How can chatbot help your car rental company?

With over 3 billion people using the internet worldwide, today’s economy has become largely digital. Having a strong online presence, such as a company website or active social media account, is now integral to the success of businesses in most industries. It can speak to the legitimacy of a brand, as well its regard for its consumers. With the average user spending 50 minutes a day on Facebook, the platform has become a popular marketing tool. Businesses can maximize their potential by establishing an online ordering system within the platform. A popular option in the car rental industry is the use of a chatbot, which allows car rental companies to target customers who prefer booking vehicles online over in-store or.....

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Snapchat and Instagram to Market your Car Rental Company

Image Source - izmo studio Social media has undoubtedly become an effective marketing tool for businesses in today’s competing economy. Snapchat and Instagram in particular have hundreds of millions of daily users, who consume an endless amount of advertising content every day. As a car rental company serving a niche market, it is important to be active and accessible on these platforms where potential customers are spending their time and being influenced. How can you use Snapchat and Instagram to market your services? You might want to consider the following methods: Create a business profile Snapchat and Instagram accommodate businesses on their platforms by giving them the unique opportunity to have a business account. This will allow you to post.....

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What makes a successful car rental company?

Image Source - Maserti of Kirkland Are you thinking about starting a car rental company and don’t know where to start? Or do you have a pre-existing service and want to take it to the next step? While it can be a rewarding and profitable business, there are some critical factors that, if ignored, can inhibit success. Here are 5 tips for operating a successful car rental company: 1) Identify a niche market and build from there. As a car rental company, you want to offer a diverse range of vehicles and services, but not so much that your customers are overwhelmed. Examine the specific needs in your community and identify the market you want to cater to. If you.....

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