Are rental cars typically reliable for cross country travel?

Cross Country Travel in a vehicle

Are rental cars typically reliable for cross country travel?

Cross Country Travel in a vehicle

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Cross-country road trips are a great way to spend time with your family or friends. Road trips are full of adventures and memories that will last a lifetime, but do you use your family vehicle or a rental?


Using your family vehicle may be a great option if you are budgeting and driving a short distance, but if you need to cross borders or even take a less beaten path then a rental is your best bet. Rentals may be the more expensive option but in the long run, it will save you more money.


Why Rentals?

When booking a rental you can find the right fit for your specifications as most family vehicles may not accommodate these requirements. You can book anything from a Four-wheel drive to an RV, this won’t restrict where you can go on your trip.


You can even switch the type of vehicle depending on the different terrains you’ll come across on your journey and the stops you take. Most rentals come equipped with the latest technology such as satellite radio, and auto rental software integrated into the rental company app which gives you easy access to bookings, quick customer assistance, and more.


Booking a rental for a cross-country trip may cost you less! According to Hertz a 2000 mile road trip in a family vehicle will cost approximately $1,070 for gas, maintenance and, wear and tear. A rental will cost $550 approximately with the same criteria factored in.


Insurance for a family vehicle may be pricier than for a rental, and most insurance providers include coverage for rental vehicles. If not, you can rely on the coverage provided by the rental company, this is usually added to the rental fee.


Rental companies also offer assistance in the event of an accident or car theft, which may be a bit of an ordeal if this happens to your own vehicle. However, this depends on the type of car insurance you have applied for.


Tip: If your car is on lease fees for damages may be higher and the re-sale value can drop, it is better to take a rental vehicle on a cross-country trip. Also, note that there may be age restrictions for the second driver or extra fees incurred by the rental company if the driver is below the age of 23.


In Conclusion

Are rentals reliable for cross-country travel? Yes, however, there are certain criteria and requirements needed by rental companies. Do your research and thoroughly go through any rental and state requirements before the trip.


Good luck and bon voyage! from the Car Rental Software team here at Navotar.