your vehicle are safe. It is a given that it is more profitable if you drive the vehicle yourself without paying a third person.

Further investments

You can, therefore, clearly secure a profit margin when you lease a vehicle and ride it on Uber. Whatever you save from doing this could be invested elsewhere. In short, this practice is a win-win for you, for the leasing company, and Uber.


Please do tweet at us on @Navotar and let us know how you were successfully able to lease a car and drive on uber.

When will travel from the United Kingdom to the United States re-open?

Former United States President Donald Trump published a proclamation that banned travel from the United Kingdom to the United S. This was due to the continually existing, and occasionally worsening, Corona Virus situation in the world. At one point, the UK was relatively heavily stricken by the Virus. There were close to two thousand deaths in the region per day. The indefinite travel ban was signed by President Donald Trump on the 14th of March 2020. The ban would only be able to be lifted by the current president of the United States. Both the US and the UK have increasing cases of the Delta variant at present.

The situation in the US

President Joe Biden has announced that the UK travel ban will not be lifted too soon. The increasing number of cases will put both countries at risk. White House Spokesperson, Jen Psaki has revealed that the US will be mindful of the increasing cases of the Delta variant. It is stipulated that the Delta variant will continue to spread throughout a few more weeks.

Airlines have been insisting that the White House lifts travel bans from the UK. However, that will not come into place for quite some time given the present situation. Summer vacations travel from the United Kingdom to the United States will remain unadvised.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the US has raised the UK to a high-risk level. The institution has warned US citizens to not travel to the UK. If travel is mandatory, they strongly urge US citizens to get fully vaccinated well in advance. This is, however, only a warning and not a rule. The CDC warns that even vaccinated travelers will spread the Delta variant if they do not take care.

The situation in the UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now in self-isolation. This is because he had come in contact with Health Minister Sajid Javid, who had contracted COVID-19, who contracted the virus despite being fully vaccinated. However, it is a fact that vaccinated citizens are at lower risk to require hospitalization.

The UK Secretary of State Transport, Grant Shapps issued a notice on 28th July. Travelers from the US can reach the UK if they have obtained the vaccine. However, there must be proof that two weeks have elapsed since their second dose of the vaccine. Such people will be able to avoid quarantine, according to Shapps. If not, they will have to obtain a “test to fly” and get a PCR test done on arrival. Any unvaccinated individual from the US will have to self-quarantine for ten days and take two PCRs before full exposure.

The UK is taking warnings less seriously than the US. Grant Shapps has announced the opening of a UK/US task force to discuss transatlantic travel. It is an unclear future as to post-Covid-19 times that are yet to come.





Why are Car Rentals Important for Corporate Meetings?

It is not all year when corporate companies require the use of vehicles to transport people to and from places. There are meeting seasons in the corporate sector that are specific to each company. These are times of the year, or months when heads of departments of a company meet to discuss important matters. Having a fleet of vehicles in the company premises that will be used only at a predictable time is a burden to a company. It is an avoidable expense. A car rental firm will come in handy at these times of the year.

Good Condition

A car rental will make sure that their vehicles are well maintained for use on an important day. The vehicles in a good and reputable car rental firm would be serviced on time and ready for use. This will reduce the costs of running the company. This way, companies do not have to maintain a fleet of cars unnecessarily. When they feel the requirement of a good vehicle they can depend on the fleets of a rental firm. The company will be able to save much time, effort, and funds.

Affordable Luxury

There are a lot of esteemed car rental firms that are extremely affordable and handy. Imagine you require a luxury vehicle to transport a person who is important to the company. This person arrives only once a year and greatly impacts the well-being of the company and brand. A limo will come in handy at times like these. A luxury vehicle will give this person a sense that they are well received and respected. Moreover, a luxury vehicle with a trained chauffeur will give them privacy. Privacy is important to a person who is on the way to a corporate meeting. They can rely on this freedom to make last-minute preparations for the meeting. So, with a car rental, a corporate company will be well off in their self-esteem and brand value.

Best Choice

Therefore, a corporate company can function with its utmost strength when joined by a car rental firm. A huge amount of funds is saved and in turn, can employ in investments. They could also be sure that the rented vehicles are not neglected. They will even have the advantage of using a luxury vehicle without the burden of maintaining it. In short, using a car rental in those meeting seasons will keep the company’s esteem steady while also reducing costs. It is a win-win.

For all these reasons, investing in car rentals will be very advantageous to any corporate company in the long run.

Check out Navotar’s Brand-new Mobile App!

We have succeeded yet again in delivering to our customer’s requirements and needs by launching our latest mobile application! We are excited to announce that this mobile app makes it even easier for you to manage your fleet. This edition of technology from Navotar was introduced after much demand from our loyal customers. We have included in it the many high-standard and much-awaited features for the management of your business.


Access anywhere, any time!

The Navotar Mobile Application makes it possible for you to manage your fleet from anywhere in the world. Business owners and business managers will be able to access databases very easily through it. Sending and receiving updates will be the job of only an instant. You could manage your vehicle reservations and contracts on the go. The check-in and check-out processes also take no more time than several minutes. This will save you a lot of much-needed time!


Create profiles instantly

Manual entering of data is a strenuous task. A quick scan of your client’s driver’s license is the only necessity for creating a client profile with our app. This extremely simplified technical process will be an easy way to avoid possible errors in manual procedures. You could ensure customer satisfaction by this expedited process and, thus, cater to their needs better. You could also instantly capture and record your customer’s digital signature and add it to relevant spaces in no time.


Documentation of damages 

Your vehicle might incur damages while in use. There is also a solution to make the recording of those damages easier. We have made it possible for you to easily record before-and-after pictures of potential damages to rented vehicles. It is also possible with just a click to record videos with a 360-degree view. As an extension of this safety measure, all these pictures and records will immediately be stored on the cloud.


The brand-new Navotar Mobile Application comes to you with many features that will make the management of your fleet an easy task. It is as user-friendly as possible and will save you so much time with its easily manageable features. The global community of car rental businesses will greatly profit from this mobile application from the moment it is downloaded. It is available both on Android and iOS stores. It can be used on almost any device of your choice.


What do you think of our new mobile app? Do let us know with a tweet @Navotar


Is Travel Protection the same as Travel Insurance?

The direct answer to this one is ‘no’. Travel Protection and Travel Insurance are two very different concepts. They are not interchangeable. It is important to know the differences in order to decide which one you need.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a product of insurance companies. It is a policy that includes insurance for events like trip cancellation, flight delays, lost baggage, or medical expenses. Policies are generally for the purpose of decreasing the risk of financial damage. The typical Travel Insurance policy will cost you 5% to 7% of the total cost of your trip.

What is usually covered?

Most Travel Insurance policies cover injuries, sudden illnesses, and accidents. They also provide 24-hour emergency assistance. Besides, they cover damaged or stolen possessions. These will also cover cancellation fees of a booking due to sudden illness or death of a close relative. They also address emergency evacuation situations like political emergencies and natural disasters. Rental vehicle coverage is also included in most cases. Some Travel Insurance policies even cover your electronic devices.

What is usually not covered?

It is necessary that you read the fine print when purchasing a Travel Insurance. They might not cover certain things that might be important to you. For example, most Travel Insurances do not cover accidents from extreme sports. For logical reasons, they might also not cover situations that follow excessive drinking or drugging. They might also exclude accidents that occur owing to reckless behavior. It is important to note the “but” conditions such as carelessness while handling your belongings and lost items due to negligence. They might also exclude events following pre-existing medical conditions.


Travel Protection

Travel Protection is generally a product of travel agencies. It offers a more limited protection compared to Travel Insurance. This will come in handy in case you miss the trip. Travel Protection policies are usually much cheaper than Travel Insurance policies.

What is usually covered?

Travel Protection will typically only cover the parts of the trip you purchased through the travel agency in question. If you cancel your vacation, you will usually only be able to obtain a voucher for future travel and not cash refunds. If your trip is interrupted or delayed or if you need medical care, the remunerations will be much lower compared to Travel Insurance. This policy can be used to waive the cancellation penalty for your missed trip.

What is usually not covered?

Travel Protection will usually not cover parts of the trip that you add on to what the agency plans for you. For example, they will not cover you on an excursion that the agency did not mention in your itinerary. If you planned to fly and suddenly cancel, Travel Protection will not refund the ticket price.

As you see, Travel Protection is not the same as Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance covers a comparatively wider range of events than Travel Protection. Above are the pros and cons of each.

Is it better to travel with an RV, or fly, or rent a car this summer?

Summer travel seemed like a distant-future-deal a few months ago. But it is now becoming increasingly safe to travel to our favorite destinations without much fear owing to the mass vaccination process across the globe. So, with all the new safety procedures, what is the vacation spot you have in mind? Is it far from your home town? Or relatively a short distance? Are you traveling alone? Or with friends and family? Based on all of the above, we have found a few different modes of transportation for you to get there.

Fan of family RVs for summer travel?

If you are planning to go on a cross-country road trip with the whole family, an RV sounds like your best choice. It affords you privacy and the ability to park whenever you feel the need to rest. And if you are a driving enthusiast, RVs will take you as far as you want. This tried and tested mode of transport would also be a great way for you to help adhere to social distancing guidelines. It is simply the new normal to ensure the safety of your loved ones above all else.

Renting a car can never go wrong!

A rented car meanwhile, is the best option if you have a smaller family or group of friends with a small amount of luggage. This is best suited for trips for your ‘not-too-far destinations. The small space is convenient for a group of friends or a small family who are comfortable with each other. Here, however, it is very important to hire a car based on the number of seats. Always go for a car with a couple of extra seats. For a group of five, for example, a seven-seater car would be the ideal traveling partner.

Ultimate air travel mode

If you are traveling alone or with a group in which none are comfortable behind the wheels, flying is the best option for you. Flying will give you the time to sit in comfort until you reach your destination. What’s more, if you are a lone traveler, your perfect reflection time is always guaranteed here. If you feel that you need some rest before you arrive at a lively family gathering or a summer party with some friends, and if the distance is more than you are willing to drive for, flying is certainly the best way to go.


So, there you have our opinion on whether to use an RV, a rented car, or to fly this Summer to your favorite destination. The choice is all yours! Our job here at Navotar is to provide the best travel solutions for you so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite occasions.

Peer-to-peer and Fleet-based car-sharing; what’s best?

 As Steve Case once mentioned: car-sharing is poised for explosive growth, as it enables consumers to save on the expense and hassle of car ownership while reducing traffic and ownership. With the world’s pandemic situation, car-sharing has been a desired topic in discussion. According to the latest statistics it has been declared that the North American car-sharing market held a valuation of $626 million in 2017 and is likely to witness further growth, rising at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.1% through the forecast period. By the end of this story, you will identify the best car-sharing options that are available in the market today and will further elaborate on the cons and pros of the different kinds of car-sharing services. Above being said, it is important to understand that the most available and “most talked-about topics in car-sharing have been Peer-to-Peer and Fleet-Based car-sharing options….


What is Peer-to-peer and Fleet-Based car-sharing?


Car-sharing on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis, in which a vehicle owner lends out their vehicle to others on a short-term basis, is becoming more popular. Think of it as Airbnb for automobiles. This tendency, according to Accenture, is here to stay and will have a major impact on the sector. If C-suite executives are to be a part of the new business environment, they must embrace solutions.

P2P car-sharing is primed for spectacular development, gaining appeal in both developed and developing countries, thanks in large part to the rise of social networks and smartphone technology.

Globally, the number of peer-to-peer car-sharing vehicles has increased from around 200,000 in 2015 to over 440,000 this year, with that number predicted to more than quadruple by 2025, to around 990,000 vehicles.

According to Accenture’s latest research “Unlock the value of mobility services: Turning business models into profitability,” the P2P industry in China, the United States, and Germany alone is predicted to expand to US$21 billion by 2030.



By making your fleet available to your employees, you can make it more profitable. This cuts down on the expenditures of traveling and operating your automobiles. Thanks to easy booking via an online portal and access to the vehicle via a badge, smartphone, or connected key cabinet, this solution allows your staff to be more flexible with their time.

  • Reduce your vehicle ownership costs by using a more efficient option than mileage limits.
  • With real-time tracking of your cars’ usage, you can stay connected to your fleet. Your staff is self-sufficient thanks to online booking and access to vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week (via badge or smartphone).
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and optimize the use of your service vehicles to contribute to your company’s CSR plan.

It’s a fact: car-sharing services have exploded in popularity in recent years, combining the sharing economy with personal vehicle renting. After all, if you can temporarily rent out your home when you’re not there, why can’t you do the same with your automobile when you’re not using it, argue proponents?

Early indications imply that P2P vehicle-sharing services are attracting both car owners and car renters. According to detailed research published last year by the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, over 2.9 million people in North America use P2P car sharing, with a total fleet of over 131,000 shared automobiles.

However, to make use of the benefits that car-sharing platforms provide, both “hosts” – those who hire out their cars – and “guests” – those who rent out their cars – must ensure that they are aware of the risks involved and how coverage is provided.

Players with various car-sharing models and forms of operation compete in the carsharing market. Startups and large firms sponsored by automakers provide services in both domestic and international markets.

Despite a large number of participants in station-based programs, free-floating businesses appear to be more viable and sustainable in light of current transportation trends. On the other hand, the peer-to-peer approach best represents the concept of carsharing and does not require a specific fleet.

It’s also important to mention that vehicle sharing couldn’t have gotten this far without integrating the latest technologies. Features offered by car-sharing apps make the whole car rental process easier and faster.


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