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Video Recording in Navotar


At around this time every year, Navotar releases new features to either its web-app or mobile app. This year, the Navotar team has developed a new feature for the Navotar mobile application that we call Full Condition Video Recording. The Full Condition Video Recording feature allows you to record videos of their vehicles during check out and check in. This feature allows you to keep video records of their vehicles’ condition so that if any thing ever does occur, you have powerful evidence to back up your side of the story.

Capturing videos of your vehicles before being picked up will help you to inspect a vehicle’s condition when returned. Today, many car rental companies spend massive amounts of money on repairing minor damages caused by the renters. Now with Navotar’s Full Condition Video Recording, you will be able to immediately notice damage upon return and take action according, drastically reducing maintenance-related business costs.

If you are a car rental company wasting capital on minor but costly repairs, this is a feature that you should be focused in on. If you are looking to have a method of noticing changes in vehicle status between pickup and return, then we recommend the Navotar Full Condition Video Recording option. Much research and development went into creating, packaging, and launching our video recording platform. It is with immense pleasure that our team at Navotar can finally not only introduce this feature but also see many of our customers using the feature with great satisfaction.

If you are already a Navotar customer, it is still not too late to choose from our amazing lineup of features. Check out Navotar’s Full Condition Video Recording feature today!

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Are you into Long Term Rental? Learn about Navotar’s Payment Scheduler

Are you into Long Term Rental? Learn about Navotar’s Payment Scheduler


Are you a car rental company and do you rent cars for long term hire? If so, you must be having a procedural approach to keep track of records and to make payments on time. If you are a company following the traditional approach of recording and handling processes, managing long term rentals would be of a tedious process and if you have systemized your rental operations with a software you might think that things are under control but no that’s wrong because until you utilize a feature that specifically focuses on long term rentals you have not reached there.Here’s where the Navotar payment scheduler comes in place, the payment scheduler is an advanced feature that helps companies to classify their long term rental payment methods by helping to denote the no of payments to be made differentiated by the no of days or weeks and also record payment on the particular date and time. There are several features like it helps car rentals to skip payment and process it in the next due date or even record the payments based on the schedules. This feature is very helpful in several aspects like it has the alert notification which helps companies to identify if a payment is due and not being recorded, the scheduler also helps companies to automate payments so that it would process the amounts based on the configurations given.

If the payment for the rentals needs to be made through the software, that can also be done so that it would help car rentals to do all sort of tasks under one feature. There are plenty of other cool options in Navotar’s payment scheduler like late payment fee calculation based on rules and other similar options that helps and mainly focuses on making a car rental’s life easier by helping them to perform their daily rental tasks in an effective and efficient manner focusing on a happy work and balanced life of its employees.

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Navotar at the International Car Rental Show 2019

It has happened again! Another year of Las Vegas International Car Rental Show has come and gone, and Navotar was a big hit! The traffic at our booth was unbelievable, with many attendees wanting to find out more information about our products and services and others enjoying our giveaways. Navotar had the privilege of talking to several prospective clients from all around the globe, and across the vehicle rental industry. Many attendees signed up with us on the spot after seeing how much more efficient their operations could be with Navotar!

The inbuilt GPS tracking system was one of our main attractions this year. Attendees were impressed with the advanced technology used to provide the ease of understanding the fleet. The GPS tracking feature is very advanced where it helps fleet owners to perform several operations such as real time tracking, driver behavior identification, Geo fences, Unplug Alarm, etc. Our customers and the visitors were surprised to see such, and advanced product and they were impressed after understanding the ease of operating such advanced features.

Another big hit was one of our other most innovative solution, Navotar’s 360° video recording! Using latest technologies, Navotar has launched this feature that helps car rentals to get a full recording of their vehicles during checkout, this helps the company to understand the initial state of the vehicle and would help the company to cut down additional expenses!

We had a great time getting to know our neighbors as well! It was a prime networking opportunity for Navotar, with many service providers becoming aware of and seeing the value in our services. Insurance and top payment gateway providers specifically decided to partner with us at this year’s event to collaborate to bring you and your customers a broader range of insurance related services and the ease of processing payments through the system itself.

Considering all the fun and success we had at this year’s International Car Rental Show, we can’t wait to come back in 2020 with more innovative solutions for you! See you there!

Navotar has been awarded for the best support and user experience by Software Suggest

Navotar, the car rental management solutions provider has been awarded for the best support and great user experience amongst the other car rental system companies available in the market by software suggest.

Software Suggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform which list, review, compare & offer free consultation of business software solutions so that you’re guaranteed to find the best match for your business.

This reputed award is a testament to quality Navotar’s customer support and great user experience. The support representatives at Navotar are of extensive knowledge in the car rental industry in terms of technical and business aspects, this has helped and is helping its customers understand and utilize the software to its maximum. This is what made Navotar stand out and different comparing to its competitors.

Not only is Navotar an outstanding company in terms of customer support and user experience, but also for its renowned unique features and the continuous improvement methods they follow.

Reduce your damage claims

Most of the car rental companies today spend more money unnoticeably and that’s due to less focus on the damage inspection section. In brief, car rental companies get their vehicles repaired for minor damages without noticing that those have been done by the car renter’s thus these damages need to be fixed by the car renters themselves.

It is agreeable that this section is something complicated and cannot be monitored well without a proper system which is specifically designed focusing such functions like damage inspections, here is where Navotar – the advance car rental software comes in which helps most of the car rental companies from small to large scale to achieve most of their wants such as damage inspection.

If we take the damage inspection module in Navotar, there are systemized approaches to capture the damage and relate it to the agreements, customers and vehicles which can be used throughout the rental period.

Capturing vehicle images, damages & recording videos during pick up and comparing them during return will help the car rental companies identify the difference and the damages caused by the customers and charge them respectively. Apart from capturing damage images and recording vehicle damages, Navotar has introduced a new 360° video recording feature where car rentals can record the entire vehicle and save the video for future purpose.

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