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Navotar launches new Daily Planner




As introducing new features and continuous improvement is one of the key areas Navotar focuses in, this is the time of the year where Navotar has launched its updated and the powerful Daily Planner.

Daily planner is like a calendar with the vehicles and slots corresponding to the dates where the empty slots can be used for bookings while the utilised slots are marked in colors to denote the status of the fleet like vehicles on reservation, rent, quotation, agreement etc. The main purpose of this calendar based system is to allow the users to make bookings in a very convenient way understanding their entire fleet status with a single view which would ultimately lead to a proper work flow preventing double bookings and other confusions.

Any car rental software’s today can have this feature, our concept is not to have this for the sake but having this feature in an easy and a convenient way. The new daily planner is an improved version of the earlier version with cool user interface and user experience with features like drag and drop which would ultimately satisfy the user in whole.

If you haven’t tried using the daily planner, now it’s the right time. And if you are a car rental company looking for a car rental software, Navotar is the best choice to go with due to its cool feature and quality, which has made them stand unique from the rest.


The top key Car Rental market players influencing the market





The car rental industry is experiencing a constant rise in terms of growth from 2013 to 2017. Studies prove that there will be a massive increase by 2023 due to the continuous improvement in this industry in terms of all aspects like the contribution of technology.

This market can be divided into 3 main sections such as vehicle types, locations and technology.

When considering types, there are Luxury, Economy, SUV, Sedan and Compact cars. Location is also important to consider because based on the locations the demand for rent a car varies whereas the highest demand for car rental today is in North America. Having the required vehicles in the selected area alone doesn’t work since managing everything to lead a proper business is paramount and that’s where the technology takes place. Top 5 car rental influencers of the industry are mentioned below.


  1. Europcar
  • This is a French car rental company founded in 1949 in Paris. Today Europe car operates in 140 countries covering Europe, North America, Western Asia and Africa. The beautiful user interface of the website gives customer an impressive experience together with its ease to search and book a car makes it much more interesting. Europcar Rwanda uses Navotar car rental software to manage its fleet.


  1. Practicar
  • PractiCar is a Canadian corporation with deep roots in the North American car rental industry. Once known as Rent-A-Wreck – the disruptive and pioneering rental car company founded in 1976 – today PractiCar is a leader in practical car rental solutions, both for the end consumer and the operating proprietor. Most of the Practicar locations are using Navotar car rental software to manage their fleet.


  1. The Hertz Corporation
  • The Hertz Corporation is an American car rental company based in Estero, Florida that operates 9,700 international corporate and franchisee locations. The connections within them and the speed of booking a vehicle is what gives a unique experience to the visitors during the reservation process.


  1. Avis Rent A Car
  • Avis is an American car rental company headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States. Avis Budget Group operates the Avis brand in North America, South America, India, Australia, and New Zealand. A different level of experience can be gained through Avis by its ease of selecting a preferred location and the frequent discount offers.


  1. Sixt Rent A Car
  • Sixt is a European multinational car rental company with about 4,000 locations in over 105 countries. Sixt acts as a parent and holding company of the Sixt Group, which is internationally active in the business areas of vehicle rental and leasing. Unlike other similar software’s, Sixt explains something beyond. This defines simple but on point with its unique user interface and the process which ultimately defines customer satisfaction.


It is advisable to try one of the mentioned car rental platforms to gain a new experience in terms of all aspects, if you are a car rental company it would benefit you as it can contribute to your business in several ways like it can give ideas to improve sections of your business. In addition, to experience a whole new level of booking, it is a must for the users as well to try these at least once.

Increase Vehicle Utilization


Vehicle utilization is an extremely important area for companies looking to increase efficiencies and cut the costs of their operation. The truth is, all activity sectors of a fleet needs to be investigated and assessing fleet vehicle usage is something that can help a fleet run more efficiently and at optimum cost.

  1. Measuring vehicle usage with a system,

Testing vehicle activity every minute and their actual usage is vital. Technology today provides a useful aid in doing this and may be used in step with specific needs. It permits users to test for time spent at locations, in order to evaluate if some can be used differently or whether there is time available for different scheduling. If you can grasp all this, you’ll appreciate just how much can be done. There’s an interesting feature called daily planner, which is like a calendar where bookings and contracts associated with each vehicle can be monitored and manipulated and this feature is available only on Navotar – The advanced car rental software.


  1. Monitor the maintenance of vehicles,

Vehicle usage isn’t only about utilizing the vehicle to its maximum, but it’s also about keeping them running all the time and minimizing any possibilities of breakdowns. Regular maintenance is vital and systemizing this approach with a software like Navotar would be applicable if your fleet consists of 5+ vehicles.


  1. Vehicle utilization report,

It is very important to have reports which outline the state of the vehicle and the revenue generated from it and if it presents data in an intense manner, that would be more interesting. This is a definite feature that can be generated from Navotar, in addition the reporting in Navotar has also go filter option where the information can be pulled according to the user’s conditions.


In conclusion, vehicle utilization is an important factor to be considered in terms of maintaining the fleet at an optimum cost and in road which would ultimately contribute to increased profit.

How to get more rental bookings in 2019?


Now her dream comes true. Car salesman giving the key of the new

SOURCE – Customers Engagement


Rental car businesses have flared up and provide services for travellers who will opt out for a vehicle rather than using public transportation. It continues to cater to travellers who are going on business or for leisure travel. You need to use a strategic plan to drive customers to make a purchase from your rental business. You will not see results overnight, but you will need to ensure that you understand the needs and requirements of the customers, how to be creative and grab the attention, and provide amazing & exciting deals that will have them anticipating for the next deal.


Your business model

You might have had a great business model and plan when you first began your car rentals. However, you would need to relook at it and see if any further amendments are required in order to stay up to date with the trends of the market, technology, vehicles, rates and your employees.


The competition

Let’s not forget the competition analysis that you need to do about the other car rental companies that are available in the market. You might come across national or local chains, which will try to replicate one another and the services. If one company has a popular and successful program, then the other companies will try and replicate to avoid losing their customers to this successful program. However, you need to match the competition but in a more creative way.



You should identify the best employees and reward them. The more you reward them, the more they want to work harder for the car rental company. Employees are a great part of your organisation; without them you are nothing and with them you are everything.



You need to be obsessed with the car rental’s numbers. Looking at numbers will help you understand where you stand from the previous years. If you want to increase your numbers, then you can use the previous figures and create a forecast as well.  A few factors that you can consider for benchmarking are reservation earnings, rental lengths, utilization, vehicles and even your profit and losses. This will help you to create an image of your business.



Any guest who visits your website will be looking for all the information that you can possibly provide in one place. Many guests would not like to call someone, and due to this you must check through each piece of data that is not available. Therefore, the most important thing you must provide apart from the information is transparency and by that being able to build a relationship of trust.



Rental booking companies on the Internet are perfect, as you will have all the information. However, what most websites lack are updates. You need to make sure that every time your rental upgrades or purchases a new addition to the fleet, the information is update or added on the website. Let’s not forget about updating information about all promotions and discounts with all the details that the guests need to know. Keeping your potential clients up to date is vital in order to persuade them to hire out a rental vehicle from your company.



Photographs are just everything that you need to get the sale. Descriptions are vital but once the potential customer see proofs against the descriptions, you don’t need to worry about closing deals. Ensure that the photographs that you use are of highest quality. You shouldn’t upload captures that are of poor quality and does not seem enticing enough for the guests. The techniques that are applied when taking photographs need to spot on.  Ensure that you have the right equipment and you use the correct lighting techniques.



Reviews are very important for a website because it captures the experience of the customer and their purchasing process. A company needs to ensure that they focus on all aspects of the customer experience, which will help you understand your customers and give you a better understanding of what and where you need to improve in your services. You need to regularly check the reviews that are being posted because it can vary at times. You need to make sure that you address the bad reviews, which will allow you to reach out to the customer and try to rectify the bad experience. This will only show your customers that you are dedicated and making a commitment as a business towards your guest experience. This will help you retain the customers who have had an experience in either ways, increase your reputation and attract new potential customers!



A great way to sell your car rental is to offer a special combo. You can consider offering deals for hotels that will offer a special tariff. When you refer customers to the hotel, you will be having customers from referrals and that would turn to a good source of income as on you go.



You should be able to provide all details in a rental agreement. This will make sure that your customers will acknowledge these terms, conditions & penalties. This will ensure the safety of your business. The more details that you have in the agreement, the more ground you will cover.


The fleet

You need to ensure that the fleet you have is up to date and they are maintained regularly. Even if it is second hand vehicles, the vehicles should be in safe conditions and have all safety gadgets attached. You need to keep the vehicles clean as possible.



It is also important to systemize the entire process to improve the efficiency & the effectiveness of the company in all aspects and there nothing to worry about this, as Navotar – The ultimate car rental software go your back. To dive in, check out




Importance of Car Rental Website with Reservation Plugin



As a business, surviving is primary. Today most of the businesses are operating in a competitive environment and to compete with its competitors working harder alone isn’t enough while success today is defined with a combination of working hard + smart. When considering smart, reflecting the current trend is primary and that’s what takes a business far from the rest.In terms of a car rental company, a smart move to put in place is systemizing the entire process and connecting the process with a booking system or a reservation plugin. It would help the company to improve in terms of sales at the same time it would have a positive impact on customers in terms of user experience.


  1. Reach many customers
  • It is common that people search for a car rental company of a selected destination via mobile most of the times and if they are firm on their decision and if the websites have a reservation plugin, the tendency of customers making a reservation on the spot is high according to the research and development team of Navotar – The award winning car rental software of 2019.


  1. Increase the conversion or reservations.
  • Getting more reservations and an increase in sales is definite, but the reservation/booking system needs to be precise and user friendly as this is one major factor which most of the car rental companies forget about while we as customers prefer ease over difficulty. Due to this most of the car rental companies choose Navotar over the rest.


  1. 24/7 Operation
  • A reservation plugin works all the time. Potential guests will reserve vehicles anytime they need. This technique additionally maximizes the sales since operating hours isn’t restricted. Studies show that a 24/7 reservation system greatly increases the amount of reservations.


  1. Automated booking management
  • Car rental reservation systems can make employees productive in other aspects as they won’t be tied to the phone for reservation calls as the plugin is in place now.


  1. Payment for reservation is faster and easier
  • Payments for reservations may be created throughout the booking itself and just in case if they don’t ensue, you’ll keep some cash as compensation.


  1. Cut your workload
  • Online reservation plugin reduces the workloads and optimizes client service. These platforms will ensure that bookings are synced, and therefore the availableness is updated with every reservation process. an honest reservation system makes the method carefree.


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