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Why GPS Tracking Is Important For Car Rental Companies ?

Why GPS Tracking Is Important For Car Rental Companies ?

As a car rental company, you spend your day renting out vehicles to various clientele. Do you ever wonder where your clients take your vehicles? Do you have rules and regulations clients need to follow in terms of where they can drive your vehicle? With vehicle theft becoming so common, are you ever worried that someone may steal your vehicles? Then we recommend that you look for a GPS tracking solution.

A GPS tracking solution is software that allows you to see where your vehicles are in real time and help you ensure that your vehicles are being treated properly by clients. Navotar’s Car Rental Software offers GPS vehicle tracking, simply purchase one of our GPS trackers. Take the GPS tracker, and connect it to any car via the OBD connector found in any vehicle. And that’s all! By doing this, you will be able to see your vehicle’s position, where it has been, and where it is going by accessing the GPS section in the Navotar Car Rental Software.

It is important that every car rental company looks into GPS trackers. They allow you to set Geo-fencing which limits where your vehicles can travel. They also keep history available so if anything happens, you will know exactly where the car was at exactly what time, helping you to keep your vehicles and business safe. This feature is all about safety. With technology becoming more advanced and thieves and robbers becoming more advanced, GPS trackers can help you keep your business and your vehicles in check.

Navotar’s GPS tracking solution is special because it is integrated into Navotar’s Car Rental Software. Usually you’d have to go with another service separate from your car rental software for a GPS tracking solution. With Navotar, everything can be done in one place.

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With Navotar now you shall publish your inventory on Kayak & Sky Scanner


We are incredibly honored of our accomplishments so far at Navotar. With continuous improvements and research and development in the car rental industry we are privileged and honored to have partnered with the CRX booking engine, founded in the year 2000, is an Industry-leading Distribution Network Connector & Online Reservation System (SaaS) suitable for rental agencies of all sizes. By connecting Navotar to the CRX Network, you are able to advertise your inventory to the world at the click of a button as well as manage all Network Channels in one system.

With the new collaboration between CRX and Navotar, Navotar agencies will be able to activate the CRX Booking Engine at minimal effort and see the reservations coming in directly to their system from multiple International Network Sites (including KAYAK).

Amidst countless car rental software alternatives out in the market, we are delighted to announce the partnership with CRX and we take this as the opportunity to announce that Navotar is working on other major and cool integrations that would help car rental companies to improve their income source.

Things to consider before finalising a Car Rental Software.


In the rental industry there are leading car rental companies that expand fast and are the far front of the business. When it comes to running a car rental company, you must ensure that your processes are attractive and efficient. Car rental companies often invest in car rental software that makes these processes easier, helping them to stay on top of the market. When deciding which car rental software to purchase, it is important to see if it has basic capabilities like creating rental agreements. However, it is just important that the software contains advanced features that’ll help you stay on top of the competition. It is even better when you can find car rental software with advanced features priced similarly to more basic car rental software. Car rental management software should cover all aspects of a rental business in a systematic way. This includes the financial side of the business, managing the fleet with records for each vehicle, and allowing rental businesses to achieve all their business analytics from within a single window.

We found that the primary advanced features that car rental companies miss out on deciding on a car rental software are:

  1. GPS Capabilities Without GPS capabilities, car rental companies cannot to track their vehicles and will not know if renters aren’t following their terms and conditions such as exceeding boundary limits, high speeding and misusing of the vehicle.
  2. 24/7 Support Often times, the customer support may not be that great for car rental software. Many car rental companies struggle with finding software with easy setup and consistent support.
  3. Online Website Integration Car rental companies may have their own website. If they are interested in web reservation booking system, not all rental companies offer this. It is important that rental companies seek this out.
  4. Responsiveness In this fast moving and technical world, people have access to all sorts of convenient devices, so the car rental companies would probably want their software available on all platforms.
  5. Pricing Many car rental companies are just coming out. Once a car company finds software that fulfils their requirements, pricing is also an important factor. If the software is too expensive, then the company may not be able to afford it. Companies must find software with adequate features and solid pricing.

The above-mentioned points are just a few problems faced by car rental businesses today. Those issues must be addressed when you are planning to invest in car rental software. Apart from the general features, there are several other cool features car rental software such as Navotar have. Getting a full insight of the entire fleet and having a balanced work and life is guaranteed upon deploying Navotar in your company. The Navotar Car Rental Software includes all cool and advanced features which will boast up your business at a comparatively less price. Contact and explore the magic now!

5 Reasons why you should have an online Reservation plugin on your website!

Having a reservation plugin on your website helps your customers make quick and easy reservations. The reservation then goes directly onto your Navotar account, so you’ll know when a vehicle reservation has been made on your website.

Having a reservation module simplifies the rental process for your customers. All your customers must do after making a reservation through the Navotar reservation plugin is come in and pick up the vehicle.

Below are some of the pros of having the Navotar reservation plugin.

  1. 24/7 service

Your website always open for customers. Reservations can be made at any minute of the day and with just a couple of clicks, their reservation will be in your Navotar system.

  1. Ease and convenience

A complex and not well-disposed UI of the page confuses guests and probably will make them leave your website on the off chance that it doesn’t have simple route. Web based planning is the most effortless yet ground-breaking approach to let your customers book accessible administrations which will help never lose a potential customer.

  1. Experience

The booking procedure is the primary purpose of contact between a client and a business, so it is critical to establish and main smooth and consistent connection. On the off chance that your guests can finish the bookings just in a couple of snaps, pay on the web, and get the notice right after their reservation, they will without a doubt be dazzled and urged to do as such once more. Customers will recall a positive encounter and will happily impart it to the others as well.

  1. Easy to reach

In 2018, researchers showed that around 55% of web traffic is done through mobile browsers. What’s more, that number will most likely be higher for 2019. Regardless of whether you’re maintaining an independent venture, clearly your customers will visit your website utilizing cell phones and tablets. It is vital to have your website responsive to align it to any devices accessed by the visitors.

  1. Accessibility to customers from anywhere

When a client has picked the ideal location, they will at that point need to see accessible date and time for the visit. On the off chance that an arrangement schedule isn’t shown on your website, it could baffle a client and they will reach you by telephone. Yet, on the off chance that you offer a rundown of accessible schedule openings for booking, this tedious advance could be skipped.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Navotar’s Car Rental Software This Busy Season

Managing a car rental company during a busy season is difficult especially if you don’t have a system in place for managing your affairs. For these busy seasons, Navotar’s advanced car rental software will help you manage your business. By using our extensive experience and knowledge in the car rental industry, we’ve pinpointed the 3 primary issues faced by car rental companies during busy seasons:

  • Managing Bookings and Pricings

For a car rental company, keeping record of all the booking related information is a terribly tedious task. Most car rental companies find it difficult to manage complex bookings and rates. On top of it being tedious, any mistakes made could result in a lot of time wasted and a lot of unhappy customers. Navotar’s fleet management system automates much of the storing and bookkeeping so that you can focus more on your business and less on these small, tedious tasks.

  • Improving Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is important to any businesses. Providing quality service helps retain customers and often results in increased referrals. Navotar’s user friendly booking system makes booking vehicles hassle free for customers, increasing customer satisfaction. It is also possible to get customer feedback directly in Navotar, making it easy to focus on the improvements that need to be made to your company. All these things can be achieved with Navotar’s Fleet Management System.

  • Understanding Fleet Status

Imagine being able to see the condition of your entire fleet from a tablet or computer. Such a feature sounds impossible unless you are with Navotar. Navotar’s advanced software has unique functionalities that helps car rental companies gain a better understanding of their reservations, agreements, and fleet with just a single look.

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