Registering a Leased Vehicle in Texas

You may have moved to Texas or purchased a new vehicle, either way, you have to register your vehicle at the county’s DMV. Registration includes a vehicle inspection, registration fees, forms that need to be filled and recorded, and changing your license plate.

Registering your leased vehicle is a compulsory legal procedure. So, what are the steps needed to be taken to register your vehicle in Texas?

Applying for registration

  • Visit the local Texas tax office
  • Fill in an Application for Texas Certificate of Title form
  • You need to provide proof of ID, ownership, car insurance, and vehicle inspection
  • The registration incurs a standard fee of $51.75 (additional fees may apply)

If you are new to Texas

  • You have 30 days after residency to get your vehicle registered
  • Before going to the county tax office make sure the following are available: auto insurance and vehicle safety inspection (requires proof of auto insurance)

If all of the above is prepared, visit the local county tax office and show:

  • Proof of car insurance
  • Proof of passed vehicle safety test
  • Proof of vehicle ownership (registration or title from the previous resident state)
  • Completed Title form (must be filled for registration even if the vehicle has been titled before)

Afterwards, you are required to pay the registration fee which may include additional titling or sales tax fees depending on your situation.

If you have just purchased/leased a new vehicle the same steps apply, you have 30 days to get the vehicle registered and titled.

Registration fees

  • You have to pay a vehicle inspection fee to the inspection station, and a collection fee to the Texas DPS
  • The registration fees are between $30 to $54 depending on your vehicle, with motorcycles and mopeds requiring the lowest fee
  • You are also required to pay other local, state, county fees, and tax, that differs from county to county:

– Automation fee: $1

– TexasSure insurance verification fee: $1

– Local fee: $10

– Inspection fee: $7.50

– Processing and handling fee: $4.75

– The state charges a 6.25% tax rate depending on the vehicle

License plates and registration sticker

You will be provided with new license plates after registration, the plates can be replaced at the local county tax assessor’s office.

The county tax office issues the registration stickers which include:

– The license plate number

– The name of the county where the vehicle is registered

– Several digits from the vehicle identification number (VIN)

– The vehicle’s registration date

The sticker should be fixed to the windshield of the vehicle. The registration expires by the last day of the month shown on the sticker. There is a grace period of 5 days given by the state, if the registration is not renewed vehicle owners have to pay a fine of $200.

Bonus tips

  • Note that each county may have different requirements, some counties may ask for an emissions test to be eligible for registration.
  • The vehicle inspection date now coincides with the registration renewal date, you will be issued one sticker indicating proof that both criteria are fulfilled. For a first-time registrant, the vehicle inspection should be done before registering the vehicle.

For more information visit the official DMV site:

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Fastest growing SaaS Companies in 2021

SaaS (Software as a service) is taking over the business world by storm. It is cost-effective and efficient, allowing businesses to be more tech-savvy. SaaS allows any software to be accessed via the internet by using any device.

Why should you use SaaS for your business?

In an age where almost every person on the planet uses a smartphone, utilizing SaaS is the way forward. Forbes predicts a $223 billion revenue projection for the year 2022, and the number will only keep rising.

SaaS transcends almost all industries and has proven its use to be a substantial contributor to market growth. If anything the billions of revenue the tech industry has racked from SaaS is proof enough that it is here to stay.

The fastest-growing SaaS companies in 2021

1. Zoom

Now a household name for the whole world, Zoom was a relief during the pandemic. Many workplaces and educational institutes depended on this site to host online meetings and classes. The company’s product guidance recorded an increase of 330%.

2. Slack

The Slack communication platform that is an alternative to the now cumbersome email, is all the rage in workplaces. It is convenient and versatile and allows users to plan projects and communicate efficiently. The company has experienced immense growth in a matter of 4 years.

3. Tractable

Tractable is going up the SaaS and Insurtech ranks as a practical and reliable software for rental companies and insurance providers. The software accurately assesses vehicle collision damage using an AI algorithm. This will change the way automobile accidents are assessed for insurance claims and repairs.

4. Phyron

Phyron targets the e-commerce, automotive, and real estate industries, these heavily rely on content for product/service marketing. Phyron offers simple and quick video generation without time or cost restraints. The software can host, stream, and render videos in no time and would serve small businesses perfectly.

5. UserPilot

A very useful tool for software developers to improve user adoption and build the perfect in-app experience for customers. The product experience tool fits seamlessly with any interface, it pushes users to complete any onboarding actions and discover new features. Integration of UserPilot provides improvements to the user experience in a matter of minutes.

6. Navotar Fleet Management Software

Navotar Fleet Management Software is specifically designed for vehicle rental businesses. The innovative software allows for better management of your fleet and business. From driver behavior reports to maintenance scheduling, it handles everything. The Navotar Fleet Management Software is a great option for start-up rental businesses.

7. roomMaster

This is a hotel property management system; the intuitive software allows hotel owners to cost-effectively manage their business. The software handles front-desk management, revenue management, housekeeping and maintenance, and more.


If you are a small business owner, using SaaS practices will help make considerable improvements to the workplace and client relationships. These software solutions are cost-effective and user-friendly, making them easily accessible.

Handling a car rental business is complicated as it is and utilizing other SaaS strategies apart from car rental software will help your business in the long run.

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Will Self-Driving cars soon become the norm in the Auto Industry?

Almost everyone has dreamed about the self-driving car and that future does not seem very far away. However, the recent pandemic has dealt everyone a bad hand, but industry greats are doing their best to complete their projects.

The self-driving car which only existed in the imaginations of people will be real in a decade or so. Waymo (Google) is still the industry lead and the biggest competition for the other industry players. Considering the current situation, self-driving cars are proving to be the best solution for a contactless future and the demand may increase.

Self-driving cars are available to this day but are still at the trial stage. Developing A.I. which can learn to drive without the help of a human may take longer than anticipated. However, Tesla is trying to release their “RoboTaxis” by the end of 2021, will they succeed? Only time will tell.

Certain cars in the market already have some driverless features, such as auto-parking. There are still some drawbacks to going fully automated, one such drawback is ‘humans’. Pedestrians and other drivers may be unpredictable, and that’s a normal occurrence, but can we expect computer software to anticipate human behavior?

Car industry giants and tech heavyweights like BMW, Apple, General Motors, Amazon, and many more are looking to create their own self-driving car. The competition is high and every contender has something unique to offer. This proves that there is a market for driverless cars and many people will own a self-driving car in the near future.

With the trends pointing towards a future where all things may be automated, the possibility of driverless cars filling the roads is not a far-fetched idea. Fans of driving may not like the idea of self-driving cars but car industry trends are pointing towards the fact that driverless cars may be the new normal.

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What are the market Opportunities and Threats faced by Car Rental Owners?

The car rental industry is just healing itself from the aftereffects of the pandemic and economic crash that preceded it. With 2021 predicted to be the year the industry successfully comes back in full force, there are still some issues that need to be addressed and dealt with.

So what are the market opportunities and threats industry players would face this year?


Shifting the attention to the local market

Many car rentals depend on the influx of tourists all year round, from vacation tourists to business tourists cars rental companies always had business. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions imparted by governments all over the world, car rentals have suffered a loss.

Due to this, car rental companies can focus on the local market by employing smart and creative marketing tactics to encourage people to place a reservation. Many bigwigs in the industry offered discounts for healthcare workers and waived off cancellation fees. Others provided discounts for locals as many people who do not own a vehicle would have to use a rental to get about either for grocery shopping or to check on loved ones.


Competing with the ride-sharing industry

With public transport being out of the question amid a pandemic, many car-sharing companies have enjoyed an increase in demand. People have opted to travel in taxis and use carpooling services to get around as the exposure to COVID-19 is relatively less compared to buses or trains.

This poses a problem for car rentals as they now need to compete with ride-sharing companies which are relatively cheaper. However, rentals can have an upper hand in safety and use for long-distance journeys or long-term usage.

Consider reducing the price range to appease the local market and assure customers that strict disinfection procedures are followed to ensure their safety. Provide plans for long-term usage and offer discounts and other amenities and bonuses wherever possible.


Sell part of your fleet

Avis sold most of their fleet to alleviate the losses they faced due to the pandemic. This is a great tactic, however, note that the re-sale market was also hit by the pandemic and rates reduced considerably.

It is better to sell part of your fleet instead of letting it collect dust and rust away, any amount of revenue is good during this time. Rental cars usually have an upper hand over privately owned cars as fleet vehicles are relatively new and regularly maintained, making rental cars the better option for a used car buyer.


Use technology to your advantage

One way that the ride-sharing industry has an upper hand is it relying heavily on apps and websites. A versatile and user-friendly app simplifies the booking process and works great during a pandemic that requires people to practice social distancing.

Utilizing an app and/or a website for your rental business is the best decision and investment you can make during a pandemic. Many rental companies already rely on booking apps that are managed via fleet management software that allows for smooth bookings and online payments with 24-hour customer service.

Using apps and fleet management software can also help the rental business owner keep track of everything and ensure high-quality service.


In conclusion, there will always be threats to the rental industry, and business trends will keep changing, how you adapt to these challenges will decide the survival of your business.

All the best, from Navotar Car Rental Software Team!

Car Rental Logo Ideas

If you want to run a successful auto rental business then nothing should be overlooked. Every small detail must be taken into account, and one such major detail is your logo!

The company logo will decide how your business is presented, the ‘brand identity’ of your rental company will be represented by this logo. Most logos we see are hit-or-miss, but if you are thorough and know exactly how your business should be represented, designing the right logo will be a breeze.

What to keep in mind when designing your logo

  • Simple and straightforward – you want the logo to represent exactly what the company represents and the service it provides (but you can take the riskier abstract route as well). Stay away from too many tiny details and too many colors that can make the logo look too crowded, keep things simple as possible.
  • Hire a professional – a professional graphic/logo designer will know exactly how to help you design the perfect logo. Allow them to guide you through the process but make sure you tell them exactly what features they should add. DO NOT give too many ideas and keep the changes to a minimum as this may overwhelm the designer resulting in an ugly logo.
  • Make sure the logo looks good on all platforms i.e.; letterheads, webpage, Instagram display picture, merchandise, etc.
  • The logo must be UNIQUE to make it stand out from the rest. Resorting to just the name of the company or an abbreviation may not cut it.

How the logo helps your business

The logo is the identification of your business; a good logo can make a strong first impression. An aesthetically pleasing logo will stick in a customers’ mind and fosters brand loyalty! A well-designed company logo will remind the customer of your service and separates you from the sea of competition.

The logo will have a starring role in all your marketing material, and it will be the one thing the customer might remember the most about your business. Stick to modern designs, minimalism goes a long way, make sure you put in elements unique to your company and business name.

When building a business plan prioritize the logo design, if you are pitching your business to potential investors, their first impression will be made by the logo. Keep this in mind and use whatever resources at hand to create the perfect logo that represents your business and the services it offers.

Good luck and tweet our Car Rental Software team with your creations!

How to Renew Expired Rental Car Registration?

When managing a fleet of vehicles some things can easily be overlooked. Vehicle registration renewal is a must but car rentals tend to miss out on this, putting customers in trouble. Registration renewal depends on the state/ country’s laws and requirements.

What is Vehicle Registration?

Vehicle registration at your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows your vehicle to be connected to you. This information will be added to their system and along with that, you will have to pay a registration fee that needs to be renewed every 1 or 2 years (depending on the state laws).

Fleet Registration Renewal

Registering a fleet is no easy task, you have to oversee that multiple vehicles are registered properly and manage the documentation as well.

If the registration is already expired, you may have to pay a penalty fee to your state’s DMV. The process depends on the laws and the DMV of the respective state. If the registration has been expired for over a year you may have to re-register the vehicle/s.

Many rental companies hire a third party to handle licensing and registration. These registration solutions providers are reliable and efficient in the long run. Instead of missing renewal and having to pay a costly penalty fee, allow them to manage your fleet.

If you are a small fleet owner and are still struggling with registration renewal, you can opt for vehicle rental software. The software can be configured to remind you of when the fleet registration needs to be renewed along with other maintenance alerts.


Renewal of vehicle registration should not be missed under any circumstance. If a vehicle with an expired registration is hired by a customer, and they are stopped by the police, it may lead to problems. In some cases, the customer has been held liable for the fault of the car rental company.

Customers have had to pay penalty fees or attend court to defend their case, whilst some rental companies have taken responsibility and reimbursed the hire charge back to the customer. Practising ethical business values is important in the long run. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary problems that may taint the name of your business keep track of registration renewal and other license-related documentation.

All the best from us at Navotar and our Car Rental Software team!

Do Rental Cars check your Driving Records?

Yes, most rental companies do check the renter’s driving history unbeknownst to you. However, this information is usually disclosed somewhere on their website. Once you handover your driving license they do a background check to assess if it is safe to rent you a car.

This has now become a compulsory policy in cities like New York and Florida, where if the driver causes an accident the rental car company is held liable. Due to this, rental businesses now require customers to sign a statement saying that they have an acceptable driving record. In the event of an accident, the rental company can shift the blame onto the customer.

This does not happen all the time, but it is good to be prepared. If a driving record doesn’t fall within the rental company’s requirements they will reject the customer. This is to ensure that the company’s property is not damaged in any way and to avoid any messy liability and insurance issues.

Many well-known car renters like Alamo, Hertz, Budget, and Avis, all check customers’ driving records through the Department of Motor Vehicles Databases. Other rentals may rely on screening companies that have access to the DMV database.

Screening criteria

These are the basic criteria used by rental companies.

  • Caught with an invalid or suspended driver’s license
  • One incident of drunk driving, hit-and-run, driving a stolen car (within 48 hours), or other serious offences within the past 72 months
  • Three or more moving violations within the past 36 months
  • Involved in two or more accidents within the past 36 months, fatality or bodily injury-causing accidents within the past 72 months

These criteria may differ between rental companies, be sure to check their websites for any policies or information regarding driver’s license background checks.

Also, note that car rental companies may use auto rental software that can record driver behaviour. In the case of an accident by the customer the rental company will be able to present evidence and may blacklist that customer.

Be prepared

If your driving record has some of the above criteria, it is better to be prepared.

  • Check if your state DMV makes driver records available, if they do check with the rental company if they do a background check
  • You can get your driver record evaluated by a screening company, TML Information Services offers this service for around $11
  • You can also request your driving record from your state DMV and obtain the screening criteria of the rental company and make your own evaluation
  • If you are not eligible according to the standards of the rental company then have someone else book a rental for you and have them drive the car instead. This is the safest option in case of a worst-case scenario.

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Are rental cars typically reliable for cross country travel?

Cross-country road trips are a great way to spend time with your family or friends. Road trips are full of adventures and memories that will last a lifetime, but do you use your family vehicle or a rental?


Using your family vehicle may be a great option if you are budgeting and driving a short distance, but if you need to cross borders or even take a less beaten path then a rental is your best bet. Rentals may be the more expensive option but in the long run, it will save you more money.


Why Rentals?

When booking a rental you can find the right fit for your specifications as most family vehicles may not accommodate these requirements. You can book anything from a Four-wheel drive to an RV, this won’t restrict where you can go on your trip.


You can even switch the type of vehicle depending on the different terrains you’ll come across on your journey and the stops you take. Most rentals come equipped with the latest technology such as satellite radio, and auto rental software integrated into the rental company app which gives you easy access to bookings, quick customer assistance, and more.


Booking a rental for a cross-country trip may cost you less! According to Hertz a 2000 mile road trip in a family vehicle will cost approximately $1,070 for gas, maintenance and, wear and tear. A rental will cost $550 approximately with the same criteria factored in.


Insurance for a family vehicle may be pricier than for a rental, and most insurance providers include coverage for rental vehicles. If not, you can rely on the coverage provided by the rental company, this is usually added to the rental fee.


Rental companies also offer assistance in the event of an accident or car theft, which may be a bit of an ordeal if this happens to your own vehicle. However, this depends on the type of car insurance you have applied for.


Tip: If your car is on lease fees for damages may be higher and the re-sale value can drop, it is better to take a rental vehicle on a cross-country trip. Also, note that there may be age restrictions for the second driver or extra fees incurred by the rental company if the driver is below the age of 23.


In Conclusion

Are rentals reliable for cross-country travel? Yes, however, there are certain criteria and requirements needed by rental companies. Do your research and thoroughly go through any rental and state requirements before the trip.


Good luck and bon voyage! from the Car Rental Software team here at Navotar.


The Effects of the Microchip Shortage on the Auto and Rental Industries

The world is experiencing a shortage of semiconductor microchips.

These microchips are used in phones, gaming consoles, and vehicles, therefore the sudden shortage is taking its toll on the auto and auto rental industries. Car manufacturers like Volkswagen and Ford have shut down operations temporarily, resulting in canceled fleet orders.

Many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have canceled their silicon chip orders due to this shortage, with fleet orders for rentals expected to be hit the hardest. OEMs have stated with this shortage, delays in vehicle manufacturing are to be expected, especially for trucks and SUVs.

What is a semiconductor/silicone microchip?

Semiconductor microchips are a critical part of automobile production as they control infotainment systems, collision control systems, and emission control. Car semiconductors require 200 to 400 microchips each.

What caused the microchip shortage?

The microchip manufacturing market started experiencing production problems in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. Travel restrictions and health safety precautions affected the supply chain as OEMs canceled orders for semiconductor chips.

As there was a drop in demand, microchip manufacturers reduced production and focused more on consumer electronics. Due to the pandemic, many governments imposed curfews that led to people purchasing more gaming consoles, laptops, and smart devices. This phenomenon encouraged microchip suppliers to adjust production accordingly.

However, the automotive industry recovered sooner than anticipated, causing microchip manufacturers to scramble to meet the demand. Since there is a shortage due to a lack of preparedness, car production has halted.

How are car manufacturers reacting to the microchip shortage?

The auto industry is experiencing an estimated loss of $61 billion; due to the lack of semiconductor microchips slowing down production. Many big names in car manufacturing have suffered losses, with some even having to shut down operations.

Ford closed both its Louisville plant and German plant in January for one month. The Louisville plant produces the Lincoln and Corsair cars, while the German plant makes the Ford Focus for the European market.

Stellantis (FCA) delayed restarting operations at the San Antonio (Mexico) plant (Jeep Compass). They also scheduled a break from manufacturing for their Canadian plant where they make the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300.

Toyota also ceased operations at their Texas plant (produces the Tundra), with General Motors slowing production at their South Korea plant. Volkswagen also slowed down factory operations at their Chinese, European, and North American plants.

Subaru also ceased operations at one plant in Japan and their Lafayette, IN plant. However, Subaru expects its year-end project target to be fulfilled. Honda has also slowed down output at some of its plants.

The effect of the microchip shortage on rental businesses

The kink in the supply chain will cut fleet orders for car rental companies. OEMs are reporting delays for car orders, with many canceling orders altogether. One such OEM had to cancel a 500 unit order, delaying fleet manufacturing.

Reports suggest a significant production delay for trucks and SUVs. Many licensees have also canceled orders or halted operations due to delays in fleet orders.

How can car rental businesses survive this?

Due to delays in car manufacturing the rental industry will experience a fleet shortage. However, smaller businesses that do not depend on fleet cycles are better equipped to serve consumer demand.

Smaller car rental operators have smaller fleets that are ready to go. Since prices and demand are going up, small business owners can take advantage by serving the consumers’ needs. Efficiency and versatility are crucial now and using your auto rental software accordingly will help you manage your business with ease.

Using Technology to plan accordingly

Incorporating a fleet management software program into your business will help you manage everything, from bookings to car maintenance. You can gain direct access to reservation status, car status, driver status, and mileage from a smart device.

Navotar’s cloud-based car rental software is the answer for all your fleet management needs. The software helps you manage reservations, schedule car repairs, facilitate online payments, detect car status and driver behavior in real-time, and much more.

A fully comprehensive solution can help with marketing as well. With an integration to your website, automated SMS and emails can be sent to customers promoting deals or offers. Rewarding loyalty could help promote your business and reassure customers during these uncertain times.

The software can be linked to a custom app, which is more versatile and efficient for bookings. An app requires no human contact, which is extremely practical in a time when public health guidelines call for people to practice social distancing. Sticking to health guidelines and strict decontamination protocols will show potential customers that you prioritize safety and health first.

A bonus feature available within Navotar’s car rental solution is an integration to CRX. You can connect your website to travel network sites like Kayak and SkyScanner via an integration into the CRX booking engine. Travel network sites like these can help give your business more visibility online and expand the reach of your business. Using this innovative tool during a time when your business has the potential to reach more customers has the potential to pay dividends in quick fashion.

For more information on our auto rental software or any further information, you can reach out to us at

Largest Car Rental Market in the US

The current state of the Car Rental Market

The car rental market has experienced dramatic changes since the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020. The rental industry has gone through many trends that have contributed to its growth. Some of these trends are the inclusion of electric cars into fleets due to fewer emissions, demand for rentals over public transport, etc.

The global car rental market size is predicted to reach USD 214.4 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 10.7% from 2020 to 2027. The US car rental market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period of 2020-2025. Revenue for the year 2021 is projected to reach USD 18,233 million in the US, giving the US the highest revenue globally.

Awareness of the environment and emissions has led people to prefer carpooling and rentals over owning their own cars as this reduces the number of vehicles on the road. The car rental market has shown increased use of electric vehicles in their fleets, making them more environmentally friendly. Rentals also allow people to easily access a vehicle without the added expenses that come with vehicle ownership.

The Market in the US

North America has the largest car rental market in the US, and globally. The State of New York is a major contributor to the local car rental industry. New York is a major tourist attraction and attracts tourists from all over the world.

It is a highly competitive market for car rentals as there are many rental companies, in which the state has 25 airports boasting passenger traffic of 50 million per year. New York also has the highest car rental rates with an average of USD 76 per day.

New York City is quite congested and not everyone owns a vehicle, many depend on public transport, rentals, or ride-sharing services. Many people rely on these services as owning a vehicle within the city is difficult due to issues with parking and traffic. The fact that tourists and locals alike rely on rentals contributes greatly to the US car rental market.

The rental industry in the US has a bright future ahead as more and more people are opting to book a rental vehicle than to have a car of their own.


Have you been to New York? and how was your experience in getting around the city?

The Car Rental Software team at Navotar is eager to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts on the matter by tweeting at us @Navotar.

Are Autonomous Cars going to kill the Joys of Driving?

The autonomous car – commonly known as the self-driving car – is taking the world by storm, with Tesla being a front runner in the manufacturing race. It is predicted that self-driving cars will benefit us and our environment in many ways.

For all its benefits and convenience a self-driving car may be making humans lazier. Many people enjoy driving manual or auto but a self-driving car takes away a person’s autonomy to drive. Let’s dive deeper into how autonomous cars may actually be killing the joy of driving.

What is an autonomous car?

An autonomous car is a vehicle that is capable of operating without human involvement by sensing its environment. A human passenger does not need to control it at all times and a human passenger may not be needed to be present at all times.

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), there are 6 levels of driving automation

  • Level 0 – No Automation; fully manual
  • Level 1 – Driver Assisted; one automated system
  • Level 2 – Partial Automation; automated steering and acceleration, human monitors all tasks and can take over control at any moment
  • Level 3 – Conditional Automation; detects environment, the vehicle performs most driving tasks, human override is required
  • Level 4 – High Automation; vehicle performs all driving tasks under specific conditions, geofencing is required, a human override is an option
  • Level 5 – vehicle performs all driving tasks under all conditions, no human interaction is required

The need for Autonomous Cars

The self-driving car has long since been a utopian sci-fi dream. Sleek driverless cars cruising down futuristic roads have been a mainstay in many sci-fi novels and movies. However, it is not science fiction anymore, the driver-less car is becoming a reality.

Autonomous cars are predicted to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce traffic as fewer cars would be owned by people, fewer car parks would be needed creating more space for schools and community centres, amongst others. It is also assumed that driver-less cars may reduce the number of accidents.

Apart from environmental benefits, the self-driving car will be advantageous for other reasons. Autonomous cars can benefit differently-abled people, elderly citizens, and in the case of an emergency, the self-driving option could even be life-saving. However, there is a long way to go until fully autonomous cars can enter the market.

The other side of the autonomous industry

With the excitement surrounding autonomous cars, the drawbacks can be easily overlooked. As convenient and amazing autonomous cars are, they also come with an expensive price tag. It may not be affordable to everyone and only a specific demographic would be able to own a self-driving car.

Autonomous cars are still at a trial stage, but many car manufacturers are looking to introduce their versions into the car market. Tesla is a pioneer within the automated car industry, with Google now entering the ring. Car manufacturing greats like BMW, Ford, and many more are also competing for the top position.

If a future of only self-driving cars were to happen, our pedestrian behavior would have to change. A specific and thorough road system would have to be followed by autonomous car users and cities. Pedestrians will have to change their pedestrian behavioral patterns as a car would not be sentient the way a human driver would be.

Besides, driving enthusiasts may not be too happy with a car that drives itself. There is a certain charm to driving your vehicle, being able to operate something gives a sense of fulfillment and fun for anyone. That is why vintage cars still have a market as many people adore these manual vehicles.


Will the arrival of autonomous cars make manual and auto cars a mere recreational vehicle? Will autonomous cars make us lazier? Or will it benefit us in the long run?

Let us know your thoughts on this by tweeting at us @Navotar. The Car Rental Software team is excited to hear from you.

The Cheapest Car Rental Options in LA

LA is a city of attractions and activity, from Hollywood to Disneyland there’s a lot to do for the leisure tourist or business tourist. Getting around the expansive area of LA requires a vehicle, and renting a car will be your best bet while visiting the City of Angels.

Rentals can be found for a variety of price points, but if you are working around a strict budget cheaper deals can be easy to find. A quick search on Google can give you many options but here are some sites you should look into.


Car Rentals

Find a range of car rental companies from Economy to Hertz and varying prices for compact cars, full-size cars, and more. You can find economy and compact class vehicles for as little as $3 per day and mini-vans for $5 per day. Full-size cars can cost up to $5 per day, with premium and luxury cars exceeding $30 per day.

Visit the site.


This is another budget car rental site, choose from a wide array of vehicles and price points. They offer Economy and Hertz at discounted prices, also find many deals that may allow you to reserve a premium class car for a good price!

You can find a compact or midsize SUV from Economy for $9-$20 per day. Hertz prices can easily exceed $20 per day. Prices depend on the car rental company, for example; Hertz cars are priced higher than Economy.

Visit the site.


Here you can easily find economy, compact and, midsize class cars for $4 per day. A full-size car can cost $7 per day upwards, with luxury cars easily exceeding $30. Economy and Hertz are shown as top car rental companies on almost all the sites included here. Apart from Economy and Hertz, you can find Avis and Enterprise cars for rent, however, they are on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Visit the site.

Note that the prices shown here may not include charges for collisions/damage and other add-ons. Please check the steps on each site carefully before checkout as prices may vary.


These sites offer great deals on some rental vehicle classes, most of the prices depend on the car rental company. The more well-known rental company car prices were on the expensive side of things while car rentals like Economy provided a more affordable price point.

More popular sites like Kayak and Expedia gave higher prices even for budget car rental companies; however, it is worth checking these sites for good deals.

LA is a city that needs to be experienced with a rental car as it will allow you to get to attractions and enjoy them at your own time without having to rely on public transport and ride-sharing apps.

Car rental companies are implementing strict decontamination and cleaning procedures to ensure their clients receive a safe vehicle. Some car rentals are even offering no-contact services for pick-up and drop-off of a rental vehicle by relying on car rental software and apps. Hopefully, with many administering the COVID-19 vaccine the travel experience will revert back to normal.