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Navotar Chatbot

Let Navotar Chatbot engage with your leads on multiple messaging platform and turn them into regular rental customers.

  • Faster Booking Times
  • Larger Customer Outreach
  • 24/7 Service Availability
  • Customizable to your Platforms
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Long booking-times, inconvenient hours, and the potential for miscommunication have many consumers today reserving online as opposed to over-the-phone or in-person. Navotar?s Chatbot is aimed at helping vehicle rental companies engage with a wider range of customers.

Developers at Navotar, the leading car rental management solution, have come up with their own fast, flawless, and innovative live chat solution that doesn?t require a customer service representative behind the screen.

Navotar?s chatbot uses the latest AI technology to facilitate car rental bookings through Facebook messenger or your website, allowing you to spend less time taking orders and have your business running at all times. Booking through chatbot takes less than 5 minutes and involves only a few essential short questions including date and time, pick-up and drop-off location(s), and customer contact information.

Customers simply have to choose from options integrated within the bot, and then their booking will be sent directly to your management system. Bookings are updated in real-time, reducing the occurrence of double booking.

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