Why dashcams are important for young drivers

Why dashcams are important for young drivers


You’ve got a first-time teen driver in your home, and the first thing that comes to your mind is if they will be safe, will they speed, get into an accident? As parents, it’s normal to worry, which is why dashcams can be very crucial in ensuring your teen driver is safe.
Young drivers are prone to getting into accidents – they tend to speed, text or call while driving, run red lights, etc. In cases where the fault was not theirs, young drivers may find it difficult to be coherent when explaining the situation. If a dashcam has been installed into their vehicle any problems can easily be resolved as there is video proof of who caused the accident.
It is also shown that having a dashcam in the car can also bring about good driving etiquette amongst first time drivers. Since the dashcam is present, your teen may not decide to speed, or text while driving and it can also teach them to take responsibility for their actions. This positive effect of dashcams means your child drives safe.
Young drivers have become reliant on dashcams as they feel more secure driving with one. The dashcam records everything, some may even give voice alerts which are a great addition for teen drivers, as they are alerted about other vehicles on the road.
Since the dashcam is recording at all times, it can even be helpful in cases of theft as there will be a recording of the incident. Having a dashcam is not only safe for the driver but others as well, as the footage can help in the case of other road accidents or thefts, etc.

Dashcams are a necessity in today’s world and can ensure the safety of the driver as well as others. So, will you be installing a dashcam for your vehicle?

Drive safe, from us at Navotar.

How to find a bargain car

How to find a bargain car

Looking to buy yourself a car? Opting for a used car over a brand new one is the best way to go especially if you are buying a car for the first time. Since used cars are less expensive than new cars – you can get the perfect car AND save money!

However, there are some things that you should take into account before purchasing a used car. Keep reading to find out!

  1. Research

This point cannot be stressed enough! When buying a used car, it is always best not to rush into it. This is a slow job and requires you to weigh all your options before settling for the right one.

When looking for a used car, take things like fuel usage, mileage, major car accidents, and safety grade into consideration. You should also make a note to check the car’s service schedule, i.e. if its cam belt needs to be changed then try and negotiate the price off with the seller as you will have to make the replacement.

The type and model of the car matter too, for instance, if you are looking for a family-friendly car then an SUV is your best bet. However, if you want to get a good bargain then going for something a little less fashionable like an estate/station wagon would be a better option. Marques like Mercedes and BMW never lose their value within the market however, they are more expensive. On the other hand, mainstream car brands like Ford, Vauxhall or Peugeot may lose their value sooner, however, they are valued for money as they are just as good as the higher-end marques.

If you don’t want to be ripped off make sure you have done enough research to back you up. Not all car salesmen are your best friends, and they won’t be doing business in your best interest, therefore it is important to be wary of underhand sales tactics.

  1. Off-season bargains

As with most high-value items, the used car market goes through trends as well. Certain types of cars are in high demand in specific periods, for example during winter, SUVs are in high demand as people are looking for larger, safer vehicles to drive during the season. Therefore, sellers tend to increase prices during this time.

If you are looking to get the best deal on your choice of used car, opt to shop during off-season as prices tend to be lower as sellers are looking to make any deal!

Bonus tip: Holiday seasons are the best as everyone is busy shopping for other things, used car prices will be quite low and you are bound to find the car that best fits your specifications and budget.

  1. Car listing websites

Looking up your choice of used car on listing sites is the best way to get an idea of the current market and obtain information like condition, features, and history from the comfort of your own home or on the go!

  1. Local car dealership deals

Remember to look at the options presented at your local car dealerships as they may surprise you with a good deal! Keep a lookout for deals on new display and ex-demonstration cars as these dealerships will be looking to sell for a bargain price.

  1. Compare prices

Don’t just settle for one dealer off the bat, especially if you are going for a private seller. Do some research and get prices of more sellers, compare and cross-reference before settling down on your used car. This way you can eliminate any options which are over-priced and get the best bargain prices.

  1. An electric car?

Electric cars may seem like a hassle but they are the best value for your money. The used car market is quite good and you can easily find a good option for insanely low prices. So, consider buying a used electric car if all else fails.

  1. Car auctions

Another place to get the best deals on used cars is at a car auction; however, the way of buying is completely different. You will have to register with the auctioneer as a buyer and you will not be allowed to test drive the car, you can only inspect the car being driven into the auction hall. Once you purchase the car and leave the hall, the deal is final.

The best part about buying a car at an auction is that it eliminates the middle man therefore the price may be lower than even buying from a car dealership.

Are you ready to buy a used car? Navotar would like to wish you happy car hunting!


Benefits of using car rental software

Benefits of using car rental software

Almost every business is turning towards innovation to improve their services. Gone are the days of using word documents and excel sheets to keep track of reservations and payments – car rental software is the way to go!


Innovation means efficiency, which in turn means your clientele receives quality service. It also means you can manage your business with ease – so what are the benefits of using car rental software? Keep reading to find out.


Hassle-free reservations

Using car rental software usually means your customers will be corresponding with you through your website. They can easily make bookings via the Reservation Plugin and everything will be handled by the software. Customers can easily get to know the vehicle details – such as make, model number, mileage, renting fee, etc.


No double bookings, no payment mishaps, and no fussy phone calls and excel sheets to organize bookings and details. All reservation information and data will be backtracked so you can easily access these later.


Access information from anywhere at any time

Since car rental software is cloud-based you and your employees can access information from anywhere on any device at any time! This allows you to monitor your business and make sure everything runs smoothly, assuring your clients a top-notch service!


Efficient billing and invoices 

Time is of the essence when running a business, therefore being able to send quotations to your clients as quickly as possible is imperative – you can do just that with car rental software.


Since all the data is available on your company website, with the integrated car rental software you can easily create invoices and send it directly to your customer within the same platform. Car rental software may also send automated SMS and email invoices to clients.



Though it may seem expensive, using car rental software is cost-effective in the long run. It requires no implementation cost and allows immediate accessibility – that greatly reduces operational costs from day one!


The fleet manager tool allows you to track your vehicles by ensuring fewer breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs whilst increasing fleet utilization.


Since car rental software is designed to be easy to use – employees don’t require much training the can quickly learn the ins and outs and begin operations almost immediately!


Managing damages and lost items

This is a complicated issue that most car rental business owners face. However, with car rental software you can easily detect if something is damaged or misplaced after being used by a client. The software will automatically charge the client for the damages caused.



Car rental software comes equipped with cloud-based security systems. It supports two-factor authentications and can be accessed via any device smartphones, tabs, and computers.



Maximum efficiency is vital when running a car rental business, and with car rental software you can achieve just that. 


If reading this has convinced you to start using car rental software, take some time to check the state-of-the-art innovative Car Rental Software provided by Navotar. You can also try a free demo of the product at www.navotar.com/




Navotar now supports PayPal

Navotar now supports PayPal

Navotar has now integrated PayPal into its system and allows car rental companies using Navotars’ Car Rental Software and Online reservation Plugin to receive and handle online transactions.

So, what is PayPal and why is it important?

PayPal is a widely used electronic payment gateway that allows customers to make online payments with ease. Many advantages come with using PayPal as a payment option for clients and can help improve your business online.

What are the benefits of using PayPal?

The PayPal brand name can boost the customers’ confidence in your company as they know that they can make quick payments safely. PayPal ensures that the online business does not receive any credit card or bank details of the customer, adding to the customer’s trust in your company. This can be key in attracting customers for small and new businesses that are just beginning to make their mark in the car rental industry.

The added benefit of using PayPal is that it is hassle-free for the business as well as the client. PayPal does not require a setup fee or monthly fee from its users, unlike most other online payment gateways which may require a hefty sum for their services.

How does PayPal work with Navotars’ software?

With Navotars’ Car Rental Software handling all transactions made via PayPal, Navotar customers can get an in-depth report of payments. From the time of booking to time of payment – this can be greatly beneficial for you and your business. The Online Reservation Plugin allows clients to make advanced bookings and, payments via PayPal to the rental services using Navotars’ software and is connected to the Car Rental Software in real-time.

The online car rental industry is ever growing – with Navotar supporting PayPal it will be highly beneficial in the long run and will help car rental businesses to reach a larger clientele around the world. So, allow Navotar to sign your business up with Paypal and watch your business grow!

Five factors to consider before renting a car

Five factors to consider before renting a car

Booking a rental is probably the most convenient way of travelling instead of opting for public transport which is a lot of hassle and can be time consuming. Renting a car is fun and freeing – you can stop whenever and wherever you want!

However, renting a vehicle can be a bit daunting and comes with its own set of drawbacks – so here are 5 tips to help you navigate through the process of renting a car!


Car rental agreement and insurance

Rental agreements are extremely important as they will inform you on the company’s policies and the level of coverage for your vehicle. Make sure you read the car rental service agreement very carefully before deciding to rent from them. Most reputed companies have included their agreements on their websites for the ease of potential clients.

Most car rental companies offer a small insurance benefit however, it may not cover much ground, so make sure you have your own car insurance as it may extend towards rented cars as well. Also note that your credit card may also offer insurance for rental vehicles in the event of an accident and, theft – the car rental company may even include a towing service for your credit card.

Always check with your car insurance provider and credit card company before renting a car as you may be eligible to offers and benefits.

When and where to rent from

An advance booking is always a better option than renting a car on the spot. An advance booking will allow you to pick the exact car you are looking for, whereas if you are doing it then and there you will have to opt for whatever is available at that given moment, also airport car rentals are quite pricey.

When renting a car consider local companies as they would be cheaper and also know the ins and outs of the location you are heading to and are just as reliable as big companies. You can choose a rental company on sites like Sky Scanner where you can easily find car rentals which fit your preferences and budget.

Picking up your car

There are many things to consider when picking up the rental. Do a thorough inspection of the vehicle before signing the agreement, make sure that it is fully functional and take photos and videos of any scratches or damages present before you drive the car – this way you can be in the clear and avoid any unnecessary problems and compensation charges.

Almost all car rental agreements require the client to follow the “full-to-full” policy, be sure to re-fill the tank before returning the car to the rental company. The re-fill charges by car rental companies are pricier than the cost of fuel at filling stations, so returning an already full tank will be the better financial option – also, show the rental company your receipt in order to avoid any disputes.

Check with the rental company if they require an advance deposit, this way you can properly plan out your trip budget without running into problems at the last minute.

License requirements and additional drivers

License requirements can vary from country to country; however, your national driver’s license and passport are mandatory. Note that in the event of an accident you will be held accountable to any damages and your license will be deemed invalid.

Your age may also matter when renting a car as the policies for drivers below the age of 25 will differ between countries. Usually rental companies require the driver to be above the age of 25 to rent a vehicle –European countries allow people above the age of 21 to rent a car, however in America they require the driver to be atleast 23 years old.

If you are 25 and below, rental agencies will charge an additional fees to accommodate this policy, this will be applicable even if the driver you are switching with is below 25 years of age no matter how little they drive.

These tips will help you save on money and time. The most important thing to remember is that you should pay attention to company policies and communicate with the rental agency if you have any doubts regarding the agreement. Navotar Car Rental Software wishes you a safe and happy ride!