How to maintain your fleet profitably?

Did you know your company can be taken to court if a vehicle you rent out becomes the cause of accident and/or injury for its renter? Claims can be made against automotive-rental companies on grounds of negligence for failing to undergo regular vehicle maintenance. This includes a lack of adherence to vehicle recall alerts. In North America, ignorance to manufacturer recalls have become so common that the federal government recently established a law making it illegal to rent out recalled vehicles before repairing them. As an automotive-rental company, you probably have a wide range of daily responsibilities to keep up with. From tending to customers to managing operational costs, it can be hard to remember or make time for regular.....

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Navotar Car Rental Software was awarded with Rising Star 2017

Navotar the leading car rental software was recently recognized as an “easy-to-use cloud-based car rental management platform” by a recognized leading B2B software review website. Aside from getting high marks from CompareCamp, Navotar was awarded the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards. CompareCamp assessed each aspect of Navotar and concluded that it is a “step above” the competition and a “boon for Fleet Management”. Navotar offers a single screen for checking out and in. You get access to all the essential info to minimize processing time and handle customers efficiently. This is made possible with our advanced smart learning technology that considers consumers based on multiple factors. With this, CompareCamp gave Navotar its Great User Experience Award, which is.....

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Car Rental Industry in USA

Global Car Rental Market A Rental Business is such that shall never go out of need or style. The Concept of a car rental is well known all over the globe. According to an agreement, a car is rented to a customer on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. The Rental Industry has encountered a substantial transformation over the past few years. According to Zion analysis (shown in the below image), the global car rental was evaluated at around USD 58.26 Billion in 2016 and expected to reach around USD 124.56 Billion by 2022. The operators have undergone a significant change in their business models to remain competitive and intensify profitability. In the above mentioned report(Zion Analysis), it says the.....

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