Did you know your company can be taken to court if a vehicle you rent out becomes the cause of accident and/or injury for its renter? Claims can be made against automotive-rental companies on grounds of negligence for failing to undergo regular vehicle maintenance. This includes a lack of adherence to vehicle recall alerts. In North America, ignorance to manufacturer recalls have become so common that the federal government recently established a law making it illegal to rent out recalled vehicles before repairing them.


As an automotive-rental company, you probably have a wide range of daily responsibilities to keep up with. From tending to customers to managing operational costs, it can be hard to remember or make time for regular vehicle maintenance. This can become more difficult as your fleet size expands. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to do everything in your power to keep your customers safe. Not only does this mean repairing recalled vehicles, but inspecting every vehicle for potential hazards before check-out, and keeping up to date with each vehicle’s manufacturer recommended maintenance requirements. Below is a list of some key inspection items that you should go over with customers before they check-out:

Implementing a vehicle maintenance module can help you keep up with the maintenance needs of all your fleets. Navotar, the maker of the leading cloud-based, user friendly car rental software, now offers an easy-to-use vehicle maintenance module. The Navotar car rental system can be configured to provide regular alerts about important upcoming preventative maintenance requirements, while allowing you to track unexpected maintenance needs. Everything from oil changes to transmission maintenance can be kept track of within the system. You can choose when you want to receive the reminders. For example, if one of your vehicles is due for an oil change at 10 000 miles, you can configure the system to remind you at 9500 miles. All these maintenance expenses can be tracked to calculate the overall profit made from each vehicle.

We know you want to keep your renters safe on the road in your vehicles. The best way to prevent vehicle-caused accidents is to stay on top of your maintenance duties. Implementing a vehicle maintenance module like Navotar is vital, especially as your fleet size expands. The module is designed to reduce your workload and facilitate organization. Don’t wait – call 1 – 888 – NAVOTAR or email sales@navotar.com today!

[Published By: Joanna Sugunathazan]

Navotar the leading car rental software was recently recognized as an “easy-to-use cloud-based car rental management platform” by a recognized leading B2B software review website. Aside from getting high marks from CompareCamp, Navotar was awarded the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards.

CompareCamp assessed each aspect of Navotar and concluded that it is a “step above” the competition and a “boon for Fleet Management”. Navotar offers a single screen for checking out and in. You get access to all the essential info to minimize processing time and handle customers efficiently. This is made possible with our advanced smart learning technology that considers consumers based on multiple factors. With this, CompareCamp gave Navotar its Great User Experience Award, which is only awarded to solutions that have a well-designed interface and are tried and tested to be effective.

Similarly, the Rising Star Award shows that Navotar is perceived as a best car rental software by its clients. CompareCamp also reinforces this thought in their review, Navotar is a “smart car rental solution” that allows its clients to accomplish a lot of tasks with minimal effort. Navotar keeps you updated on the status of customer reservations and vehicle availability for the day. Plus, it provides details on the monthly sales done at each rental location.

The CompareCamp review directory for business software assesses products using a proprietary SmartScore algorithm that aggregates key metrics and provides a holistic analysis of the software. These include its main functionalities, mobile access, security features, and ease of use, which, we are happy to note, Navotar has easily passed.

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Global Car Rental Market

A Rental Business is such that shall never go out of need or style. The Concept of a car rental is well known all over the globe. According to an agreement, a car is rented to a customer on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. The Rental Industry has encountered a substantial transformation over the past few years. According to Zion analysis (shown in the below image), the global car rental was evaluated at around USD 58.26 Billion in 2016 and expected to reach around USD 124.56 Billion by 2022. The operators have undergone a significant change in their business models to remain competitive and intensify profitability. In the above mentioned report(Zion Analysis), it says the United States and Europe are two of the leading geographies in car rental market. The impact of Information technology in the industry has driven the variation of the car rental services. The Administration of technology in these services built the whole process safe, quick, reliable, and easy for consumers.

Graph Picture 1
Zion Research Analysis 2017

Challenges faced by the Car Rental companies.

There is a growing trend among the retailers of the US car rental industry to maintain tactical alliances with hotels and airlines. There is a challenge in transparency and improving customer service across different models and in different countries. One of the most important features of any successful business is customer gratification. For a car rental industry, it’s a challenge to give the right information and complete clarity to their customers. There are many car renters available across the US. Tremendous opportunity for retailers in the US car rental industry is encountered especially in densely populated areas such as New York, Washington DC and other key cities. Most challenges of car rental companies are due to efficient and organisational activities. Most of the car rental companies are over fleeted in USA and Mexico.

TMR Analysis, February 2017

How can they sustain the ranking even in the Future?

According to TMR analysis, the car rental has changed gears over the past five years of time. Several new independent car rental companies are entering the market. In the TMR Analysis report, it says the Car Rental market in the North America Was Valued USD 26.4 million in 2015. The Industry’s Growth over the last few years can allocate to the extension and progression of the worldwide travel and tourism industry. The US car rental industry is very dynamic because of numerous small and big renters operating their car rental business in the industry.

Will Navotar Endure in the US?

Strategizing your fleet management is the core to be successful, productive and will also do your business at the cutting edge in the industry. According to the capterra analysis, Navotar has high possibilities since the US is the huge market for Car Rental Industry and Navotar is already taken tremendous place in us car rental market and still one of the leading Car Rental Software over the Globe. Navotar is one of the highly recommended product with the latest version where people find it easy to use. Navotar has a Huge customer base in the USA which advocates the other Americans. Navotar is highly recommended because they have Huge Customer base over the Globe and Navotar is fully cloud based and requires no software installation. Contact Navotar! Experience the Money!

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A Rental Business is such that shall never go out of need or style. People will always require safer, faster and inexpensive ways to travel. This generally becomes the sole vantage point to start a Rental Business along with greater challenges and opportunities of the rental industry.

To be able to conquer this global market a Rental Business has to penetrate a massive Internet-fed generation. This means having a basic owned rental software, a website that provides online booking facilities and mobile applications do become almost compulsory for survival in the rental industry.

Thereby considering all these norms and trends of the rental industry and the global market for the rental facility, we provide you with Navotar Car Rental Software along with the Navotar Mobile Application.

Navotar provides you with rich and user-friendly features that can cater to a few vehicles to up to a thousand vehicles too. Some of the most common features include:

I have therefore highlighted some of the main features in Navotar that shall help you increase accuracy and efficiency in managing your Rental Business:

  1. Navotar is a cloud based software, enabling usage on all devices. It also means that there is no need for any installation required to use it, which allows user to monitor the Business in real-time.
  2. Navotar provides a fully equipped Maintenance Module which includes scheduled maintenance of vehicles, alerts in advance of the maintenance and manual service track minimizing the risk of breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs.
  3. The interface of the software is very simple and easy to use for anyone.
  4. Navotar allows the user to upload documents in to the system such as Customer Driving License copy, Vehicle License copy etc. for referential and other purposes required by the Rental.
  5. Navotar provides a fully synced Android and iOS App for the user to easily use in their smartphones on the move.
  6. The Navotar Mobile App allows the user to upload real-time images of the Vehicle for excellent damage management.
  7. The Navotar Mobile App consists of digital signature feature, which allows the user to email signed documents to the customers too.
  8. Navotar also provides an excellent customer support, if there is an issue or concern that has come up we provide instant support and solution too.
  9. Navotar also provides a multi-lingual software as required in languages likes Spanish, Arabic, French and Hebrew.
  10. Navotar provides GPS tracking which allows to monitor the vehicle’s current location, routes traveled, total distance run and monitoring through maps integration.

Navotar the most advanced and easy to use, cloud-based Car Rental Software along with a Navotar Mobile Application that will help you run your Rental Business at its best.

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The so called greatest challenge that any fleet management faces are running their fleet productively. However, if you do it right, then it is not really that challenging. Strategizing your fleet management is the core to be successful, productive and will also makes your business at the cutting edge in the industry.

The essence of a strong strategic plan is a clear and unique approach that will support forceful and coherent actions. Thereby, developing and implementing an effective strategic plan along with a genuine vision for your business, addresses your business aspects from inside out which generally includes financial goals, assets management, environmental aims, competition and much more.

The changes and advancements in technology, laws, demands and costs are mostly beyond your control, but harnessing those obstacles to your advantage will always lead you to be working ahead of your competitors.

There are a few underlying strategies that I have outlined that should be considered by any Car Rental Business in general:

Evaluating Performances

There should be a regular and appropriate performance check done for your rental business.
Correct performance indicators should be used to analyze and evaluate the Car Rental Business and make fleet management decisions.

  1. Fleet use – vehicle availability, downtime and utilization should be monitored to check if your current fleet type and size is working productively along with the current staff, customer demand and other resources.
  2. Cost – it is very important to calculate the significant cost of running for each vehicle, to investigate on the vehicles that are costing more and also perform actions that can reduce the running cost to the maximum.
  3. Fuel Usage – calculating the fuel usage can identify inappropriate fuel use, also identifies the driver’s idling time and will help you to rightsize vehicle specifications for the future.
Environmental Sustainability

For a Car Rental Business environment factors and sustainable development are extremely important. It is one of the toughest challenges faced to reduce the emission of CO2, Nitrous Oxide and other harmful pollutants in the environment every day. Therefore, fuel efficiency has to be a key consideration.
To optimize the cause, you should always make sure that the renter is eligible to drive the vehicle perfectly. Your fleet should be fuel efficient too.

Preventive Maintenance

The engine and other vehicle technologies today are very advanced, which has allowed to lengthen the interval periods of the general maintenance time or km/miles. However preventive maintenance is usually the best way to reduce catastrophic vehicle downtime and other unplanned expensive urgent repairs that are done to the vehicle.

Embracing the Technology

As to today I would say the ultimate strategy for any Car Rental Business would be how they adopt and use the technology available. Technology brings all the strategic approaches together, a proactive maintenance program, driver productivity, customer and fleet management can be all done in one place saving up all the possible resources.

Modern day technologies like telematics, car rental software and online car rental software will give your business flexibility, insight and effective analysis to run your business smoothly.

Businesses are always very reluctant to change, but strategizing is about constantly strengthening your business goals, achieving competitive advantage and increasing demand for your service. Thereby, keeping all this in mind Navotar brings to you the most advanced and easy to use, cloud-based Car Rental Software along with a Navotar Mobile Application that will help you run your Rental Business at its best.

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It is always a race for success and if you are not keeping up with the modern-day technology and its strategies then your Business is losing out big time! Everyone just prefers booking flights, hotels, vehicles and anything possible online, in their own comfort which may be from their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Today, if you are running a Rental Business may it be big or small it has almost become mandatory to have an ‘Online Booking System’. Integrating a Booking System in your website helps you to centralize your sales and marketing all in one. You will not believe the size of customer base that you will be able to reach with this feature.

Well for some, the idea of an Online Booking System might sound complicated and expensive. However, with the revolution of Cloud Computing online booking systems has become extremely affordable and simplifies your work to the greatest extent.

With an Online Booking System, you can:

Get your Rental Business Organized!

  1. All bookings are automatically confirmed only if you have and availability, there is no need of “Please let me check and get back to you”.
  2. All the necessary information is received along with the booking process.
  3. Availability and prices of your fleet/vehicles is always automatically updated with the bookings made.
  4. The auto-generated emails for every reservation made, will save so much time.

Allows you to provide the Best Customer Service!

When you have an Online Booking System you are technically providing a service 24/7, therefore, your Car Rental Business is always open and you absolutely have no worry as to what time the booking shall be made or to remember to call back the ones you couldn’t attend the next day. Also, all your customer data is stored in a structured system which allows you to prioritize your customers accordingly or carry out marketing campaigns effectively.

Benefit Up-selling

Up-selling is an amazing method of boosting up your revenue. Up-selling is the additional features that are added within the booking processes for customer experience for instance a GPS or Child Seat or WiFi. And in this step on the Reservation Processes the user will at least check one box undoubtedly, which will increase your revenue and provide them with a better service.

Avoid Third Parties

The Online Booking Systems are installed on your website, so all the transactions are done under your control. Therefore, it almost eliminates the middleman along with the commissions and other fees. Another part is that the Online Booking System will solely promote your Rental Business not any other commissioned portals.

So along with all the other products Navotar Car Rental Software delivers an Online Booking Plugin for your Car Rental Business that is integrated as an Add-On Module provided with customizable URLs that can be integrated into your Car Rental website to make your Rental Business succeed in the race you have begun!

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Ten years ago if I had told you that you can almost run your entire business on the Cloud, well you would have considered me crazy! However, now the time for Excel Spreadsheets are long gone, it is the time to step in to the evolving Digital and Cloud Technology. Adopting to these amazing new technology is definitely the biggest asset for your business.

Traditional techniques and Excel sheets do not work anymore for various reasons, therefore I listed a few in general:

  1. Updating the Business records and information is the longest and most stressful process.
  2. A spreadsheet based environment is incapable of quick decision making, like checking the vehicle availability or filter information based on specific information.
  3. If you have various Locations/Branches/Departments you will clearly know the trouble to centralize and collaborate all the information and activities into one final document.
  4. Data duplication and trivial human errors are the basic issues faced almost every day by businesses using manual processes.

So how will the Automated System help?

The digital world is always constantly upgrading, so are the economic statistics along with it:

To be very specific an Ideal Rental Business should be managed by a Car Rental Software, that is backed with a Mobile Application and with the recent trends for the online booking there has to be a Reservation Module in your Rental Business’s website, while all the information from the different mediums is simply stored in the Cloud.

Why so many businesses are adopting to the digital approach?

Well for obvious reasons, A Car Rental Software that is cloud based has numerous benefits like:

  1. A complete system installation with No Hardware.
  2. With a system like this you can simply work from anywhere, if you got an internet you are at work. And with the Mobile Application, the device usage is also not limited.
  3. The digital approach will undoubtedly strengthen your Business Brand, which will drive your competitors away.

Still not chosen the Digital Approach?

The technological services listed above are a definite requirement for any successful Rental Business.
That is exactly why Navotar brings to you a Cloud – based Car Rental Software, to manage all the aspects of your Rental Business. Along with a Navotar Mobile App that is synced with the System. And finally the must have add-on the Navotar Online Reservation Module.

[Published By: Nafisa Murtaza]

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